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TNT Tony: What do we know?


Anthony Renfrow and Tamara Renfrow aka TNT Tony & Pam

Over the years TNT Tony has come out with some rather pitiful excuses as to why the Iraqi Dinar had not successfully completed the task of revaluing affording those who hold dinars instant riches.

TNT Tony

In recent news, Flight MH370 the Malaysian Airlines jet set off on a very normal day under very normal circumstances to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Sadly this very normal flight has gone MIA…… leaving us yet to hear the full final conclusion.

Baghdad Invest would like to say a very special congratulations to our good friend TNT Tony for NOT stooping so low as to coming out with an excuse like “The man who was going to press the RV button was on the plane” or “The man with the combination code to the room pertaining the button was on the plane”.

Anthony Renfrow aka TNT Tony

This makes us happy, because we really do have a bench mark that we can work with and try to ascertain exactly where the limits are for the conniving fraudster.

* Previous examples include but are not limited to:

  • There are no more excuses. We know what the banks are doing. It will be public.
  • The RV activation was scheduled for today, the time was set first for late last night and then moved to the early morning.  In the morning, the people that need to know were informed that the RV would go live by the close of business today.
  • All the call centers are fully manned and the exchange centers are manned. They are being told that this is happening today. Many Tier 2 and 3 banks have been notified that over 100 currencies will be revalued on Monday.
  • The three people that can change this at any given time, and all of them have the opportunity to do this and none have done it
  • Everything is ready and there is no excuse. The system is working; it’s at the bank level, and yesterday over 25,000 people were paid out!
  • Hopefully before you go to bed tonight you’ll be multi-millionaires and billionaires.

Maybe TNT Tony is not a bad guy after all?……… (excuse the humor)

It has now been many months & years since TNT Tony begun spouting false information about the Iraqi Dinar. In short TNT Tony is saying that his inside information sources are telling him that the Iraqi Dinar has gone from being worth 1,164 IQD for every $1 USD to being worth 1 IQD to every $16 USD. Tony is misleading thousands of people everyday on his conference calls and thus far he is getting away with it or so he thinks……

Tamara Renfrow (Wife) goes by the name PAM on the conference calls. She is there to provide assistance and from what I gather ensure that the forum is in tip top condition in terms of the moderation and day to day general running of the “show”.

The photos here are a mix of Tamara and Tony but predominately focussed on Tony. At the end of the day Tamara working with Tony and a criminal charge of aiding and abetting or accessory can usually be brought against anyone who helps in the commission of a crime.

There is very little information at this stage on “DC” the intel informant that regularly chuckles along with TNT Tony on the daily conference calls. Very little we can do at this stage because there is nothing to go on other than a voice and an alias of “DC” which is obviously short for Washington DC.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Much of the photos have come from the Po’Boyz Bar & Grill – Facebook Page although a word of caution for anyone seeking to spot Tony at the bar, it may have closed down. A good number of the photos also came from “Cigars TheGoodLife

This picture below gives us an idea that once upon a time TNT Tony was in some way involved in the running of the bar which kind of explains why Tamara & Anthony Renfrow (aka Pam & TNT Tony) were constantly pictured in the bar in the numerous photo albums.

   TNT Tony Co Partners

But the good news………………… Maybe TNT Tony does know Barack Obama after all and that his inside information is coming from a true source in Washington?

After all, that woman in the picture above is pictured next to Barack Obama below and when you consider TNT Tony was co-partners with the women pictured above……. could it be that the Iraqi Dinar is really going to revalue and see millions of people become rich beyond their wildest dreams?? or is it…… this man from Folsom, California is pulling a fast one on us?

You Decide!

TNT Tony Obama

Barack Obama Source: Click Here – We did not do the edit we found it from Tony’s friends page.

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  1. i think you have to put pressure on his inner circle, nice to see Tamara mentioned because all the while Tony is taking the shit for it he can carry on as he has thick skin but if he starts getting close friends and family asking questions maybe just maybe he will start to feel ashamed of what he has done

    • I guess I will vent what 98.6% of us are thinking but not saying. “Volunteers”. NOT. We all remember his last site, which while pulling in tens of thousands of dollars a month in fees, ALL staff were paid in Dinars. I think the number was 5000 a day. Not a lot, but for the number of Volunteers, it adds up. Pam and the Mods etc. have put in countless hours for free. Please. Remember about a month ago, when he really stepped on it by saying “Ever since I have worked with/for Sterling, I have found them to be reliable. He then spent lots of time denying he ever said it, although it is on tape and easily accessible. DUH. By my very unofficial count, the number of times that he insisted the Security, Call Centers and Cash out locations are manned and ready to go is over 30 in the last few months. NOT. Never provide proof of the alleged buses in bank parking lots. Don’t you think an event like that would have made the local papers or news? Never happened. He insists he knows date and rate but cannot reveal. If I or you had that info set in stone, what would we do? Not going to happen. Poor DC guy told us weeks ago that the small denoms are out and being used, yet cannot provide proof due to technical phone problems. In today’s instant gratification society, we can see stuff like right away. His calls from 3 letter agencies telling him not to do a call because he gives out too much information. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and allow him 50,000 followers, that is still less than 1% of Dinar holders. We are to believe his power could affect the RV. Be real. Also, 150,000 people have cashed in at a rate that we will never see. Come on, some of us may be dumb, but we are not stupid. He left his last sight, not for the money but for principles. Quite a man. When he leaves this earth, he will obviously go straight to Sainthood. I could go on and on, but you get it. TYVM for allowing me to vent. Stay safe. God bless.

    • If there are too many coincidences then it’s not a coincidence. :-)

  2. Sure loves a cigar then?

    • Yeah you know that lol, sign of a smoooth man………..

    • This is the horrible evil man that almost destroyed my family life. We have the vibe back in our lives again since selling our dinars and have just recently been on a cruise Asia. Things are finally on the up for us. Hope you guys are well over here on this site.

    • Glad to hear that Christine, I hope a lot of people on twitter has done the same thing. I know since I started tweeting on it they have went from 200 tweets a minute to 10 a minute and most of them are Bots ” fake people or robots”. Keep up the great work on getting back your life.

    • Yes Howass, near enough a Cigar in every picture. Sure he has other pictures but those were what were available to us at this time.

    • you don’t know what your talking about (butt wipe) we stopped tweeting because we were asked to stop so it would not hurt the RV possess. now stop talking bull and leave the man alone and crawl back under your rock

    • LMAO Tom, It went down 4 weeks ago fool when Turd had you fools attack me and Baghdad Invest and I destroyed you morons Feb 25 remember that night fool LMAO long time before he said to stop tweeting Lagarde like she was reading them LMAO. You TNT idiots are the dumbest people I’ve ever ran across and that’s saying a whole lot fool. I’m Al Aziz on twitter now since I replied one to many times to you fools and you cried to twitter so they suspended me. That’s all you punks can do is block and suspend because you can’t take the truth pussies LMAO.

    • Hey Christine, you should feel great because Tony Turd mentioned you on his call as the person that sold back her dinar and she will regret it. I see you are not regretting it at all and I’m so happy for you to away from that scumbag

    • Thanks Mike. Just a quick note. “Keep up the great work on getting back your life.” I am pleased to say I have got it back :-) :-) :-) All Tony did today was reverse psychology not for me or what we think over here but for his thousands of sheep.

      He rubbishes others and makes you feel as though you don’t want to be in the other camp. Works for the most of his sheep but never again for me. I SOLD all my dinars, stopped spending 8 hours researching some random country in the Middle East and won my family back. Life is blessed and the RV lifestyle is a curse.

      I have finally realized that money is not everything. Since money has infinity numbers. What happens when I get 1 Million? I want 10 Million? Then 100 Million? Then 1 Billion???? It just goes on and on…….. solution: Stop wishing and move on with living life with the ones who really care about YOU and not your MONEY!

      They say MONEY is evil…………sure is.

      Thanks for the mention Tony but I prefer you speak of your real sufferers…….. I am a success and have won. Your suffering followers are the ones who need help…….. HELP THEM TONY BY stopping this GAME!


  3. Does anyone know where Tony is from? or the family originates from? just curiosity to understand or build a picture in my own mind of him.

    We know where he is going …….. and it is not heaven it is a place they call hell.

    • I hear he’s from North Carolina, he has family there. Great pics of him and Tamara BI

    • Yes, he is from North Carolina but I think David means family descent? Like Africa, Caribbean etc??

    • His family originates from a toad, a toad with warts all over it LMAO


      tony is from Elm City, North Carolina. His parents own a small buisness there. I won’t state what kind of buisness because I feel they need to be left out of tony’s scams. They attend a church there and seem to be good people with 2 bad sons. The scams of their sons are not their fault. His brother raymond is also from Elm City and is a 33rd degree mason there. tony and tamara his wife live in Folsom Ca. All 3 of them have had felony convictions. tony served 4 years in California prison for scams. tony has present Federal Indictments now in Kansas City Federal Court for another scam called 14dailyplus of scamming victims out of $4,825,000.00. He also has other scams such as 14dailyreloaded, rent my credit, use my sucess, home based buisness scheme and midas touch. tony has his own page on!! tamara has been convicted of civil and felony charges in Sacramento Ca also and served jail time. ray was convicted in Federal Court in the CMI scam in Raleigh North Carolina. tony, tamara(pam) and ray are all scam artist.

  4. haha great detective work. Nice to see some more pics emerge of our cult leaders. Blessing be with them. NOT!!

  5. I think it is obvious for the smart investors is the only place and for the not so smart rehab….. ahem Tony is the place.

  6. Somebody is funding his cigar & brandy lifestyle. We know about his MLM past and we know about his lies over the last 4 years with the Iraqi Dinar so i think we can say he is up to something.

    What makes me sad is Tony genuinely does have talent, he is good with words. Would make a great salesman for some legitimate product. Why does he waste his talent on making the quick $$ and focus on something that has a long term future? This is too obvious for me?

    • How many people will be suing baghdad invest when we rv for the money they lost because of the bad advise. I will be given a lawyer who will do a class action suit for you.

    • Roger – “How many people will be suing baghdad invest when we rv.”

      None, because there is no “RV”. What will happen instead is a lot of know it all loud-mouth Tony-Bots like yourself will quietly slink off out of embarrassment when you finally realize you’ve been scammed by a habitual conman…


    • if you no longer believe then I’ll buy your Dinar from you

    • I have a guy that’s trying to get rid of 8 million of them Tom ,lets see you put your money were your mouth is idiot


    • sure, if he wants to get rid of them so bad I’ll give $800.00 for the all. His loss

    • Send me an email Tom and I will exchange contact details. info at

    • Brenda, according to your logic, Madoff should be a free man and there should be no such thing as fraud. He didn’t hold a gun to anyone’s head, did he?

      Tom, you’re a joke. People like you crop up in every article yet you never actually make good on your promises to buy people out. What’s the matter? You just too poor?

  8. How can people be so damned stupid? Just look at him, he is a bro of vice that takes money and drinks and smokes his self to death plus the bro denies himself nothing given his chubby physique, Mr. Renfro is a wonderful example of a spoiled chubby sandal wearing children of the 60’s who only cut his fro since then… but I have to say I his wife Tamara looks old…. but it did seem she might have some great knockers!

  9. I have rehabilitated BI I won’t cause trouble allow me to post

    • Good to hear.

      I only banned you because you said something along the lines of “I doubt BI has the ability to effectively ban someone.” Yes you were annoying people but that isn’t really an issue for me. When you challenged me I wanted to test it :-)

      Please keep the debate fair and honest.

    • I must admit baghdad invest you do have effective banning facilities.


    • The picture is clearly an edit, but during our searches that was the picture we found on the facebook page. It was too good to ignore and all it does is add a little humor to the situation. You and I both know TNT Tony does not have contacts in the White House which is why I rounded it off with “You Decide!”

      Here is the link to the actual picture – so you know it is not an edit I done.

  11. Is it just me but did I miss something BI with the Dinar Corp story ??
    I guess you really got spooked with the letter from their lawyer and decided not to publish your story ??

    • Not entirely sure what to do at the moment.

      We want to run it but Dinar Corp has sued pretty much everyone who writes what they dislike. They may not win each and every case but you’ll end up spending $5 to $10k just to get through the process.

      They have stacks of cash to subpoena anyone regardless of the end result.

    • You don’t need that hassle BI I’ll check them out and start leaving comments on the dinar websites lol

    • What was the jest of the DC story that you speak of?

  12. BI, seems you Knuckle-Heads aren’t any good on your predictions/info either… just looking back to some of BI’s earlier blogs on Tony… considering you KNOW SO MUCH about Tony & his wife.

    12/14/2013 Who is TNT Tony? GAME OVER!
    Apparently the GAME’s still on!!!

    12/22/2013 Tony aka Anthony Renfrow is STARTING TO CRACK!
    He doesn’t sound like he’s ‘cracking’!!!

    2/14/2014 TNT Tony Blogtalkradio – Finished
    Yes, BTR is over… but still on internet radio and it’s even a better quality broadcast now… so thanks to whoever had a hand in getting TNT off of BTR.

    2/15/2014 BBC Investigates TNT Tony – #wearethepeople
    What a ‘BUST’ this was.

