#AirDrop2Kobane is required as no access is granted by land

There is an urgent requirement for action: We require the International Community to speak up and request our elected leaders do the job required to prevent a tragedy.

Do you remember the situation on Mount Sinjar?…. the world responded and a disaster was averted.

Nobody wanted to do anything, there was a deathly silence heard all around. But when the world spoke loud enough the “leaders” we have elected through out the world acted.


We have a similar scenario taking place in the city of Kobane in the Aleppo Governorate in northern Syria. The town is mostly Kurds and are currently under siege from Daesh.

Earlier this week, John Kerry came out and publicly stated it was not a strategic objective to stop the town falling into the hands of the evil Daesh that had been declared public enemy number one.

A Twitter campaign was declared earlier today to commence at 20:00 London time with the aim of gathering enough momentum to sway political leaders into action.

The Twitter Storm was and still is hugely successful, reaching Number TWO in the World Wide Trends list:

#AirDrop2Kobane Twitter Storm
#AirDrop2Kobane Twitter Storm

We share a common enemy, the Kurds and the Arabs are under attack from Daesh and thus we are seeing our relations with the Kurds get stronger every day. Common enemies is bringing us together, providing opportunities for us to work together.

#AirDrop2Kobane requires two things: Humanitarian Aid for those still trapped inside & weapons to those fighters hanging on to the town. It is estimated that 40% of the town is already under Daesh control. This is hardly surprising when you see the advanced weaponry in the hands of Daesh and old Enfield self loading rifles in the hands of the Kurds.

We publicly request an #AirDrop2Kobane with immediate effect. Thank You.