Social media is on fire with global support being shown to our christian brothers and sisters in Iraq. Recently a campaign was launched using the hashtag #WeAreN which simply means: We Are Nazarene.

Nazarene is another word for Christian.

Today for the first time in many years, the Christians of Mosul have suffered the most since ISIS decided to target Christians residing in the city.

But, of course, Social media is alive and showing solidarity with Christians in Iraq.

The evil thugs have even marked homes with the letter “N” in Arabic to segregate the Christians from the rest in preparation for harsh treatment.

Ultimately this on-line protest means little in way of comfort for those on the ground in the areas surrounding Mosul. They appreciate the message of solidarity but the real desire is for this all to stop and for them to be returned to the only place they can call home, Mosul.

Even The Church of England changed its Twitter photo to a ‘We are N’

Church of England #WeAreN