    Now this one, talk about someone being obsessed with Tony and thinking they know stuff about someone… Thank God, what you print doesn’t have to be factual. I’m not going to correct any of the erroneous crap you put out I’ll just let you remain in the dark.
    3/27/2014 TNT Tony: What do we know?
    Obviously VERY LITTLE!!!

    • Knuckleheads what century did you come from fool. Tony Turd has lost most of his audience, only you die hard zombies are left. Recaps stopped printing his garbage at about the same time as the post BI wrote that he was cracking. What planet are you on that you say that the telecom he’s on now is better than BlogTalkRadio. Wed he was breaking up so bad I missed a lot of what he said. He’s paying 197 a month for each line and he has 4 lines that only can hold 500 people instead of the 10,000 that could listen to him on BTR. It doesn’t matter to you but he was making over a $1000 a call on BTR and now it’s costing him $800 a month instead of making over $15,000 a month LMAO. A real big difference there idiot. Those titles that BI puts out is his opinion fool with links to his conviction and indictment and 14Daily plus that shows he’s a conman. Just seeing only a few comments against BI shows that his empire has crumbled since he told you zombies to come to this website. 4 months ago there would be 100s because unlike the guru sites BI lets everybody give there opinion here. SO AS MUCH AS YOU WISH TONY TURD HAS LOST ABOUT ALL HIS INCOME AND TNT ZOMBIES SINCE BI AND I HAVE BEEN BASHING HIM LMAO.

  13. You all are a bunch of IDIOTS…..Tony has NO CONTROL OVER THIS RV!!!

    Who does that make sense to…..


    • GT, you are right. Tony has no control over the RV that is not going to happen. But he has control over his lying tongue and be will have to suffer the consequences.

  14. Is Tony’s court date for the 14Daily Plus scam still scheduled for April 30th? He must like prison, after spending four year locked for tax fraud. He should have had his brother Ray help with the tax prep. Whoops…. That family must keep a lawyer on retainer.

  15. You guys are assholes…. Get a life… Your the joke all over the internet!

    • No, You TNT zombies are the jokes of the internet idiots LMAO

    • LOL…..these stalkers are really in “LOVE” with TNT Tony. I hope Tony takes extra care and hires some security. I’m sure the added publicity that you fools are giving TNT Tony is much appreciated, so just how much af a “kick back” is TNT Tony giving you guys to plaster his pictures and name all over the internet and twitter. You complain about him but all your doing is exactly what you are saying he is involved in. I can’t imagine spending time and money like this to collect and distribute all of this without you being in his pocket. Nice publicity stunt, just like Hollywood movies stars, make up some good false trashy news and watch the people flock to that movie star to get the rest of the story. You ALL are a joke, but keep up the good work getting TNT Tony more attention, seems the more he gets the better this “dinar game” looks like a good deal. Keep the people guessing and hungry for any information even if it is all bullcrap. Trash attracts trash, hope your ALL proud of your SCAMS!


    • Sap on, how much longer are you going to be brainwashed by Tony? How much money are you going to lose before you realize you have been taken advantage of? I hope you realize this fraud before its too late. I think you are smart enough to spot a scam.

    • NO TONY IS THE ASSHOLE and his snake brother. I knew within 1 week of being at PTR that he was a CON MAN.

  16. I really cant belive that you wasted your time gathering this info. I dont undersatnd what you gain from having this site, why did you create this site just to talk shit about Tony??? or is there any info on here that is useful to the public??? or is this just a site to trash Tony?? Really a waste of time.

    • Hey Idiot, if your a TNT ZOMBIE I know your not to intelligent but look at the top of the website BI has been around a lot longer than 4 months fool it’s just we found a good cause to bring TONY TURD down idiot.

    • WOW your name matches your intelligence “Chicago” LMAO besides that LOL you morons can handle the truth when it hits you right in the face with facts! How stupid R U? OMG Priceless Endless mindless zombie lemmings running for the cliff without 1 oz of his lyingass proof yet we are the bad guys WOW!! We Are The Truth Seekers! Trying 2 open UR eyes!… Fact since 2010 hw’s been saying Done Done Done! LMAO!

    • Chicago – “I dont undersatnd what you gain from having this site”

      It’s called the truth Chigaco – something Tony cultists like yourself haven’t heard in a LONG time…

  17. You go Mike you are exactly correct. Anyone one who believes anything that comes out of that man’s mouth is the textbook definition of an idiot. I just love how when they can’t say anything at all, they resort to stupid comments like the ones above. If you are that blind, then you get everything that is coming to you.

    • Robl1263, I wouldn’t call the people that follow Tony stupid. They are being fed stuff that makes them believe in his lies. I was that way back just after high school being brainwashed by these Amway people as I kept giving them my hard earned money. I finally matured and woke up. I just hope these people that follow Tony would wake up too. They are not stupid. Just misled.

  18. Baghdad invest/ Mike…. funny thing about the twitter….. you bashed him but then you apologized and said Tony was right. hmmmmmmmmmm You guys sound like you are psycho!

    • Your about as loony as they come. BI we’re down to the people that doesn’t have much of an intelligence at all. The ones with even a little mind of their own have awakened and the rest will be asking TONY TURD when will the RV happen as they close the cell door on his fat ass. I’d laugh but it’s such a shame to see people that really don’t have a mind of their own.

    • You’re right Mike.. this isn’t about the numbers for them. The numbers they couldn’t care less about.

      The only interest for them is to remain part of the “dinar club”. A life without purpose.

  19. About the RV.
    Why are you so obsessed with him? There are how many other “Gurus” out there?

    • Wrong. Why would we say he is right when a revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar would destroy the economy of Iraq. Whilst I have your attention I am going to give you an economics lesson of why Iraq cannot do a revaluation and more importantly why Iraq can do a redenomination as she is saying in the last 1,000 press releases!

      Most people are right to think that things are way out of control and the dinar of little value.. You think that because you see your one singular USD getting you a whopping 1,165 singular Iraqi Dinars……. that alone is enough for the average folk to think something is not right.


      The difference between today and the time when 1 singular IQD could get you $3.22 is so simple: INFLATION!

      Before there were 20 billion dinar x 3.22 = 64 billion USD
      Now there are around 82 trillion dinar x 0.00086 = 71 billion USD

      Hopefully you will be able to understand what those two numbers mean… the 64 billion USD and the 71 billion USD. Those numbers are the Dollar Value placed on the economy of Iraq. Guess what, Iraq’s economy has increased from 64 to 71 Billion since the Saddam era. Not unusual and not reason to think something is up.

      Unfortunately my friend, you have been sold a currency which has an insane amount of inflation. The trick in order to convince you that something is up is to tell you “but it was worth $3.22 before” but not tell you there was ONLY 20 Billion dinars in circulation…yet there is now 82 trillion singular dinars!!!!!! wow… that is so blatantly obvious or what?

      One billion is 1,000,000,000 and a trillion is 1,000,000,000,000 so one trillion is one thousand times one billion. If that doesn’t tell you the printer has been busy then I don’t know what will?

      If Iraq wants to trade at $3.22 you know what she could do? delete

      I don’t expect you to be an economist to work with these numbers. Very simple mathematics and you will soon realize that Iraq is neither over or under-valued.

      But….. don’t let me steal your thunder…. get back to that dream :-)

      “About the rv”?. Answer above as to why it is impossible. Obsessed with him? We have the absolute right to question someone who makes outlandish claims that the economy of Iraq is about to increase an insane number of percentage points. The other Gurus are not important for us.. TNT is our number 1.

      When your enemies have nothing to attack your message, they attack the messenger……. (I know you can’t attack my message… so go ahead. Attack me for I attack TNT Tony with numbers as above).

  20. “HIS AUDIENCE HAS WENT DOWN “…..? No – it’s ‘gone down’. Why not learn to speak English before posting a website

    • Your giving us a lesson in intelligence fool when you believe the word of a convicted indicted convict who has been conning people all his life. You are an imbecile and a fool who believes in a fairy tale that investing a $1000 will give you a return of $3,500,000 without having to work for it. You are an idiot and a nincompoop who needs to get a life idiot.

    • GettaLife – ““HIS AUDIENCE HAS WENT DOWN “…..? No – it’s ‘gone down’. Why not learn to speak English before posting a website”

      That’s posting TO a website. You also forgot to end your sentence with a question mark. You also have two opening quotation marks in your first sentence instead of one opening and one closing.

      Sounds like you need to heed your own advice… :-)

  21. Is Tony starting to crack? Don’t worry, you’re way ahead of him

  22. Jealous of Tony? Seriously Tell us how much Dinar etc you have?!

    • I don’t have any dinar or dong idiot. I Googled Iraq Dinar when I was interested and Forbes and the Wall Street Journal said it was a scam and that was enough for me. About going after other people go to MR.IQD and see the rant I gave out on Dave Schmidt. When you get caught stealing money and have a past in writing like Tony and Dave it’s real easy to awaken people and that’s what it’s about. I really don’t care about Tony Turd but the people who have quit their jobs, stop paying their bills, or quit having a relationship with their family and friends because they try to tell them they are being scammed.

  23. They have professional help for people like you

  24. TNT Tony What Do We Know —
    the real question is
    What do we care

  25. Dear Sirs, Will you allow me to share the truth about all this as I have no bias one way or the other! I’m sure not concerned about Tony(and who follows him and who does not) as whether he is right or wrong because no man in his right mind would invest his hard earned money based on what some nut job would say. I was told a long time ago by a very wealthy man, that if I wanted to make some money to always be sure I got my advice from someone who has made some! Over the years that has proven to be 100% right, many times over! The U.S. State Department owns many Trillions of those Trillions of Dinars you talk about plus the U.S. Dollar will no longer the the world currency of choice. Those days are gone! Obama is the true scam in America and most people in the U.S. are just to stupid to see it or they just simple do not care or in some cases maybe just a little of both! The new World Currency coming to the forefront soon brought to the world by way of the EU/United Nations will be called the CRD which is a combination of six different currencies which all are backed by gold and silver. China and Russia both have been buying up gold like crazy for over 10 years now. Why do you think gold has done from $275 dollars per oz. up to almost $2000.00 per oz. until it has backed off of late to $1300.00 per oz.! And before it is over, gold and the Dow Jones will trade at par! The Dow Jones will drop back down to 6000 during a crash sometime this year in 2014 while at the same time gold will explode up in value to $6000.00 per oz. and the American people will wake up one morning soon and realize they are broke! All their money will be gone. At that point the world economy will have to re-set all currencies world wide and they will base their re-set value on how much gold and silver they have mined and also base it on how much they have in the ground based on accurate projection and the same with oil along with all other natural resources! So, when you look at a Country like Iraq who has two thirds of the worlds natural resources and 73% of the world oil supply, then $3 times ever how many trillions seems like pocket change! So, without going on and on about how all this will move forward and when, how, and why; I’ll leave you with that! If you would like to have all the details as to how they will do this and when and why then just leave me the yes, I want too know all of that on here and I will come back and tell you the rest of the story, If not; I will move on! God Bless! Len Holliday from Anderson, S.C.

    • Hi Len, nice to see you here and appreciate the respectful approach you have taken in putting forth your views.

      US State Department Owns Many Trillions of Dinars What gives you this impression? The foreign currency reserves of the U.S. ending February 7, 2014, are found here It is true the US does hold some Euro and Yen but of small amounts, no significant holdings of Dinar are listed. The scammers very sadly cite over and over this untruthful line with the consequence of selling more suckers into the dinar.

      The new World Currency coming to the forefront soon Not interested. Quite possibly a Global Currency Reset of some type may end up taking place but I am slightly perplexed as to why the pro-active approach is to buy up Iraqi Dinars in the event of this taking place. What about the other 180+ currencies..?

      So, when you look at a Country like Iraq who has two thirds of the worlds natural resources and 73% of the world oil supply, then $3 times ever how many trillions seems like pocket change! Iraq sells $95-105bn of oil each year (worth just $100bn avg) and have just $1.5bn gold bullion. Their whole annual economy is barely the size of Portugal or Algeria, and their the value of oil reserves will be spread over the next 100 years or so.
      Iraq even has a budget deficit because the oil revenue doesn’t even pay for their increased govt spending, let alone have $300,000bn lying around for some delusional “RV” that doesn’t even exist.

      2 percent of Iraq’s reserve is gold. The other 98 percent of Iraq’s reserve is the U.S. dollar which means Iraq’s value comes from the US dollar!

      73% of the world oil supply For real??? wow.. just so you know Iraq does not have 73% of the worlds oil supply and secondly no economy is based on a finite resource such as oil. We all agree Oil is a finite commodity which is constantly on the decline either when a barrel of oil is sold or burnt meaning the value of the Iraqi Dinar just got weaker day by day which work exacerbate the situation of today which is under control into a situation that is on a constant decline.

      Even if Iraq was to output more oil than what it currently does the currency is likely to have no effect since Iraq sells oil in USD and not Dinars. Also Iraq is not stockpiling its oil revenues, she is spending it on reconstruction efforts.

      Recently Iraq purchased a whopping 36 tonnes of Gold, this month. A purchase worth around $1.5 Billion……. but guess what, it is not even enough to put Iraq in the top 50.

