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TNT Tony aka Anthony Renfrow is starting to crack!

Anthony Renfrow

The pressure is on TNT Tony aka Anthony Renfrow the fanatically uninformed self confessed Dianr Guru who is under increased levels of pressure because the game is up.

We posted a video 14th January showing undeniable proof that Anthony Renfrow is from an MLM background, a self confessed individual making outlandish promises of riches by signing up under him. The video itself has already begun to spread around with 2,324 views already. We expect that to increase as the video gets ranked on Google and YouTube.

The reason for this blog post is to share some brilliant news.

Taken from DinarDaily today 22nd December:

Ponee wrote: We have been informed by SEVERAL  new members to Dinar Daily (they came from Tony’s site)  that Tony did a MASS BAN last night.  Someone posted Tony’s Court docket on his site and ANYONE who commented on it got banned.     I guess he was really ticked off. Several others said that he is out trying to do damage control. I think it is too late. Oh and by the way, Tony said we are supposed to be cashing out again this morning.

Tori56 wrote: I am new tonight, because I got banned from Tony’s site tonight because someone posted the court information on him..along with some other thoughts, and I made a comment on it, that it was kind of what I was thinking, and we all got banned….so I thought there must be other sites out there….my husband was mad that I got banned but, dang…how long do you pin the tail on the donkey in the dark, I am dizzy…ready to get grounded again…. just googled and found this site, and happy that I have…

Other guest messages sent to Ponee**  Be prepared for a flood of new members. Tony is banning anyone talking about his court case coming up.  A bunch got banned last night. 
**  Whoa I think tony is running scared.  The word is out and his members want answers.  I jut got banned for asking if that document that you guys posted was true.

**   Where is that document about Tony’s court date information.  I gott banned before I could finish reading it because I said that I heard it was true.

It comes after one of my readers came across TNT Tony’s number and decided to send him a text to say the 3 letter agency are watching him but not the IMF.

If you want to send Anthony Renfrow a message his telephone number is: 9163705954

Anthony Renfrow then gave the number of one of our readers on a live webcast and the individual had over 200 calls!! But the good news is that TNT Tony effectively gave a small database of 200 of his followers to my reader who in turn text them ALL back with a link to this site containing the video and court documents :-)

So for a quick recap:

Original Post

Youtube Video

Court Documents

The truth will prevail and rapidly the “intel” is spreading that Anthony Renfrow is a complete fraud!

Let’s spread this like he spreads his invalid illegal rumors!

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  1. There is no way in hell that this prat turned from the MLM industry into having high ranking contacts! This guy knows zilch.

  2. When the pressure becomes too much, he will crack.. we need to be relentless in bringing this man to justice just as he is relentless in bringing false intel to us.

  3. So glad the truth is being spread about this fool

  4. Can’t wait to hear how he gets on at his court appearance in January.

    • Do you know the date and where?

    • TNT Tony who is going to appear before Judge Murguia on January 27, 2014 at 9:30 AM Court Room 463. This is a pre-trial to see if there are any motions, if there are none, then they will set a trial date.

    • They have a motion in to dismiss Counts 1 & 2 under that the charges are untimely under the statute of limitations:

      “Statutes of Limitation generally begin to run when an offense is complete, and the period cannot be extended by an allegation of an agreement to conceal a crime. ”

      If you are going to report a court case give all the facts and not just the ones that you want.

    • It’s not about him getting convicted, it’s about him being arrested for fraud and do you want to believe in somebody with that kind of record. I DON”T

    • Statue of Limitations does not mean he’s not guilty. Go back to TNT pumper

  5. This is all great but Tony knows how to manage the damage, he is from an mlm background after all.

  6. The net is closing in!!

  7. haha look at that fool running for the hills

  8. Ignore TNT he has proven he knows nothing but how to tell us what we want to hear.. Listen to okie only

    • I agree…. lol

    • What?!? Don’t listen to Okie either, he’s the 2nd biggest douchebag under Tony ! Are you kidding ! Where do you think Okie gets his crap from ? …. He reads TNTs site, amongst others and basically steals “intel” Okies a piece of sh**. Not a piece , he’s the whole SH**

    • you are braindead. okie is just as bad he’s never been right just like tony

    • What is wrong with you??? Do you even read Okie post?? Him and Tony are neck and neck on who’s the bigger fraud. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING has happened, NOTHING has come true or any evidence of truth, NO ONE has cashed out anywhere. I have family in Iraq, Kuwait, and Dubai. We’ve had dinars for 9 years and none of them can confirm that the iqd has RV’d. This country is full of needy followers. Wake up Americans!!

