Hatred has always been about especially with the anonymity of social media.. but there is a rather worrying trend that we are seeing. The spread of ISIS related media with the aim of terrifying others.

To a large extent ISIS have been successful in the region through the deployment of sophisticated Twitter Bots whom have engaged in the sharing of messages that are of just 140 characters or less on Twitter but message by message they have broken the morale of a somewhat disorganised army.

What does ISIS stand for in Iraq?

ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham, and has been in business for about two years now. In such a short space of time ISIS has amassed an area of land which is bigger than the United Kingdom and stolen enough money to become the richest terror group in the world, not to mention the vast swathes of land that contain Millions of Dollars in daily revenue from the sale of oil.

Simply put, ISIS stand’s for evil.

Evil Twitter Hashtag that is spreading: #AmessageFromISIStoUS

The war is being taken to ISIS by way of airstrikes as we have seen in these last few days over at Mount Sinjar. I think ISIS genuinely fears being attacked from sophisticated air weaponry and has since launched its retaliation….. Twitter warnings.

Twitter campaigns come and go, I see them all the time…. but this #AmessageFromISIStoUS was launched due to America doing the right thing and providing urgent help to those 30,000+ civilians stuck on a mountain.

Counter Twitter Hashtag that is spreading: #AmessageFromUStoISIS

Naturally the many Americans on Twitter sprung into action with a counter-attack by way of introducing their own hashtag….¬†#AmessagefromUStoISIS¬†which informed ISIS of what would be waiting for them should they choose to bring the fight to America.

As you can see this tit-for-tat is unlikely to die down any time soon. Likely we will see more airstrikes in the coming days, weeks and possibly even months.

So long as we are seeing strategic airstrikes on key ISIS positions, I am all for it! Go America!

No boots on the ground.

No occupation.

Just strategic intelligence to tell us where they are and most importantly, team work between Iraq, Kurdistan and the USA. This is how it should be and long may it be so.

Partners, working together with the common goal of destroying this evil we have all come to know.