      And finally regarding Oil…… according to OPEC proven oil reserves chart end 2012, Iraq holds a market share of 11.7%. Granted the numbers may have changed in the last 2 years but I am not sure that warrants your figure of Iraq having 73% of the worlds oil supply.


    • Mr Len Holliday, finally somebody who seems to know what he is talking about. Please sir, I would love you to tell the rest of the story. Thank you for sharing your acquired knowledge.

    • Oddly enough your grammar comes across as a conspiracy theorist / pumper and not stock broker. In addition the information you just provided is the same ole bullshit the NESARA fucking minions have been spreading for years. Sorry but you come across as an MLM’er.

    • You hit it on the money Andrew, he sounds like a Jim Willie and Lindsey Williams fan. Thanks BI for giving him the facts so the only thing I want to add is I’m one of those conspiracy theorists who believe 9-11 was an inside job, the cabal controls the West and that the BRICS are fighting the cabal for control. I read Rumor Mills and I pay $8 a month to read Ben Fulford. I followed Neil Keenan until I found out he BORROWED thousands of dollars from a lady that truthfully thought he was fighting the cabal with suing them for trillion of dollars in bonds from the 1940s. Well as I looked from afar I started to see a pattern from the NESARA to the DINAR to the GCR that all of these people that was pushing these theories wwas making a whole lot of money. NESARA has been around 20yrs and Steve Beckow is still saying Archangel Michael is saying that NESARA is happening at anytime. All these are conmen who are preying on Christians, lightworkers, and people who want to see a better life. Even if there would be a GCR all the currencies would be made worthless and Iraq and Vietnam are two currencies with their 70 trillion a piece printed currency that would not make ANYBODY rich so you can come back anytime to finish your story but I’m pretty sure exactly what your going to say sir and your being conned just like TNT zombies are.

    • Hey Len, I just read your name again and it clicked. How you doing buddy. your one of only a few people that I’ve been able to have a decent conversation with on twitter and welcome here at BI. Please come back where BI lets anybody comment as long as you don’t get to out of hand lol. I’ve had some great discussions here with people. I just want to tell you that guy Dave Schmidt that you give such credence in has a past about as bad as TURDS. I did a post on him over at MR.IQD and I think BI is writing one about him too. He spent over $41,000 in campaign money that was left after he lost his last election on his personal expenses which is illegal and he missed 193 votes while he was Senator in Washington State, so he might as well not even been there.Go read my post on him and I would look into the back grounds of people before I started to believe what they were saying. PEACE be with you BUDDY

    • Oh and by the way Len that man should of told you to find out how that guy made his money. Tony has made a lot of money and dope dealers make a lot of money too, but I wouldn’t ask either one how to invest my money unless I wanted to go to prison lol JUST SAYING

    • Oh and another thing gold went up to 2000 an ounce because in 2008 the worlds economy about collapsed until the fed pulled out of thin air 26 trillion dollars, it had nothing to do with Russia and China buying gold because they are still buying it and it lost about 35% value. With your reasoning it should be at $2,500 an ounce JUST SAYING

    • Len Holliday – “The U.S. State Department owns many Trillions of those Trillions”

      No it doesn’t. This has already been debunked inside a court-room. The people who started the rumor even openly admitted they made it up. If you’re still sucked into that long debunked manufactured guru lie, well what more needs to be said?…

      Len Holliday – “Why do you think gold has done from $275 dollars per oz. up to almost $2000.00 per oz”

      Inflation. Just like everyone else’s.

      Len Holliday – “At that point the world economy will have to re-set all currencies world wide and they will base their re-set value on how much gold and silver they have mined and also base it on how much they have in the ground based on accurate projection and the same with oil along with all other natural resources!”

      ROFL. Aside from the fact currencies don’t work like that, Iraq has barely $1.5bn of gold to back 88,000bn Dinar. That’s a “rate” of 58666:1 – or 50x LOWER than current. 😀 Likewise, China has printed over 110,000bn Dinar (compared to the USA’s $11,000bn) – there’s only $1.3tn of gold reserves on the entire planet…

      Len Holliday – “So, when you look at a Country like Iraq who has two thirds of the worlds natural resources and 73% of the world oil supply”

      Why do you lie so much, Len? Iraq has 140bn barrels reserves out of the world’s 1.2tn. That works out to 8% not 73%. And reserves have zero impact on a currency’s value. It’s exports that count.

      For a retired stockbroker, you’re obviously not very good at maths. Or economics. Or separating fact from swivel-eyed fantasy…

    • @Len

      “I was told a long time ago by a very wealthy man, that if I wanted to make some money to always be sure I got my advice from someone who has made some!”

      The only problem with this is that sometimes people make money by conning and lying to people. The end result will always be destruction of that wealth. This will always have an end result of destroying the people you want to make money from as well. You should add to this advice by saying that you listen to people who make money and create wealth by doing things in an honest way. The guideline should be This. People who invested with wealthy people of honesty and integrity where not destroyed in the process.

      This will lead to a far better legacy that will be left behind rather than a path of destruction while going after something that is temporary like money. If you care more about money then people and you are will to take advantage of people to get wealth then in the end it does not matter how much money you make. The cost to get you to that point will be Far too great! If you follow a man that made his wealth off of lying to people how do you know he is not lying to you? Not everyone who has made money did it in an honest way.

      “The U.S. State Department owns many Trillions of those Trillions of Dinars you talk about plus the U.S. Dollar will no longer the the world currency of choice.”

      The U.S. Department Of Treasury does not have trillions of dinar. The Federal Reserve does not have trillions of dinars. The United States government does not have trillions of dinars. Proof of this can be provided. There are trillions of dinars in America. But it is all held by private citizens not the banking institutions.

      Right now there is somewhere between 25 to 30 trillion dinar sitting outside of the borders of Iraq! People give the U.S. a hard time about exporting inflation but they dismiss the amount of currency that has been exported by Iraq through the banking structure itself! How do you think Iraq’s exchange rate has been stable for the last few years even though their currency supply has drastically increased?

      The dollar is still the currency of choice. Tell you what, ask those people in Iraq which currency they would rather use, The dollar or the dinar? By the way the hype on the Global Currency reset is complete nonsense!

      “So, when you look at a Country like Iraq who has two thirds of the worlds natural resources and 73% of the world oil supply,”

      Iraq has 143 billion barrels of oil. This only equals about 8 percent of the total known oil supply. Compare that to Canada’s 179 billion barrels.

      “The new World Currency coming to the forefront soon brought to the world by way of the EU/United Nations will be called the CRD which is a combination of six different currencies which all are backed by gold and silver. China and Russia both have been buying up gold like crazy for over 10 years now.”

      Back in the 1940’s when Bretton woods was being planned there were two options being considered. One was Bretton woods. This was a system of fixed exchange rates. And the other was a one world currency called the Bancor. That idea was rejected.

      Furthermore it should be noted That Currency Rate Displays or CRD’s (AKA Currency Exchange Rate Displays) are not actual currency like the IQD or the USD. They are digital displays that show current exchange rate information. They are programmed by either an IR manual remote control keyboard or via a local PC or lap-top using supplied software.

      In 2013, the country of China produced 342 tons of gold and consumed 840 tons thus importing 498 tons. China has not been adding tons of gold to their currency reserves every year. The Gold and Silver they import is consumed by industry. The same is true of India. They use nearly all of what they import on jewelry. That’s why the Indian government slapped on a 10% duty on gold bullion but a 15% import duty for gold jewelry.

      It seems that most of your points are based on wild conspiracy theories and a belief in a Global Currency Reset which will make the worlds most inflated and most printed currencies worth more the dollar. Some of the information in your post seems to suggest this view. While there are some global changes coming, the revalue of the dinar is not one of them.

    • Wow… just wow! That was one of the most brutal verbal eviscerations I have witnessed in my short life.

      Valiant effort @Len Holliday, however, you failed 100% of the time. This is a rather impressive figure…

      Finally, I would like to applaud BI for that demonstrable response and give you a thumbs up in favour of objectivity and plain common sense. I STILL find it extremely perplexing (this is actually one of the most baffling things I have ever encountered) to run into people on a daily basis that have wholeheartedly bought into this scam. As soon as any fellow human tells me about the possibility to generate an annual ROI exceeding even a rather liberal 25%, I become sceptical… Zombies and vacuous pinheads roam this Earth beside me!

  26. Hopefully Tony read these comments. If you Tony was a Christian you would be doing the right thing and tell the truth about Iraq and the Dinar. For once have a heart come clean and end this mess.

    • Hay Mike….You may want to leaveyour personl sex life out of your comments…You would get more people to listen? It seems to me and Iam sure others that you and tnt tony had a thang going on, and it looks as so Tony was not in to you….? When you love someone and thay don’t want no part of you I know it can Hurt…I fill bad for you , but you should go on you will find some one New…Its not that bad…so that said , Now when you do that maybe PEOPLE will want to hear what you have to say. .

    • Hey Harv, I’ve had a lot of lame responses to me but yours is the worse. Grow up punk, that’s all I can say to you because anything intelligent would go way over your head.

  27. Hey, when are you Tony-haters going to get the court date right? Since you’re all into the true and fairness thing… you’ve CALLED it 3 times already… so far Jan 27, 2014 – WRONG; Mar 25, 2014 – WRONG. Now it’s Apr 30th, are you SURE this time? I’m not even sure on those dates, you haters keep posting a different one every time we turn around.

    That’s awhile off, you never know it might get changed again. LOL! You want to place a bet on April 30th, 2014?

    You keep ‘pulling the rug out’ from under all your Tony-hater clones, they’re going to start thinking you’re con-men and liars. Some may question if it will even go to court, wouldn’t that just burn you up?

    • He’s been extending it since 2012 idiot. He could extend it again. He’s trying to get it thrown out because he didn’t get a speedy trial. He is a slick conman, all I can do is check the court docket fool and see when he’s going to court. We can’t control him getting it extended, he’s hoping for the RV before he goes to trial LMAO. If you want to look put in april 30 2014

    • Well, keep checking it idiot and continue to report the wrong date moron… you’re pretty slick too. You get all excited every date you give LIKE it going to happen. NOT!!!

      You can’t control him getting it extended? Kind of like Tony can’t control when the dinar revalues. And it will revalue, YOU have no control over that either, numbnuts.

    • I will keep checking fool and as long as you believe in a fairy tale that will reward you with millions of dollars for a $1100 investment I will keep calling you an idiot because that’s what you are LMAO you little TURD CASE CLOSED GO BACK TO THE LAND OF OZ ZOMBIE WERE YOU CAN BE TONY THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WESTS FLYING MONKEYS BECAUSE THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE ”A MINDLESS MONKEY” HAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAA YOU FOOL.

    • Mike, you big turd you… I can understand why people are flocking to you and your intelligent method of informing the masses. Gosh, before you know it all the ‘idiots’ will be following you instead of Tony.

      If I were you I’d be lining up my ‘exit plan’, which would probably include moving out of your mother’s basement. Because anyone you’ve talked into selling their dinar will be looking for you. You know… to shake your hand, you FOOL. LOL!!!

    • Really, what? you can’t come up with anything original to call me little turd LMAO I don’t want anybody to follow me fool, that’s not what this is about moron and I’ll take that chance of 1 in 500 trillion that it would RV to a penny let alone the impossible fairy tale that you live in fool. The basement? why do you idiots keep saying that Scott, Josh, and I live in our mothers basement. For one thing my mom died 2 yrs ago and another that’s the lamest cut down I’ve ever heard. You and the rest of TURDS minions should put together your 100 brains that would have the intelligence of a toad then and come up with something better to cut us down with than living in a basement LMAO

    • Of course it might get changed again. You think Tony wants to go to jail? Pretending that just because Tonys lawyers keep coming up with new motions equates to some kind of failure or “con” or “lying” on the part of anyone that has reported his various court dates is pathetic and moronic. The FACT is that it is currently scheduled for 4/30 at 9:30 AM. Check for yourself:
      And it’s not the trial anyway, it’s just another motion hearing.
      Don’t worry, your buddy Tony will likely get to keep lying and misleading stupid people for many many months to come.

      Tonys followers are such stupid sheeple that I can’t even be bothered to care how much they get conned out of. If it wasn’t Tony and the dinar it’d just be a Nigerian prince or someone in Botswana selling magic beans. At least this way more of the money stays in the US.