    • Okie? Are you kidding me. He’s been gonna land that plane for ever. Both guys are a couple of crooks making money off the backs of stupid people.

  9. Pressure pushing down on me – Pressing down on you – no man ask for – Under pressure that burns a building down haha 😉

  10. When is his court date and where?

    • TNT Tony who is going to appear before Judge Murguia on January 27, 2014 at 9:30 AM Court Room 463. This is a pre-trial to see if there are any motions, if there are none, then they will set a trial date.

    • I BELIEVE IT’S FEB. 27th in Kansas Federal court. He is accused of bilking former followers out of 4 million+ in money and property.

  11. One of my friends got the chop from TNT’s site. Better to be out of his site anyway.

  12. just look at that fool in them pictures, i want to take that cigar and poke him in the eye!!

  13. Tony’s brother Raymond is a freemason! You know, scum!

  14. This is so amusing to watch TNT Tony is damage control mode, mass deletion of his followers is not the way to solve it! That’s what Saddam would do but the problems do not go away.

  15. I bet DinarRecaps will not post this info – for Tony is on the payroll!

  16. Hey Baghdad Invest make sure you keep the pressure on him like the other sites! This man is going down!

  17. His followers will still be waiting 10 years later for him, still no RV and still waiting and wanting to hear from their leader, haha how stupid are his zombie followers.

  18. Can’t wait to see him in an orange outfit on the news! not long to go folks

  19. fix up look sharp Mr. Renfrow – for I sentence you to 1000 years! hehe

    • You guys really have no clue how the Federal Court System works. If he is convicted of anything concerning the MLM deal id will be a minimal amount of time if any it does not get dismissed

    • It’s not about him being CONVICTED, it’s about the people he has givin false hope to and the people who has spent their life savings believing this scumbag

    • Look from what I have been able to find out has not told anyone to run out and purchase Dinar’s from him. He has clearly stated that he gets nothing from his radio broadcasts. I have listened to parts of his broadcast and I find them entertaining and that is about all. I do not take for granted anything anyone said’s about the RV. I can read and do my own investigation. I live in a world that deals with laws about what can be said and what can not be said. I would hope that everyone here would be able to have an understanding above the 3rd grade. Hey there were people that got convicted for being involved with part of a Amway scam that was being run a few years ago. If he has not charged, asked for money, or entered into any contracts with you concerning the Dinars then he has not committed a fraud no matter. He has only offered advice which can be taken or not.

    • so your saying that because he legally stays in the grey zone that’s ok. there is something very wrong with you because there are alot of people that can be scammed and that’s why scumbags like him thrive and that’s why people like me are spreading the word because I’m tired of reading the comments under his posts from people that have lost everything because of this scumbag and if that doesn’t bother you you are a very cold hearted person.

  20. The guy has fooled with us for too long now he is getting what he deserves.

  21. Tony is your run of the mill white collar criminal, unfortunately I fear him getting off on a suspended prison sentence… prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

  22. Maybe Tony knows he will not have to face his critics if he goes down? so he is just saying what he wants and milking it in the mean time!

  23. Not long to go folks, hang in there. GO RV!

  24. what a crock of BS….. Baghdad Invest should be embarrased to keep bashing anyone without having all the facts. What is Baghdad Invest real motive?

    • How can you defend Tony? I mean seriously we all want Tony to be right but he is a deadly MLM scammer!!!!!!!!!!

    • Can’t you see they are piecing the facts together!?

    • I’m assuming that you’re homer Simpson cause you sound like a mindless cartoon character. Tony has been claiming that the RV happened since 2011. Ive been listening for 6 months and stopped. It was a broken record for the hopeless. He gets upset when you question his “Intel” and insults the people who call him on his bullshit. Not one shred of evidence of anything he claims. Just one!! Show me one. Can he do that???? I don’t think so!!

  25. The day is coming… the day we all see unequivocally that Tony is what we think he is.

  26. Now to get Okie!! HE should be the next target!!

  27. Love that MLM Video – you know Tony was doing the 14 daily plus scam… you guys who support Tony, google that and you will find posts from 2006 of people believing in Tony that the scam would come back and pay them but it never did.

  28. HaHaHa !!! Between you and Dinar Daily, You have nailed him ! You make a great team ! Keep the heat on ! Even if the court case goes to hell in a hand basket, at least the information is out there and he has lost a lot of followers who otherwise would still be hanging on to every word. Again, GOOD FOR YOU GUYS. Let’s get Okie now ! I know they have Info on him too, on Dinar Daily.