  28. Based on the comments I got back, I figured it would be best if I shared with you some of my background so you might know me a little better as to who I really am and how I think! First and foremost, I have no agenda or any bones to pick with anyone with regard to a world currency reset or with anyone on this site! I just was looking at some weather news on twitter and I come across you guys. I just had a few ideas and thought I would share them with you! I am the Lead Weather Forecaster at Firsthand Weather an internet weather site my son and I started together four years ago. My oldest son out of three is a Meteorology Student in his last year at the University Of Oklahoma! He is Matthew Holliday a 21 year old CEO of! He is nice enough to let me put up a weather forecast ever once in a while of which I love, as Forecasting the Weather is my true calling and Matthew and I both have a passion for the field of Meteorology! So, if you would like to see some of the most accurate weather forecast in the U.S. just go to; I grew up in a small textile town in Upstate, S.C.; Belton, S.C. where my Grandfather was one of the last big cotton farmers around the Upstate Of South Carolina. When I graduated from High School at the age of 17 I left and moved over into East, Tn. where I went to college and I paid my way through by working like a dog on my Grandfather’s farm in S.C. He let me plant produce each year on 45 acres and we had several hundred acres of soybeans as well in addition to our main crop which was cotton. So, I learned to work very hard at a very young age! I paid my way through college and I graduated with a B.S. Degree in Applied Mathematics at the ripe old age of 21 years old! At that point I came back to S.C. and got hired as a stockbroker with a big Southeast Brokerage firm with their main office in Nashville, Tn. at their local office in Anderson, S.C. and within four years I was doing very well so they invited me to become one of their Partners! At the age of 26 I was the youngest Partner in the history of the firm. After working with them for nine years my friend Jim Morgan from Greeneville, S.C. ask me if I would open a new office for his firm Interstate/Johnson Lane in Charlotte, N.C. at an Anderson, S.C. location and I agreed to do that. Jim Morgan is still one of my very close friends and is now the CEO of Krispy Kreme(KKD). Jim has turned KKD around and I’m sure they will do very well for many years to come under his leadership! I was a stockbroker in Anderson, S.C. for well over 20 years until I got real sick for several years and had to step down. While still working for Jim Morgan in 1995 I was the #1 stockbroker in the firm out of several thousand brokers. As a matter of fact I was # 3 out of 85,000 stockbrokers in the entire world that year. Got wrote up in Registered Rep. Magazine as the ” Best Of The Best” stockbrokers in the U.S. that year out of the Top 10! So, why did I take the time to share all this with you? Because I get sick and tired of seeing other people being put down and trashed all over the internet in other forums just because they may not agree with you 100%! And in my opinion, that is just plain stupid! I am now retired as I am still sick and cannot work which is about to kill me in and of itself since I have spent my whole life in the middle of hard work! I also have several graduate degrees in Meteorology along with other science fields so that is why I have so much fun with the weather. I hoped this cleared up for you some of my back ground. It is way to late tonight for me to share more of my thoughts on the Iraqi Dinar! I hope to be back on here tomorrow and I will tell you what I think and where I come up with my ideas! Have a Great Night! Len R. Holliday

    • Len you are definitely the most interesting guy in a long time here.
      Please continue and regale us with your supreme intellect. I look forward to your next entry.

    • Len, the issue isn’t whether somebody agrees 100% or not. This issue is fraud. Many of the guys behind the pumping of the dinar have criminal backgrounds as I have shown on my blog. None of them are experts on currencies. True currency experts will tell you that the RV is a scam. Dozens of organizations from law enforcement to elected officials to investment experts to banking representatives have issued advisories about the dinar scam. The people pumping the dinar are doing it for one reason …. compensation. They either make money from ad revenues on their sites which experience a lot of traffic when they tell people that the RV is happening, or they get commissions (kickbacks) from dinar dealers or they sell investment crap to gullible dinarians. I have no doubt that you’re very knowledgeable about stocks, but currency isn’t stock. The focus of the CBI is on exchange rate stability, not increase. The plan is a redenomination, not a revaluation. This is not a matter of opinion. It’s a matter of verifiable facts, all of which are ignored by dinar gurus and pumpers in order to exploit inexperienced currency speculators. I hope you’ll take the time to investigate the darker side of the dinar investment to find out why so many people are cutting their losses as they become more informed.

    • That’s very nice Len. But the “RV” is still a scam… With your “degree in applied maths”, I’m sure you can figure out why the Dinar collapsed in value in the first place when Saddam started printing masses more money. It’s called “inflation”…

      Len – “Because I get sick and tired of seeing other people being put down and trashed all over the internet in other forums just because they may not agree with you 100%!”

      I’m pretty sure someone, somewhere who deeply believes a Nigerian Prince is going to send them $15m gets “sick and tired” of people who warn others of Nigerian Prince e-mail scams too – mostly out of fear of being wrong. Ultimately, your “sickness” and “tiredness” derives from you not really understanding how currencies work anywhere near you think they do (they are not stocks, LOL) and wanting to silence anyone who dares shatter someone’s “dreams”…

      Since you’re so confused over this and you claim to be a stockbroker, let me ask you this Len – Do you understand what a “reverse stock split” is?

      Well, a redenomination is the exact equivalent of that for currencies, and that’s exactly what Iraq are planning in reality.

      Why do you think all these guru’s obsess about BANKNOTES, yet never mention the new announced COINS that are due to replace all the lower denoms (50 Dinar note -> 50fils coin (4.3 cents) / 250 Dinar note -> 250fils coins (21 cents), 500 Dinar note -> 500 fils coins (43 cents) 1000 Dinar note-> 1 Dinar coin (86 cents), etc)? Because suddenly “the penny drops”…

      The “RV” thing of twisting around a simple and clearly & repeatedly announced redenomination as some get-rich-thing is 100% fake. You won’t make even $1 profit off of Iraq’s banknotes changeover. Ultimately, it boils down to – some people prefer the uncomfortable truth, and others prefer to live a “feel good lie”. If you’re one of the former, there are sites like BaghdadInvest, DinarDoucheBags, etc, that actually provide a torrent of truthful facts with links to back them up. And if you prefer the latter, well there’s censorship-heavy “cult follower” sites like DinarVets, DinarRecaps, Tony’s deluded bunch, etc, where everyone sits around regurgitating their favorite guru’s fake made-up “intel”, then ends up frustrated why they “can’t understand” why their $850 of Dinar hasn’t (and will never) turn into $35m overnight for no reason after 10 years of waiting or why “their guy” gets every single prediction wrong without exception…

      The two will never see eye to eye, which is why it’s actually good there are separate sites for the two different truth vs confused denial mentalities, so the grown ups can discuss the facts without being banned for “negativity” 😀

    • And?…

      That’s all fine and dandy but as soon as you made the claims that the U.S. State Department owns trillions of dinar, a new world currency is coming to the forefront, and Iraq has 73% of the world’s oil supply you lost all credibility. Those are ridiculous, completely fabricated assertions. Regardless of your work history or your credentials, stating those lies as facts either makes you an accessory in this fraud or makes you another gullible sucker that doesn’t have the ability to apply common sense. If you really want to talk about the dinar as an adult then you have to start acting like an adult and quit making things up.

    • Coincidentally this was posted again at night where you can just post and run. Yeah whatever.

      Your entire background is irrelevant especially when you claim applied mathematics just like another trolling fool (not saying you’re a troll though not yet ruled out either) here who has nearly the same name as mine and made a claim on Dinar Douchebag site under his other trolling name yet couldn’t tell the difference between shit and shampoo much less perform elementary arithmetic. That’s the issue here. Now you claim to be #3 of 85,000 stock brokers world wide?! Get fruck outta here. You’ve insulted my intelligence, as well as others here and undoubtedly REAL STOCK BROKERS!! I will though give you enough credit for researching and drumming up this BS story. Wanna know why??? Stock brokers have no interest in dinar sites much less a #3 globally rated one!!! GOOD NIGHT!!!!

    • @Len: I cannot believe the sheer narcissism you must exhibit on a daily and perpetual basis! I mean… c’mon man! That was goddamned ridiculous!

  29. To anyone apart from the lunatic lopsters- the german mark and the Japanese yen witnessed remarkable growth after world war 2. Can anyone point me to some more information surrounding this and in particular the Marshall plan

    • Baghdad invest you can also stop the moderation feature- I will not challenge your integrity again i am rehabilitated

    • You have only just been allowed to comment again which is why your comments temporarily go into moderation until you can be trusted not to cause trouble.

    • In response to “Andrew the Troll”:-

      The German Mark redenominated. More than once. You asked the same dumb question on DinarDoucheBags and it was explained to you in detail over there:-

      “At the end of 1923 the gold-backed Rentenmark was created, which provided stability; one billion Papiermark could be exchanged for one Rentenmark.”
      (So that’s a 6 zero lop.)
      “In 1924, the Rentenmark was released by the Reichsmark in the ratio 1:1”
      (no money made there)
      “One consequence, amongst other things, of the Second World War was a collapsed German economy. A huge glut of money was offset by only a minimal range of goods.”
      “In 1948 in the western zones of Germany, a currency reform was undertaken; the Reichsmark and Alliierte Militärmark were replaced by the Deutsche Mark. Every citizen was allowed to exchange 600 Reichsmark into 60 Deutsche Mark.”
      “In the former German Democratic Republic (GDR), East Germany, a currency reform was also undertaken in 1948. The Reichsmark was replaced by the Deutsche Mark der Deutschen Notenbank (DM) in the rate of 10:1. Due to the high levels of cash holdings the GDR defined in 1957 that only 300 Deutsche Mark (GDR) could be exchanged”

      So there you have it. In a 25 year period Germany had a 6 zero lop followed by a 1:1 currency exchange, then both the East and the West had a 1 zero lop and in both cases citizens were limited in the amount of currency they could exchange. In the West they could only get 60 new Deutsch Mark and in the East they could only get 30 new Deutsch Mark.
      To say the least, Germany is not an example that dinar holders should be hoping for.”


      Gurus claiming Germany “RV’d” and “made people billionaires” are flat out liars. It’s that simple.

      Now read the two posts immediately underneath it (in above link) totally destroying the lame, made up character “Dr. Todd and his magic Iraqi Marshall Plan”. The whole thing was invented by the PTR bunch (as was the Dr. Todd fictional persona), and debunked repeatedly years ago. They even got all their dates muddled up and changed their story at least twice.

      The real Marshall plan was the American initiative to aid Europe in which the USA gave economic support to help rebuild European economies after the end of World War II in order to prevent the spread of Soviet Communism. That’s ALL it was and it ran from 1948-1952. It has about as much to do with Iraq as Greece joining NATO, General Fulgencio Batista re-taking power in Cuba, Ann Davison becoming the first woman to single-handedly sail across the Atlantic Ocean or the birth of David Hasselhoff – all of which also occurred in 1952 and have exactly the same zero impact on the Dinar’s value…

      Anyone talking about Iraq and “the Marshall Plan” in the same sentence is basically saying “I’m a guru’s sheep who has zero sense of discernment or fact checking skills”. Asking the same dumb already answered question over and over hoping for a different answer, will not change reality. And by “lunatic lopsters” you’ve already made it pretty clear you’re just trolling like a little 6 year old boy again… [Take note Baghdad Invest – he’s playing you for a fool again, just as he did the people over on DDB]

      “one billion Papiermark could be exchanged for one Rentenmark” does not mean German’s were given $1bn worth of Marks for each $1 worth of Marks they had. And Iraq is not Germany in terms of industry & skilled labor force. Why your tiny brain cannot comprehend or accept that Germany redenominated / lopped after their period of hyper-inflation, despite it being explained to you 100-odd times on three separate forums, I simply do not know (beyond the usual “a guru said so, so it must be true” delusions…)

    • Prove it! I’m tired of these baseless myths being thrown about without any sort of support or doucmentation offered. Show us a chart or a source for this wild-eyed statement. You can’t because it’s just another baseless myth to support the false notion of a massive dinar revaluation. The german economy and the japanese economy both witnessed remarkable growth after World War II but, as has been pointed out dozens of times, that has NO correlation to the growth of a currency. Currency is not a proxy for stock in an economy. Growing economies do not mean growing currencies. In fact, more likely than not, a growing economy is accompanied by a weakening currency. A weakening currency makes a nation’s exports cheaper around the world. Consequently, they sell more and expand their manufacting and production facilities. How many times does this have to be pointed out? Ignorance and idiocy abound when it comes to the dinar. No wonder it’s such a successful scam.

    • You’re the one claiming that they witnessed remarkable growth, why don’t you provide us with your source? Is it because your source is some moron on a dinar forum?

    • I see you’re back to your trolling antics pretending to seek legitimate information when you’ve asked these questions before at Sam I Am’s site. Just because you are no longer wanted there for very well deserved reasons you can still go back and seek those answers. But then again an intelligent person like you should be able to google those questions and begin your own quest for answers. Instead you’re trying to egg this forum into your little bullshit juvenile games. This has always been part of your child’s play. But BI admin is hip to your weak game.

    • Which is why he is now banned! I see his snide comments calling people morons etc… enough is enough.

  30. Len very interesting ,tell us more

  31. Anyone who rants about IQD being required to RV in order for Iraq to participate in int’l commerce needs to take a quick peek at Vietnam. They’ve had toilet paper currency for 50 years (about 1/20th the value of IQD relative to USD), and the country has had an improving economy for 2 decades. Has anyone heard anything about VND removing large denoms from circulation, or printing small denoms for release, or any news from the Viet Central Bank about needing to increase the value of their currency, or anything that parallels the nonsense spoken about Iraq? No? There’s your answer, folks. An IQD RD is the only thing that makes mathematical and economic sense. No massive surge in value can take place.

    • Spot on. All these idiots that say an RV means the IQD is “internationally tradeable” are talking out of their arse. They don’t even know what that means. Iraq is a puny little country with a puny little economy dominated by a single product run by a bunch of corrupt, incompetent frauds in the heart of the most violent, unstable part of ther world. Besides oil, what does Iraq have to offer to the rest of the world? Nothing! And, of course, oil is traded for US dollars! Why would anybody outside of Iraq want their currency? What would they possibly use it for? Theses idiots are so delusional they actually think Iraq is going to become some mecca of international commerce if the dinar ever revalues. The Iraqi economy will explode overnight and instantly be worth trillions of dollars. As funny as it is to you and me, they actually believe it. They lack the basic skills to realize it is mathematically impossible and they are so blinded by greed they ignore the common sense horn that is blaring in their head telling them they’ve been scammed.

    • True. Not to mention the Vietnamese Dong fell in value due to inflation rates of almost 800%:-

      One day it will finally sink in – Iraq, Vietnam, Iran, Lebanon, Zimbabwe, Hungary, South Korea, Colombia, Uganda, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Paraguay, Belarus, Mongolia, Congo, Sierra Leone, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, etc, all have one thing in common – they devalued their own currencies by printing too much money and NONE of them are “undervalued” given their massive money supplies.

      All people are doing is buying inflated banknotes from guru’s who are making thousands of $ in advertising revenue per week selling them on as “magic beans” to the uneducated at 20% more than they’re worth, then spinning a swivel-eyed “secret intel” fantasy, keeping them hooked like drug addicts into a low-level state of consciousness – always blindly believing every “rumor”, never checking any fact, and never challenging any guru who gets thousands of predictions wrong year after year – like Tony (courtesy of DDB “What I say” page):-

      Tony’s “Words of Wisdom” (ie, 100% fabricated BS):-

      8-8-2011 – “things are hapening tonight. Look for The RV between 7:00 a.m. and 12 noon tomorrow, Iraqi time. There’s additional info, but I can’t tell you.”


      8-29-2011 – “Dr. Todd says that this will be economically catastrophic if this does not happen before September 1st”

      4-23-2011 – “Could see this pop Sunday or Monday. Smart Cards loaded with $1100 USD Thursday…at same moment $4.25 turned from red to green…Friday All US banks stopped selling dinar…later in day Bank people saying it occurred”

      5-2-2011 – “I was contacted to make this weekend a blackout weekend…that was why the board was quit…we are closer than you think to this thing happening… I still think we are within the week or month. Closer to it than farther away.”

      5-4-2011 – “received a printed newspaper copy early… says that it reveals late tonight or early tomorrow morning we will be very happy.”

      5-4-2011 – “we will have a monumental week. Saying that cause certain people don’t want me to tell you what I really heard. They out voted me.”

      5-5-2011 – “everyone should expect to see this at Midnight (last night). Iraqi’s were promised to be paid today.”

      5-5-2011 – “Forex expects to see it by close tomorrow.”

      5-13-2011 – “I received absolute PROOF that this was supposed to happen 3days ago (scheduled to happen Thursday)… this should be the best Monday and weekend of your life”

      5-17-2011 – “We are here, but being restricted…Everything I’m hearing is great…I think this is going to be a life changing week..Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready…”

      etc, etc. That’s barely a small 1% sample from just 2011, of all the lies told by just one guru (of many).

      If people can’t smell what he (and others) are shoveling by now, or spot the pattern of how the same manufactured excitement, the same fabricated sense of euphoria, the same fake elation & “OMG! I was PROMISED it would RV this weekend BUT… melodrama, the same intoxication with hanging onto a compulsive liar for “just” that next piece of made-up “intel” that tells them what they want to hear, and the way it all gets recycled year after year, using the same language patterns, the same underlying ‘whip ’em up into a frenzy’ intent & contrived hysteria, then quite frankly they deserve to get scammed out of sheer mind-blowing unadulterated gullibility…

    • Network, thanks for showing us your total lack of knowledge on Iraq, the value of oil globally & the quantity/quality of Iraqi oil and also all the other resources they have. Realize also those resources are barely scratched.

      Maybe substitute “internationally recognized” for “tradeble”… you do realize you can not exchange dinar at Banks? Read up on Asset-backed currency (where we’re headed) as opposed to Fiat currency (where we’re leaving). Believe us IF it revalues it will be recognized & traded by other country, you can take that to the bank.

      I could spoon feed you the answers to such questions as “Besides oil, what does Iraq have to offer to the rest of the world?” but that’s your job to find out. Maybe do some research before you spout off your ignorance of what you want to sound like an expert to support your theories. Maybe it is mathematically possible.

      Btw, WHO’S the scammer? The country of Iraq, it’s their currency? Seems it would be easier to just drill another oil well and make more money and not scam anyone. Can’t say I’ve ever read in history where an country scammed the whole globe with their currency… guess this is a first or maybe I missed it.

    • “the value of oil globally & the quantity/quality of Iraqi oil and also all the other resources they have.”

      All of which barely add up to a year or two worth of the GDP of the US. Sounds like you bought into the “Iraq is wealthy beyond measure” lie from the gurus. Maybe do some actual research and number crunching instead of just listening to gurus.

      “you do realize you can not exchange dinar at Banks?”

      You do realize that you used to be able to, until the banks found out about the scam and decided they didn’t want to be involved in it, right?

      “Believe us IF it revalues it will be recognized & traded by other country, you can take that to the bank.”

      If Iraq announced tomorrow that their 25,000 dinar bills were worth $25,000 there isn’t a bank on the planet that would actually convert them at that rate. You can take that to the bank.

      “Btw, WHO’S the scammer?”
      Oh, I dunno, how about the people making millions of USD selling dinar, selling useless memberships and text services, doing conference calls, etc, etc, etc, all based on total lies? You really aren’t smart enough to figure that out?

      “Can’t say I’ve ever read in history where an country scammed the whole globe with their currency… guess this is a first or maybe I missed it.”

      Funny argument, coming from a dinarian, considering the “RV” you’re hoping for would also be a global first. If it were to happen, which it won’t.

    • Really? – I agree, fiat is on the way out, and will be replaced. Fiat currencies have a shelf life of 40-50 years (except for England, who unpegged from silver and had a run of 80 or so years as a reserve currency). The shift in global economies has been taking place for decades. That being said – there is no mathematical possibility where Iraq reinstates or revalues its IQD anywhere near $.05, let alone $3 or higher. The math does not work. They have trillions printed, and they are circulating (unlike the billions per month our own FED prints, then allow it to sit on bank balance sheets gaining interest without it being circulated). The math does not add up, not even fuzzy math. 😉
      I think the mere mention of Iraq having a linchpin currency for a global reset is laughable. Who said? WTO won’t even reinstate them because of their unbalanced dependance on oil exports…but suddenly, they’ll lead the way for 190+ currencies to revalue? Iraq is a flea on an elephant’s ass – this is not the precious Cradle of Civilization-Garden of Eden-Tigris/Euphrates-rising from the ashes story incessantly pumped by clueless gurus with an agenda.

    • GT5, of course there are scammers and everyone needs to be on guard and use common sense… I would not pay for a membership to any dinar site or text service, people that want to throw their money away it’s up to them or as worse join a group where you’d be entrusting any currency you own for them to exchange for you.

      What I’m saying is the country of Iraq and it’s currency in itself is not a scam, it’s a speculation and with it there is risk. The currency broker you buy from should be licensed and registered with the UST. I’m not pumping or even recommending you purchase dinar or dong.

      The info I’ve researched over the last 4+years on Iraq’s resources and potential great wealth comes from Iraqi news and other international news outlets, not gurus. What they lack is the technology and equipment to extract those resources that other developed countries already possess. So I guess reports from those news sources are scams too, of companies in other countries contracting with Iraq to help build the infrastructure, supply them with the technology & equipment. Over time the discovery of those resources continues and more oil fields discovered and other resources discovered like gold.

      You really want to help people from being scammed? Check out the Forex, this so-called dinar scam is peanuts compared to that.

    • If you’re looking around the room wondering who the sucker is, it’s probably you! You got scammed. Iraq has nothing to do with it. The scam artist that suckered you into buying dinar because you actually thought it was going to revalue by some mathematically impossible amount scammed you. There isn’t a single country on Earth that has it’s currency valued based the natural resources it has in the ground. None. If that were the criteria, Canada or Russia would have the most valuable currency. In addition, these resources are finite. If they somehow backed the value of a currency then that currency would lose value every time that resource was depleted. Every barrel of oil or every cubic foot of gas that is pumped from the ground would reduce the value. But that has nothing to do with it. It’s an absurd argument because isn’t even the purpose or function of currency. Currency is a medium of exchange! It’s not stock in a country or stock in an economy.

      Despite your insistence otherwise, Iraq has nothing else to offer the world. Their GDP is $210 billion. Ninety percent of their GDP is related to the exploration, production, and delivery of oil. They have no agriculture. They have no manufacturing. They have no service sector. They have no tourism. A revaluation changes nothing. If each dinar magically became worth $3 tomorrow, they would still pump the same amount of oil tomorrow and 90% of their GDP would still be related to the oil industry. There would still be no more reason for people outside of Iraq to own dinar. They are a violent, unstable country in the most violent, unstable part of the world. They have a corrupt, inept gov’t full of crooks, thugs and thieves. They are decades away from having a robust, diverse, stable economy.

      A massive RV of the dinar is mathematically impossible. It’s not a matter of opinion. It’s not a theory. It is not possible. Not in this universe. The laws of mathematics are universal. It can not happen. Ever. No matter how often you repeat it or how adamently you believe it, it will not happen. Two plus two will always and forever equal four. It will never equal five (or six or seven, etc.). The GDP of Iraq is $210 billion. The CBI has issued over 87 trillion dinar. The CBI has foreign currency reserves of $75 billion (consistently mostly of US dollars). If Iraq tried to revalue the dinar to even 1 cent each, the total value of their money supply would be over 870 billion dollars! Yet they only have foreign currency reserves of $75 billion and GDP of $210 billion. (In contrast, the US has a GDP of about $17 trillion and a money supply of $11 trillion.) Iraq would have to confiscate the entire GDP of the country for 4 years just to support (or redeem) every dinar. In other words, Iraq would have to steal the paycheck of every worker in the entire country for 4 years to justify a value of just one penny for every dinar. Not only is that patently absurd, it is, obviously, impossible. But I know greed is an incredibly powerful emotion. Keep living in your imaginary dreamland if it makes you feel better.

    • Networth – “Iraq would have to confiscate the entire GDP of the country for 4 years just to support (or redeem) every dinar. In other words, Iraq would have to steal the paycheck of every worker in the entire country for 4 years to justify a value of just one penny for every dinar. Not only is that patently absurd, it is, obviously, impossible”

      I swear half of these “RV investors” are closet communists. They seem to spend their entire lives hanging round guru forums fantasizing about centrally planned economies and large-scale wealth confiscations / destruction of ordinary Iraqi’s grocery money, dreaming of hollowing out “the rich lands of the little foreign people” like some old snobbish colonialists with serious entitlement issues sitting on their golden thrones issuing diktats of what people 6,000 miles away “must” do…

    • “What I’m saying is the country of Iraq and it’s currency in itself is not a scam, it’s a speculation and with it there is risk. ”

      Really? It’s not a speculation. It’s a scam. There are only two reasons to buy hard currency: you are either traveling to the country or you are a currency collector. Nobody buys hard currency as an investment or as a speculation. Nobody. If you buy hard currency for that reason, especially an exotic currency, you will lose money. You pay a huge premium to buy it. You pay another premium to sell it back. You will never recover those fees. Those that “invest” in currencies do so only through the forex market. They leverage large amounts of money betting on miniscule movements in currency pairs. A huge move in the forex market would be a half-percent in a day. And you dinarians actually think the dinar is going to move 300,000% or more overnight? LOL!

    • “What I’m saying is the country of Iraq and it’s currency in itself is not a scam, it’s a speculation and with it there is risk.”

      High risk, low/no reward, zero chance of the riches that the scammers promise daily, practically guaranteed that the best you’ll do is lose 30%. Great investment you’ve picked there.

      “So I guess reports from those news sources are scams too”

      No, you probably just don’t understand them or their implications.

      “of companies in other countries contracting with Iraq to help build the infrastructure, supply them with the technology & equipment.”

      Just because Iraq pumps more oil doesn’t make each dinar worth more. Currency isn’t like stock in a company. GDP vs money supply, reserves vs money supply, money supply of similar nearby countries, basic economics, the IMF. All these things show the dinar to be fairly valued. Your reasoning for it increasing significantly? Vague and meaningless talk about “great untapped wealth”. Like most dinarians, you do “research” but since you understand absolutely nothing about basic economics, your research is meaningless. You spend hours reading poorly translated articles about oil production and infrastructure and completely ignore things like the currency values of Iraqs neighbors.

      Why don’t you do some real research and explain to us why Saudi Arabias GDP has sextupled in the last 25 years but the exchange rate of the SA Riyal HASN’T MOVED A SINGLE CENT.

      After you’re done with that, you can explain to us why you expect a large increase in dinar value when their GDP vs money supply ratio is basically perfectly inline with every single neighboring country.

      “You really want to help people from being scammed? Check out the Forex, this so-called dinar scam is peanuts compared to that.”

      Whether or not there are people scamming people regarding Forex trading has no bearing on the dinar scam. Your “argument” (and I use the term very loosely) is quite common among the dinar scammers and their pumper enablers though. It essentially amounts to “Go away and let us scam people because there are other scams out there, please go bother them and leave us to our fraud”. Sorry buddy, no one is impressed by that argument.