  29. still texting his core group sending them the link and if they have a smart phone all they have to do is hit the link. We are taking him down. PEACE

  30. Although I wish no harm to anyone, this man has literally destroyed some people’s lives with all his lies! I prayed to our dear Father that he be taken down. Thank you God, our father and Bagdad Invest for assisting in this most needed action.

  31. I wish I could remember the website but I read where you can cut a deal with “free conference call” to collect money on conference calls. TNT Tony does 3 conference calls per week, which according to that site amounts to over $2,000 per week. This is where he is making his big bucks.

    • BlogTalkRadio Revenue Sharing Program
      Our Revenue Sharing Program is a way for BlogTalkRadio to give back to our hosts for creating such great content for the network. Without our hosts, the great shows attracting advertisers and listeners worldwide would not have been possible.
      How It Works
      When you join our Revenue Sharing Program, you receive 35% of the ad revenue for advertising impressions (video, audio, banner) displayed to your BlogTalkRadio listeners that visit your profile or episode pages. The more visitors you can bring to your show, the more revenue you can generate for yourself.

    • Interesting…

      Sent: Friday, February 07, 2014 1:57 AM
      Subject: How guru’s make some money of You!!

      a.. TNT’s conference calls originate in a rural area of either the Dakota’s or Nebraska area. There is a communication carrier law that requires the Att’s to pay the rural providers 20-30 cents per minute per call for each caller. The conference call host is the entitled to a percentage of this. And they normally earn 5-10 cents for each minute. Do the math and these gurus knocking down a very good living eq: 120 minutes x 5000 callers x 5 cents = $30,000 x 3 per week = $90,000, or $360,000.00 per month. The life of a dinar Guru does not require donations !

      a.. Here’s another explanation on how the Gurus make $$ off of conference calls:
      That said, I believe this is certainly a MUST READ for those of you who think Tony TNT Renfrow and some of those other Hack Gurus who are just doing so-called “FREE” Conference Calls all the time ? sometimes even twice a day, just rambling on and on with garbage and nonsense.

      Anonymous Name / Handle: Upstate
      Comment: I wanted to add to the rant of “Southern Shaker” yesterday. I enjoyed the LONG list of tall tales/and misinformation from TNT, but I am in telecom and I want to expand on his “$93,000″ phone call comment.

      TNT hosts its phone calls with which is owned by Iotum. The way they make money is placing their conference call equipment in high cost rural areas (Iowa, Minnesota, the Dakotas etc) that charge VERY high prices to complete a call.

      For folks with unlimited plans for long distance, this is not a big deal, but their provider (ATT, Verizon etc) pay a large cost per minute for the call… Sometimes upwards of 20 cents/minute.

      With the affiliate plan, you can get paid 30% of the revenue generated by a call.

      So far, I am just agreeing with Southern Shaker, but lets play this whole model out:

      Southern Shaker says he heard 3000 people mentioned Monday. I heard 5000 (and it will be the last time I hear that liars voice!). They have bridge slots for 6000 as stated on the TNT site.

      Many times they are full and they direct people to (more on that later). Southern Shaker also states that the Monday call was 78 minutes. That was a short one. A brief check shows the average call is 2 hours/120 minutes.

      Assume 5000 calls (call backs for a replay count too!) times 120 ( generous low because remember the meter starts running when folks call in 1/2 hour early) minutes times 2.5 cents (I am again being generous to Tony on the low side) . That is $15,000 per call. 3 calls a week yields $45,000 on calls alone!

      Then you have the affiliate program.

      I am not an expert on them so I will make no estimates of the revenue, but I imagine it is a substantial number.

      Without even throwing in kickbacks from dealers, you have yourself a 2 million dollar a year business!

      You can throw a little around to your brother and a few other folks (maybe one in “DC”) and all the other money you receive covers the cost of the crappy website.

      Of course, you have to constantly talk to “three letter agencies” and make sure the crap you spout keeps the poor, desperate, souls following you at a fever pitch and calling in…but what do you care who gets hurt as the money rolls in! Some folks will wise up, but new sheeple will take their place.

      With this model you can “honestly” state, “I have never asked you for a dime to give you this information.”

      Anyway, that is how I see it working. Good plan if you have no conscience.

      P.S. Other dinar folks use free conference, and I do not begrudge them if they are getting a little payback off of it. I despise distorting the truth and leveraging gullibility of folks for profit.