    • Really, have you forgotten or has it not sunk in your grey matter that the site your on is Baghdad INVEST. The owners are from Baghdad and before the site became mainly involved in trying to wake people up from this scam they were involved in INVESTING in Iraq. They know people in every facet of the economy and they categorically say it’s impossible to revalue 20% let alone a 100,000%. Wake up and get a job were you can work on getting wealthy. Tony has the talent and ambition to be a millionaire legally and I just can’t understand why he would use it to steal money from people instead of giving the people a fair product or service. I can see why these other guys would do it because if they didn’t steal money they wouldn’t have any money at all but I heard people would come from all over to buy phone cards from Turd so that shows me he has the talent.


    • Why? If you want to be told lies go listen to Tony, why do you need another source?

      Or are you saying it’s the truth that Iraq has 73% of the global oil supply?

    • Agreed GT5Junkie. It’s comments like that reveal some people’s emotional need for a guru, rather than even attempt to fact-check anything themselves:-

      Global oil reserves = 1,481,526m
      Iraq oil reserves = 140,300m

      1,481,526 / 140,300 = barely 9.5%, a somewhat lower figure than “73%” pulled out of some guru’s ass… If a “stockbroker” (who are supposed to you know do research) can’t even find that out (which takes all of 30s), well, words fail me…

    • “potential great wealth comes from Iraqi news and other international news outlets, not gurus. What they lack is the technology and equipment to extract those resources”

      I read somewhere that a single well recently discovered in a formation in the Gulf of Mexico was estimated to hold over a trillion US dollars worth of oil. I work everyday helping to build the off shore rigs that drill those wells and I can tell you that the US in fact DOES have the technology to extract those resources so Really I have to ask you…….when can the US “RV” the dollar? Why not print up 50 trillion dollars just before the “RV” seeing how money supply is irrelevant to resource based currency values? That’s how economics works based on your fantasy resource based currency value system right? I find it strange that that two countries with mass amounts of oil, namely Venezuela and Russia both lopped their currencies to erase past hyperinflation effects. So……why didn’t they “RV” Really? Its a question you nor any other of you RV delusioned will ever answer. I mean……you have to be dumber than Andrew Reed to still believe that massive “RVs” are real.

    • I see more trolls like Len trying to use BI as their platform for pumping bullshit. Just look at these obvious buffoons salivating for poo poo talk. DV is going down and practically become non-existent except for the few lingering cancer cells. They can rush over to TNT blog talk Tony and the Tramp talk so they are feening for scam spew. These zombies are funny. Len just might be the new Zahlid. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit. The angry scammed dinar RV socalled investor cesspool just can’t seem to come up for quality air. They thrive on methane gas!!

  33. @Barry, really want to engage you in some useful educational trip. This is not justifying a LOP or a RV. You have your opinion and i have mine. If you read my various post, you’ll get an inkling on my opinion on all these.

    I pray the many empty drums on this site will allow us to have meaningful discussion:

    1. True. Not to mention the Vietnamese Dong fell in value due to inflation rates of almost 800%:-

    Your statment above is why i believe Iraq will not redenominate. Iraq never had such hyper-inflationary trend which is a precusor for redenomination. According to wikipedia, currency redenomination: Redenomination is the process of changing the face value of banknotes or coins used in circulating currency.

    2. The issue of the US Treasury holding Iraqi Dinar or not. Lets cast our minds back, after the over throw of Saddam, the US govt flooded Iraq with Billions if not trillions of US Dollars. Now was that a gift or what? As we latter now know, over $40 Billion of US Dollars of equivalent Iraqi money was missing. Before anyone start accusing me of manufacturing facts, here are links on various investigation by some media outlets on this same issue:|baghdadbillions|&par=vty

    Above are just a few of the links i can get on this issue. Now logically, if we all agreed that US flooded Iraq with US dollars. And that in the process, $40bn or so of Iraqi money disappeared into thin air. Logic tells me by the wording that the US treasury flooded Iraq with US dollars in exchange for Iraqi Dinar and in the process $40bn or so got missing. My thinking is that these $40bn US dollars are the equivalent of Iraqi money which were exchanged but never got to Iraq. Now the question is who is lying to who? Does US Treasury hold Iraqi Dinar or not? If not, the dollars transported to Iraq what were they for? And if they were exchanged for Iraqi Dinar where are those Iraqi Dinar? Has US Treasury suddenly become a Santa Claus? Note the missing $40bn is yet to be fully accounted for.

    3. Which brings us to the all the important question. We are here discussing this issue today because US invaded Iraq. Which then begets the question, why did US invade Iraq? As we all know today, WMD was just a flimsy excuse to invade Iraq. And my thinking is definitely not oil. If its oil, all US needs to do is to become friendly with Saddam just as it is currently doing with the ruling houses of Saudi and Bahrain. Dont tell me Saddam committed attrocities. Ask the Shittes of the Eastern Region of Saudi or those in Bahrain. I doubt if their experiences are anything worse than those of the kurds in Iraqi. Any wonder there has been a near total blackout of events in that area during the so called Arab Spring?

    • Azum – “Your statment above is why i believe Iraq will not redenominate. Iraq never had such hyper-inflationary trend which is a precusor for redenomination”

      1. Azum, this is precisely where you lose all credibility and constantly humiliate yourself by repeating the same stupid debunked lies over and over.

      “Between 1987 and 1995 the Iraqi Dinar went from an official value of 0.306 Dinars/USD (or $3.26 USD per dinar, hough the black market rate is thought to have been substantially lower) to 3000 Dinars/USD due to government printing of 10s of trillions of dinars starting with a base of only 10s of billions. That equates to approximately 315% inflation per year averaged over that eight-year period”

      The only difference between Vietnam and Iraq is 770% vs 315% inflation rates. The Dinar is massively & chronically inflated, and plenty of similar countries have lopped 3 zeros off too for even 2/3rds less inflation than Iraq’s.

      It is NOT a requirement for any country to experience “proper” hyper-inflation of millions of percent like Zimbabwe in order to redenominate. Any country can redenominate at any time. Japan could lop 2 zeros tomorrow if they wanted from 103:1 -> 1.03:1. Thailand could lop 1 zero from 32:1 to 3.2:1 vs the $ despite not having had much inflation at all. You just plain don’t understand a single word of what you’re talking about if you think there are “requirements” of throwing around arbitrary hyper-inflationary numbers in order to lop are needed. 90% of the 70 countries that have redenominated / lopped didn’t experience hyper-inflation of millions of percent – many had rates of inflation of 100% or so that’s barely 1/3rd of Iraq’s 315%:-

      2. The US Treasury STILL does hot hold “Trillions” of Dinar, and it would make ZERO difference to its value even if they did. The $40bn of missing Dinar could be held by Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and it would make zero difference. The only difference would be if that money were destroyed without compensation, which would reduce Iraq’s money supply and increase the value of remaining Dinar, but clearly that isn’t the case. Yet again, you’re just “banging your own empty drum” trying to talk up dumb conspiracies which have already been totally debunked. If the US Govt wanted to hoard Dinar, you wouldn’t be able to buy any from MSB’s because they’d just ban ownership of it and/or outbid everyone. If the “RV” were real (which it isn’t), they’d just print and buy Dinar continuing to outbid everyone at rates of up to $3m per 1m Dinar “knowing” it would “imminently” become $3.5m per 1m Dinar.

      For some reason you cannot wrap you brain around the obvious – if any govt could just declare their currency to be worth 3,500x more than it actually is, the US Govt could just “RV” the $ at the same rate from $1 = €0.725 to $1 = €2537. It’s so utterly delusional it defies belief this actually needs explaining… 350,000% “RV’s” do not exist. Anywhere on the planet. Man up and deal with it.

      3. And most of 3 is yet more of the same baseless conspiracies. The same neocon adminstration that invaded Iraq also invaded Afghanistan and they lopped 3-zeros in 2002. Isn’t that funny when according to you, all they could have done instead is “declare themselves 3,500x” richer by taking control of Afghan’s banking system and have them “RV” like guru’s are claiming with Iraq and “count their blessings”… 😀

      Your “logic” is also wildly flawed. Most of the $40bn of “missing” money the USA flooded Iraq with isn’t “missing Dinar” it’s missing Dollars as your own links showed. And the reason most of that money is “missing” is because it has typically been spent on black projects / bribes / paying informants, etc, ie, offering Iraqi’s $500-1,000 per month or so to act as informants against the insurgents (and paying them in USD’s). Your logic that $40bn must = 46tn Dinar vanishing into the US Treasury is dumb to the core. If over half of all Iraqi money vanished in Iraq it would just trigger off a massive recession inside Iraq and result in a massive shift in the black market rate (which also hasn’t happened).

      There is no Iraqi “RV”. Iraq’s have repeatedly announced a redenomination and even announced all their redenominated notes & coins in great detail on live TV in Iraq. You simply cannot emotionally handle that fact and resort to increasingly divorced from reality “what if” conspiracies that even then don’t make any sense…

    • @Barry,

      1. Azum, this is precisely where you lose all credibility and constantly humiliate yourself by repeating the same stupid debunked lies over and over.

      You see i refer my post particularly to you in the belief that we could have a meaning discussion without the issue of slanging and slandering. Guess i was wrong. In as much as i would have loved to take you on on the various issues u raised including my country you named, i will let it go.

      @BI, i guess you can see now that i was right on Zahlid. Its common sense.

  34. @Barry, while not justifying any figure, you may well recall that due to the various embargoes on Iraq under Saddam, a meaning exploration of Iraqi underground oil has not been made 30 years pre the overthrow of Iraqi. So today, no one for sure knows how much oil Iraq has.
    Just a footnote.


      If no “meaning exploration” of Iraqi oil has been done in 30 years why have their reserves increased numerous times over that time period?

      If increasing oil reserves results in increasing currency value, why hasn’t SA’s currency value increased?

      It doesn’t really matter how much their reserves are. You can’t back a currency with oil in the ground, the entire notion is ridiculous and makes no sense. If you’re just an Iraqi oil trivia buff then your post has merit. If you think it somehow relates to the value of the dinar, you are mistaken.

    • Azum – “while not justifying any figure

      And that’s the problem Azum – you never do justify ANY figure. You sit there insinuating “Iraq must have 10x more of this or that because that’s what I want to believe to keep the dream alive” without the slightest shred of evidence. Throwing around “appeals to ignorance” of “no-one can possibly know this and No-one can possibly know that”, are ultimately saying “if I read a fact that I don’t want to hear, I’ll try and pretend it out of existence so I won’t have to address it”

      Azum – you may well recall that due to the various embargoes on Iraq under Saddam, a meaning exploration of Iraqi underground oil has not been made 30 years pre the overthrow of Iraqi. So today, no one for sure knows how much oil Iraq has.”

      What on Earth do you think oil companies have been paid to do in Iraq over the past decade – sit around all day on Facebook? There is constant ongoing almost continuous prospecting for new fields going on all over the place.

      Iraq has a pretty good idea of how much oil there is overall, that’s why the reserves have been revised upwards since Saddam’s downfall. Oil reserves don’t suddenly magically double overnight just because you want them to. And oil reserves don’t “back” a currency’s value either in Iraq, or similarly in any other oil-rich country on Earth including Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Canada, Kuwait, Norway, Iran, UAE, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, etc.

  35. @ mike diston. man, i’ve been following you before and after twitter suspended your account. I use to be apart of the tntdinar website. I listened to his calls not as a sheeple with hopium, but just to see what bullshit he was going to say next as an excuse. Week after week, it was the same nonsense, and the people on the calls were asking questions that were irrelevant. He and his croonies would chuckle about shit that wasn’t even funny. His laughter made me angry as there are people listening to him who are hurting and in deep financial troubles. They listen to him as if he is the savior the rid them of their financial troubles, while they didn’t know he was banking off of them. For the few brave callers who tried to question his bullshit, he would get very defensive and try to talk over there and basically not let them speak their mind. It just pisses me off how all these people are so blind to the bullshit and are afraid to question why he keeps on saying/promising the same crap for years. He can’t give a straight answer or remember the lies he told the previous week. I wish there was a way for someone to get on a call and just flat out tell him like it is. The whole “800 numbers” thing is bullshit. Out of all people, why would they give an ex-con sensitive bank information before the rest of the world. I also highly doubt that Christine Legarde is stopping this thing because of a few tweets. I don’t even think she even controls her twitter account. There has to be a way to stop this TNT bullshit. I dont go on the forum anymore because if I preach my words of wisdom, they will all attack and I will be banned. So i just stay off of that site and let the rest of those retards get dissapointed week after week.

    • Hey Junior, thanks man If you still want to follow me I’m Al Aziz the Iraqi @Azizal1055 lol plus I’m tnttony8 with his moniker TNT blast from tony lol I’ve slowed down a little bit I only have 1,600 tweets as Al, noy the 6,500 as Mike. He thinks I’m Kaperoni now, I think I give him a little to much credit on his intelligence level sometimes lol. Check out my rant at MR.IQD on Dave Schmidt, it’s pretty good. He’s a wannabe guru and I’m hoping I can stop him in his tracks. If you want to be of great help you could go on the forum and give us some insights on what is being said on there. I’ve been looking for somebody like that for 2 months. Yea I got suspended when on the call last week a lady needed the RV before the 1st for medical purposes. I kind of lost it and was fing this and fing that and directly replying to people and they complained, oh well lol . Well it’s the first and no RV and the thing is these people who are real sick could possibly find another way for help but they don’t because the RV is tomorrow. When Turd dies he’ll be given all the pain and sorrow that he has put these people through and he’ll have to feel every bit of it before he moves on, now that will be hell.

    • Junior, you could give us a run down from the forum on this site in the comments. I know he reads them because on his call Friday he talked about Christine selling her dinar and getting back with her family. It would be a nice big stick up his ass having chatter from the forum broadcast here. LMAO

  36. To any of Tony’s mouthbreathing followers that seem to be lurking about here lately:
    Tell Tony I read about six pages of his (?) cash in guide (113 pages) before I couldn’t get any further due to uncontrollable laughter. My favorite parts:
    1. The three pages of “Currency exchange” flowcharts that appear to have you opening about 60 different bank accounts and also mentions the “ZWN”, which even if it were an actual currency code (which it isn’t), refers to a currency that no longer even exists as an actual currency. Expecting a currency that they printed about 10,000,000 quadrillion of that isn’t even a currency anymore to appreciate massively is about as smart as putting all your retirement funds into cat litter.
    2. To only refer to your dinar as IQN. If I hand you a monkey turd and tell you that it’s a diamond earring, is that going to make you react differently?
    3. If you ask you if you’re cashing out, you say no, you’re just doing a currency exchange. As if there’s some checkbox on a form that indicates that person X “cashed out” so they gotta pay a buttload of taxes, but person Y only did a currency exchange, so they don’t. How can anyone be this dumb? I think I’ll try this with the IRS this year. I didn’t “get paid for working” I “executed a transfer of my services for a liquid medium of exchange”, maybe it’ll make a difference.
    4. Bring “proof of dinar reserves” to your cash in (oops, sorry, currency exchange) appointment in case you can “lock in the rate”. Please, don’t wait for the RV, try this with your bank now and see what happens. Bring some crappy print out of the 10 million dinar you have in reserves from whatever pile of shit company you got them from, and hand it to a bank teller, and see how they react. Call me before you do, so I can stand there and laugh.
    5. A college ID can be used as a secondary form of identification. COME ON! You expect me to believe that any of Tonys followers ever even managed to get as far as flunking out of college?
    6. At your currency exchange, ask for 10,000 dollars in 50 dollar bills as well as some gold bars. Please please PLEASE walk into Wells Fargo and ask them this. Have a friend video the result and put it on youtube.

  37. It now seems there is some form of censorship going on here now. Its well thou.

  38. take it zahlids info was more bs same as all the rest of them ,iraq will not change jack shit, why change something when it aint broke and it suits them to rip off outside investors and fools lmfao,guys you dont need to research anything just open your eyes and see they have conned fools who believed they were going to make millions, good scam i think and they should be applauded with there audacity in the way its been carried out ,fools and there money are easily parted comes to mind lol

    • Zahlids info was BS. But the country of Iraq didn’t rip you off. The CBI isn’t charging you a 30% premium to buy dinar. They aren’t charging you $15 a month for a web site subscription. They aren’t claiming you’ll be a millionnaire by buying dinar. They aren’t selling you books and cash-in guides. The con man that suckered you into buying dinar or joining his super-secret site ripped you off. Iraq had nothing to do with it.

  39. @Mike Diston,

    You should email me. I have a lot to tell you. Phony Tony is probably gonna read our comments do a manhunt on the forum to see what my screenname is to try and ban me. LOL. His laugher with DC pisses me off because there is nothing funny about any of this while people are struggling with financial/health issues while listening to his BS. It just hurts me to know that from PTR to now, its the same ol’ shit. I remember when there was that thing with Maliki choosing the ministers and this RV would be done. Then Tony said that they’ve already been chosen and their names are gold plated in the offices. I was like “dude are you freakin’ kidding me.” At the time, I believed it, but as deadlines came and went, I just said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I found a list of some of the crap he’s stated. I can’t believe I fell for this shit back in the day.

    Special back screens that show the RV’ed Dinar (2011)

    Blinking amber, red and green lights on bank screens…when they turn green the new rate is live (2011)

    Rate flashing…and when it stops you have an RV! (2011)

    Rate floating upward on bank screens…when it stops, that’s the rate and RV! (2012)

    US Service perssonel in Iraq exchanged and given vouchers (2012)

    Tier I, II and III for exchange…Tier I and II (politicians, elite and whales) have exchanged…Tier III (the little guys) are NEXT! (2012)

  40. I’ve always preferred to focus on the economics angle to this rv/rd/ri debate. Based on all data, the math just will not add up where IQD can increase in value even close to a penny, let alone $3.00. I’ve done plenty of research on this topic, from the guru angle and the anti-guru angle. It’s never been a personal-attack motivational thing for me. I have my personal opinion about Tony Renfrow and the Guru Brigade, but any personal feelings I harbor towards these people does nothing to support/refute the idea that IQD will increase in value by 300k% Math is a cold, heartless mistress, and she doesn’t care who opines about dinar and dong value – math is math is math, and there are no economic models anywhere on this planet that can support a massive value surge for the dinar or dong.

    • Does that analysis include the removal of ‘000’ notes and only an injection of so much lower denoms into circulation? For example… removal of 5 trillion dinar and replaced with 5 billion dinar in lower denominations. Personally I don’t think you are privy to all the necessary info on this topic to do the math unless you’re high on the ladder at CBI.

    • @ Really? Removal of 000 notes? What? You think people are just going to turn them in voluntarily and not expect anything in return? Are you that stupid? They’re just going to line up at the CBI or at their bank and turn in their notes and walk away? Or their bank is just going to seize their account and turn it over to the CBI? How idiotic. Nobody is going to do that. Think about what your saying and how asinine it is. You can’t be that stupid. You actually think notes can just be “removed” by decree without consequence? You dinarians are as delusional as anybody I’ve ever met.

      There is no secret information to be “privy” to. There is nothing to analyze. We know how many dinar have been produced. We know the value of the CBI’s foreign currency reserves. We know the GDP of Iraq. These aren’t secrets. They aren’t opinions. It’s incredibly easy to figure out the value of the dinar. It’s right where it should be. A seventh grade student could do the maths. Yet you dinarians continue to insist there is some secret cabal or organization that is plotting and planning a secret scheme. Apparently, this secret orgainzation has magical powers to override the universal laws of mathematics so they really can create wealth out of thin air through the flip of a switch. It would be laughable if there weren’t real people spending real money (that they don’t have) chasing this scam. Get a clue.

    • Really – “Does that analysis include the removal of ’000′ notes and only an injection of so much lower denoms into circulation?”

      The CBI have already announced the new banknotes and their new designs in detail. ALL of them will be replaced. The higher ones will be replaced with 3-zero deleted redenominated notes, and the lower ones with 3-zero deleted coins. In fact, that’s precisely what the current 1,000 / 500 / 250 / 50 “lower denom” NID notes used to be : 1 / 0.5 / 0.25 / 0.05 Dinar coins (before they got inflated out of existence in the 1990’s…)

      “Iraq are only going to replace some notes not others” is a total gibberish guru nonsense fantasy that the CBI themselves have already debunked. Iraq are planning to redenominate / delete 3 zeros which involves creating a new currency with a new currency code and a new:old exchange rate between them of 1:1000. They won’t be “reusing” any notes because after a set changeover period, all current ones will be demonetized – they’ll be replacing the whole lot as they’ve stated on multiple occasions – as happens in every other redenomination on Earth… It’s only guru BS word games and made-up fantasy economics that’s deliberately confusing Dinar “investors” (like yourself).

  41. @Mike Diston

    BI can you give Mike my contact information. I’m not using this name on the forum

    • @Really? – Clearly you do not have a grasp on economics and fiscal policy even at the most fundamental level required to understand how a redenomination occurs. Just listen to the nonsensical comment you made,

      “Does that analysis include the removal of ’000′ notes and only an injection of so much lower denoms into circulation? For example… removal of 5 trillion dinar and replaced with 5 billion dinar in lower denominations.”

      Let me ask you the same question I asked a 2nd grader when I showed him the following question:

      What number do you end up with when you start with 1,000,000,000,000 and you remove three zeros from the end and a comma? Much to your lack of understanding he responded with the correct answer 1,000,000,000.

      Then the harder question followed:
      What number do you end up with when you start with .00086 and you remove the three zeros immediately after the decimal before the 86. He responded with the right answer .86

      Once again contrary to your understanding,Really?, he was correct!!! Isn’t that amazing!!!! See he doesn’t even work at the CBI, at least not yet because he’s not old enough to, but even if he were old enough to he already possesses the fundamental arithmetic skills to pass a second grade math test.

      Here is how we were able to determine that beyond the shadow of a doubt. I gave him a calculator and asked him to multiply 1,000,000,000,000 (that’s one trillion in case you don’t recognize it) x $.00086 (the current IQD-USD exchange rate) and the answer was $860,000,000 (that’s million). See that’s how you figure out how much one trillion dinar is currently worth if you presently exchange it. The last test I had him do was multiply 1,000,000,000 (that’s one billion the same you say Iraq will inject when removing fewer billion) x .86 (the new exchange rate) and the answer was REMARKABLY THE SAME AS BEFORE!!! $860,000,000 (again that’s million).

      Can you explain to me how this is so when you have removed trillions and “INJECTED” billions?! That statement alone is the what is confusing you but it’s simply because it is amazingly stupid. It’s not like they are going to drive up with a forklift to the cbi and say give me all of your 87 trillion dinar because I have a delivery if 87 billion dinar and keep the currency rate the same. EVEN if they did Iraq STILL could not afford that with the small foreign currency reserve they have of $85 billion dollars. You really need to learn how this works without regurgitating Guru poo poo like the scammed sheeple you’ve become. Any amount of animosity you have towards non-believers of the fictitious Iraq Dinar RV because you are still waking up to a broke bank account merely because you choose to believe the lies does not constitute the RV being the get rich solution.

      “Personally I don’t think you are privy to all the necessary info on this topic to do the math unless you’re high on the ladder at CBI.”

      Unless you’re speaking of a window washer, a roofer or painter at the CBI, I displayed above how foolish your commentary sounds.

      Do yourself a favor and though around you as well. If you refuse to hear and see the truth which you can easily do by verifying the information on the CBI site yourself then stay off the boards because you’re just spewing methane gas. Everyone can see you coming with the swarm of flies around your face.

  42. @network… “@ Really? Removal of 000 notes? What? You think people are just going to turn them in voluntarily and not expect anything in return? Are you that stupid?”. WOW, you are an idiot… why wouldn’t you exchange the dinar? Why would anyone turn it in and not get something in exchange? Are YOU that stupid? You are the one that said “turn them in VOLUNTARILY” not me.

    It’s like I need to draw pictures for YOU, so you’ll understand. Here’s a HINT: if your an Iraqi the CBI gives you lower denoms in exchange; others would be exchanging dinar into their country’s currency then the CBI would “remove” the 3 zero notes that were exchanged.

    @network… maybe have that 2nd grader draw a picture for you!!!

    @network & @andrew r… Can you 2 figure out WHY the articles always talk about “deletion of zeros” and NEVER use the word “re-denomination” within the article? OBVIOUSLY NOT!!! The word ‘re-denomination” does exist in Arabic, why don’t they use it, when stating they are deleting / removing 3 zeros? Maybe AFTER it’s over you’ll understand what they meant. LOST IN TRANSLATION.

    • Really – “Can you 2 figure out WHY the articles always talk about “deletion of zeros” and NEVER use the word “re-denomination” within the article?”

      ROFL! “Delete zeros”, “lop” and “redenominate” are exactly the same thing! It’s only guru’s who try and pretend they aren’t. And I don’t know what planet you live on, but almost EVERY report coming out of Iraq had the word “redenomination” in it when you translate it directly outside of guru sites that twist everything around to mean something it doesn’t:-

      “The re-denomination project is a strategic plan that will be passed to the ministerial council and Parliament once complete. Iraqi economists believe the re-denomination of Iraqi Dinar will not have a major influence on the purchasing power of the Iraqi Dinar – Central Bank of Iraq

      “CBI has announced that it intends to implement a long-planned redenomination of the Iraqi dinar by eliminating three zeros from the nominal value of bank notes.” – SIGIR quarterly reports

      “Mahma Khalil, Member of the Iraqi Parliament and official spokesperson of the Economic Committee added the exchange rate between the new banknotes and the old ones would be 1:1,000” – Iraqi Parliament & Economic Committee

      “Deputy chairman of the CBI Dr Muzher Saleh said the new currency will be printed after deleting three zeros. This will include a new 50 Dinar bill with a value of $43″ (50,000 current note Dinar) – Central Bank of Iraq

      “The Iraqi currency will change the face value of the dinar and not the real value as measured by the value of Iraqi dinar against the dollar and gold” – Iraqi Finance Committee

      “CBI advisor Dr. Mohammed Saleh that the bank adheres to its policy regarding the removal of three zeros, and that this experience had previously been applied in countries such as Turkey, which deleted six zeros from the currency.” – Central Bank of Iraq

      “The draft of the new currency will be put to a vote in the House of Representatives and if approved by Council House of Representatives, the redenomination project will be implemented. New banknotes will be introduced with dual Kurdish language designs. The Iraqi currency change will not have any effect on the international value of the Iraqi dinar and economy – Central Bank of Iraq

      “Nafee Elias, a financial advisor at the North Bank, told Al-Monitor that the step to delete zeros is merely an administrative process, and the currency equation should remain the same. This means that the purchasing power of the new currency should be equal to that of the old currency – Iraqi North Bank

      “The deletion of zeros will not affect the Iraqi dinar’s purchasing power – Ahmed Faizullah, deputy head of the Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee

      But then that’s what you get for reading only what you want to read on guru sites where every official statement made by Iraq gets rewritten to suit the guru’s sales pitch…

      In reality, Iraq have stated over 40-50 times, including hour-long programmes on Alsumaria TV openly describing their planned redenomination. The ONLY people talking about stupid impossible +100,000% “RV’s” are the scammers in the West and the gullible sheep like yourself who follow them out of confused greed.