      Well, decided for yourself, however I believe “Upstate” just explained how they ARE PROFITING from these “FREE” Conference Calls!!!

  32. Renfrow loves to talk about how he was vetted by 3-letter agencies, and how he was chosen to share info…think it through…he is a sheister, an admitted tax evader, currently indicted with a court date…I can believe he was chosen – he was chosen because he is easily manipulated, could easily be blackmailed, and a man of questionable character – perfect specimen to disperse false information. Furthermore, he makes 35% of all impression revenue from Blogtalk Radio listeners, and loves to brag about having 100K people listening to him…what goes around always comes around, and payback is a, well, you know…

  33. I heard that Tony has a court date in March 201 and that he scammed folks out of almost $5 million. I am still in his chat but cannot say much for fear of banning. Everyday is RV day. Getting pretty sick of it. I know Tony was very upset about RV rates. He wants $30+ rates and after hearing about his court issues I imagine it is due to him having to pay back stolen money plus fines. He needs all the money he can get. I would love to believe an RV will happen but I’m sure it is only a dream. Keep us updated on Tony Turd (that is for you DistonMike). LOL

  34. Anyone got news from that scam TNT ?? He was supposed to be in court in march 2014 ?? Was it posponned again ?? Thanks

  35. Well I guess she is not aware of the meeting that took place in Reno, NV a few months back where a representative from the Chinese Government, Treasury , Clinton’s, Bush’s, etc all showed up concerning the Dinars

  36. You clearly aren’t too sharp when it comes to federal felonies . comparing Amway to $ 5 mill scammed from others with a sophisticated ring of people helping him is a tad different YA THINK!!!

    Have another glass of kool aid and climb back under your Tony rock sweetie.Stupidity shouldn’t count as an excuse

  37. And who would your sources be regarding this meeting?
    Tony? Or someone real, respectable and quotable?

  38. I was there when it was all taking place for about two weeks and some of my friends were there for almost a year helping get the deal set up.

  39. What deal? And who would you be that we should believe you? A Tony aid from Dinar Recaps? Whoever you are, either
    1. Take a look at your actions and decide if it is worth it to continue to support someone who ruins lives and sources of living for whatever you are getting out of this, or
    2. Take a minute and get some real financial advice from someone who has some decent credentials as well as morals and ethics. The methods and things he is telling people are absolutely not the way things are done, in finance, in banking,in the UST, the IMF, the FBI, the CIA and the CBI. His “intel”has been 100% wrong so far. Is this the kind of -person who you take your advice from?

  40. Reno, NV I was there when the Clintons got their SKR since I do know them and they have been involved in a project of mine for some years.

  41. Ah okay, :-) Had me confused for a second. Regards

  42. I am sure the Clintons appreciate your blabbing about them, being in a project of yours!
    Do you think we believe that? They are not that stupid to be dealing with the likes of you, someone who goes blabbing about “SKRs” and “projects they are in”.
    You are laughable—just go back to Tony’s site where the sheeple congregate.

  43. I don’t even know Tony I have a blog site of my own that has over 600 million hits. I have been know to bring down people that are breaking the law. The only thing that I see going on here is a lot who waste a lot of time. In the 20 years that I have been in the mining business I have made a lot of friends in very high places. If you would spend more time investigating what is going on instead of throwing stones you might be a little more successful. That is why I don;t throw stone I just set back and watch you guys make complete fools out of yourselves.

  44. LOL, LOL. So you are so important making deals with the Clintons and such that you are spending time on this website? What big people did you bring down? If you are well versed in bringing down those who break the law, you would understand all the adverse reactions toward Tony. If you would INVESTIGATE more, as you say we should, you would know what the serious intent is and that it isn’t throwing stones. All that and the “mining” you refer to should keep you so busy you don’t have time to read and rebut others’ comments You are dealing on this site with a lot of people who HAVE investigated all of this and are very well acquainted with the scam side of the RV and who see through the big braggart you are. Go tell your big windies on your own blog where you revel in the many hits it gets from the naive and you can feel important.

  45. I stay aware of what is gong on because we deal with people from all over the world. Besides we exchanged our dinars yesterday. Have yourself a good day

  46. Wow. Now you’re just desperate. Lol. If you had cashed out you wouldn’t even be wasting your time posting responses. That’s just sad. You poor poor TNT tony peons. So sad. First “the fat boys” break up, now this. Lol. Don’t get me wrong, you so called “dinarians” are entertaining to us earthlings.

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