    • Likewise, all of the new banknotes & coins have already been announced by Iraq. This is an official CBI statement taken from an article in two Iraqi national print newspapers (Alsabaah & Almada):-

      “The finance committee received specimens of the new Iraq banknotes from the Central Bank of Iraq. The specimens were of the 25, 50, 100, and 200 dinars. The committee urged the central bank to delay the introduction of the new currency to study all the aspects of the process. The new currency will be issued in denominations of 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, and 200 dinars for banknotes and 25, 50, 100, 250, and 500 fils, plus 1 and 2 dinars for coins. Designs are as follows:-

      New Iraqi Redenominated Banknotes:-

      – 200 Dinar will have the design of an unnamed bridge & school. ONE new redenominated 200 Dinar “Bridge & School” design note will replace EIGHT current red “Kurdish farmer & tractor (front) / King Hammurabi (back)” design 25,000k notes of same value.

      – 100 Dinar will have the design of the Azwaip in Baghdad on the front, and the University of Baghdad on the back. ONE new redenominated 100 Dinar “University of Baghdad” design note will replace FOUR current red “Kurdish farmer & tractor (front) / King Hammurabi (back)” design 25,000k notes of same value.

      – 50 Dinar will have design of King Codaa (Lagash II dynasty) on the front and a picture of Fort Ukhaydir (a Fort archaeological dates back to the era of the Abbasid) on the back. ONE new redenominated 50 Dinar “King Codaa” design note will replace TWO current red “Kurdish farmer & tractor (front) / King Hammurabi (back)” design 25,000k notes of same value.

      – 25 Dinar will have a picture of King Hammurabi receiving the law on the front, and a picture of a peasant from Iraqi Kurdistan working in agricultural fields on the back. ONE new redenominated 25 Dinar “King Hammurabi” design note will replace ONE current red “Kurdish farmer & tractor (front) / King Hammurabi (back)” design 25,000k note of same value.

      – 10 Dinar will have the Arab-Muslim image of the Dinar on the front, and a picture of the Hadba Lighthouse in Mosul on the back. ONE new redenominated 10 Dinar “Mosul Lighthouse” design note will replace ONE current green “Abu Ali Hasan Ibn al-Haitham (front) / Great Nurid mosque in Mosul (back)” design 10,000k note of same value.

      – 5 Dinar will have a Kurdistan waterfall on the front, and a picture of an Iraqi palm on the back. ONE new redenominated 5 Dinar “Kurdistan Waterfall” design note will replace ONE current dark blue “Geli Ali Beg waterfall (front) / Al-Ukhether desert fortress (rear)” design 5,000k note of same value.

      New Iraqi Redenominated coins:-

      [NB: Iraqi coins are measured in “fils” which are like US “cents” except there are 1,000 rather than 100 subdivisions, ie, 500 fils is 1/2 Dinar, 250 fils is 1/4 Dinar, 100 fils is 1/10th of a Dinar, etc.]

      – 1 Dinar coin will contain the design of a map of Iraq and highlight the Tigris and Euphrates. ONE new redenominated 1 Dinar “Iraqi Map & Rivers” design COIN will replace ONE current brown “Iraqi coin (front) / Mustansiriya School Baghdad (rear)” design 1,000k Dinar note of same value.

      – 500 fils coin will contain a larger image of just the Euphrates river. ONE new redenominated 500 fils “Euphrates” design COIN will replace ONE current bluish-green “Dûkan Dam on the Al Zab river (front) / Assyrian winged bull (rear)” design 500 Dinar note of same value.

      – 250 fils coin will contain a larger image of just the Tigris river. ONE new redenominated 250 fils “Tigris” design COIN will replace ONE current bluish-purple “Astrolabe (front) / Samarra Mosque minaret (rear)” design 250 Dinar note of same value.

      – 100 fils coin will contain an image of a Babylonian lion. ONE new redenominated 50 fils “Lion” design COIN will replace TWO current purple “Basra grain silo (front) / Date palm (rear)” design 50 Dinar notes of same value.

      – 50 fils coin will contain an image of a Mesopotamian palm. ONE new redenominated 50 fils “Palm” design COIN will replace ONE current purple “Basra grain silo (front) / Date palm (rear)” design 50 Dinar note of same value.

      – 25 fils coin will contain an image of the Babylonian Ishtar Gate. TWO new redenominated 25 fils “Ishtar Gate” design COINS will replace ONE current purple “Basra grain silo (front) / Date palm (rear)” design 50 Dinar note of same value.

      Unsurprisingly, every “RV” site has censored it across the board. Someone even posted it to DinarVets and got banned within minutes. Why? Because it’s the clearest and most blatantly obvious description of a redenomination / lop Iraq has given to date. And it was broadcast on Iraqi Alsumaria TV, and printed in over a dozen newspapers to 30m Iraqi’s. Hardly some “big secret”…

      And why do you think no “RV” guru is talking about the new announced coins? Because “the penny drops” when people start to realize that the current 1,000 / 500 / 250 / 50 “lower denom” NID notes are simply the equivalents of the old : 1 / 0.5 / 0.25 / 0.05 Dinar coins, and the higher 5,000 / 10,000 / 25,000 notes are simply just the inflated equivalent of the old 5, 10 & 25 Dinar notes before Iraq suffered from massive 300% inflation…

    • Awesome posts Brian! About time this dumb guru BS was killed off once and for all…

    • Seconded! “Really” has just been ‘bitch-slapped’ into Oblivion! 😀

      PS: Thanks for posting them Brian. I remember reading those reports when they were published (not on guru sites obviously – it’s “bad for business”) and thinking “You must be mentally ill to not understand what this means…”

    • Kev, yup. I remember catching someone posting it on Recraps – they posted at 12:01pm, and by 12:04pm it was quickly deleted and their account was banned. And it was “hard deleted” too, ie, they didn’t just click “censored” and close the thread, they scrubbed all trace of it existing and themselves deleting it too, so no-one would ask “negative naysayer” questions like “Hey, what did that official CBI announcement say and why did you just censor it?”. LOL.

      Banning people for posting official CBI statements printed in national newspapers & broadcast on hour-long TV programmes just goes to show how totally fake these i>”we are striving out hardest to gather intel for you. Honest!” “RV” sites are. ROFL. They’re all about one thing – making money off the financially illiterate who in reality know almost nothing about currencies, redenominations, Iraq or the Dinar’s history of inflation, yet seem to swagger around the net thinking they’re “in on a secret”, and that if they repeat the same guru talking points they fall for themselves, they’ll “look a big man”. LOL. I even admit I was one for a time. Didn’t take long though before I woke up and smelt what they were shoveling…

    • Really – dude, you’re digging yourself a deeper hole with each post. Cut your losses, man. RDs are pretty commonplace, they’ve happened dozens of times in the last century. Iraq has done nothing but mention RD for 5 years. You can stick your fingers in your ears and hold your breathe until you pass out, but the math does not work to justify an RI or RV.

    • “Here’s a HINT: if your an Iraqi the CBI gives you lower denoms in exchange; others would be exchanging dinar into their country’s currency then the CBI would “remove” the 3 zero notes that were exchanged.”

      So (hypothetically, of course), an Iraqi would turn in 1,000 dinar note and receive one dinar in exchange? But the can of Coke that cost 1,000 dinar before the exchange now costs 1 dinar after the exchange so the 1 dinar note has the same purchasing power as the old 1,000 dinar note? Well, hallelujah. We’re making progress. You know what that’s called: a REDENOMINATION! Nothing changes with a redenomination does it? Nobody makes any money. It’s a neutral transaction. The money supply is reduced, prices are reduced, wages and salaries are reduced, bank accounts are reduced, loans are reduced but exchange rates are adjusted so purchasing power stays exactly the same. The Iraqi that had 1 million dinar worth $860 before now has 1,000 dinar worth $860. The risk, of course, is that the American that holds 1 million of the old dinar may not be able to exchange for 1,000 new dinar before they are voided. Typically, these currency changeovers only take place in country. So, in a best case scenario, all dinarians can break even. In a worst case scenario, they get fleeced again by paying another huge premium to someone to exchange their old currency for new or they can’t exchange it all. What a great investment!

    • And just to add – what about the new 50, 100 & 200 Dinar notes. Do “RVaholics” genuinely believe that Iraqi’s earning $6,000 per year will “soon” be walking around with equivalent of $1.75m, $3.50m and $7.00m banknotes? It would take them each 292 / 585 / 1,170 years just to save up for one of these supposed “RV’d” banknotes. LOL. Not to mention such high-value $ equiv denominations out of all proportion to the value of international goods / services would be totally useless for ordinary trade.

      What do all these stupid guru’s think Iraqi’s are going to do – take a 200 Dinar note (which will be worth $172 in reality both pre and post lop, but somehow “worth” $7m in deranged guru fantasy land), then cross the border into Turkey, buy a loaf of bread for the equivalent of $1.50 and be given the equivalent of $6,999,998.50 in change by the local village baker? LOL. You literally need locking up in a mental health institute if that’s what you think is being “secretly planned” or the plethora of “we are going to redenominate 3-zeros” CBI statements describe. 😀

      It’s pretty bloody obvious to anyone with an IQ over 80 who’s not totally brainwashed by greed-fueled guru-fantasies that these new 50/100/200 3-zero deleted / redenominated / lopped banknotes are to fill the post-lop equivalent of $50/$100/$200 denominations in addition to the $25/$10/$5/$1 notes and $0.50/$0.25/$0.05 equivalent coins that arise from “deleting 3 zeros” off the current 25,000/10,000/5,000/1,000/500/250/50 inflated notes…

    • These RV aholics really think that an Iraqi is going to go into a bank and receive 1000 new 25 notes for each of their 25,000 notes or 250 new 100 notes for each 25,000 note and this is going to somehow reduce the number of notes from 4 billion to 1 billion? Hey…..why not? Math doesn’t really matter the super duper top secret PTB “plan” to “RV” the dinar so they can get rich.

      Sounds like Really? is nothing more than a brainwashed Craperpony follower who has bought into the lie that somehow the wording of remove, delete, replace, or redenominate means a pre-annoucing of a 100,000% overnight RV instead of what they ALL ACTUALLY MEAN which is a basic common 1-1000 redenomination which in fact countries DO pre-announce before hand.

    • Dinarck – “Sounds like Really? is nothing more than a brainwashed Craperpony follower”

      That’s exactly what I was thinking Dinarck. You can almost guess in advance which guru each one follows by the “brand” of BS they copy from their guru. Kaperoni’s “delete 3 zeros and redenominate 3 zeros are two completely different things!” is like arguing “water is not really H2O”…

  43. Tony can’t help himself, he’s a walking turd. I gave up on his sheeple long ago after Tony predicted for about the 300th time in the past year alone the RV was happening (fill in the blank) and call centers were manned…you know the ususal b.s. Tony peddles to the dumb and dumber.
    You have to look at Tony like this…the guy is great comedy. You can’t take the guy seriously, that’s all. Just hard to believe ANYONE would take this a word this guy says with any cred, but then, the one thing we don’t have a shortage of in this country is stupid people.

  44. I am 100 percent against this ToNY piece of crap guy. My friend has invested money that she does not have and believes every day that she will be a millionaire. please tell me a few more websites that I can continue to show her with comments about this guy. I listened to three of this “top secret” phone calls and thought I would PUKE. the guy is such a LOSER and USER.

    • Dinar Douchebags is a very good site where not just Tony but all of those scumbag gurus are exposed for their garbage and excellent information explaining why the RV is purely a myth and scam. You can go there and read then continue to do your own research.

      Iraq Currency Watch

      Inform your friend that these website admins were once dinar investors until they began researching and learned the truth based on real economic data / knowledge NOT guru spew.

      Good Luck!

    • Indeed. If you go this page…

      …You’ll see a rather long list of guru’s / pumpers, their real names (which they go to great lengths to hide), the lies and fake “qualifications” they’ve told about their past, and for many, their history of being involved in a variety of other scams.

  45. ThANKS! Again today, she says that April 6th is the day I will be getting my million. Thank you for the websites. She is definitely brainwashed. How people that you think are normal ACTUALLY believe they could get this type of return is beyond me. Really? I hope they lock this guy up as soon as possible. This RV will NEVER EVER HAPPEN and PAY OUT THE AMOUNT SHE THINKS SHE WILL GET FROM A $900 INVESTMENT.

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