TNT Tony aka Anthony Renfrow is starting to crack!

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Anthony Renfrow

The pressure is on TNT Tony aka Anthony Renfrow the fanatically uninformed self confessed Dianr Guru who is under increased levels of pressure because the game is up.

We posted a video 14th January showing undeniable proof that Anthony Renfrow is from an MLM background, a self confessed individual making outlandish promises of riches by signing up under him. The video itself has already begun to spread around with 2,324 views already. We expect that to increase as the video gets ranked on Google and YouTube.

The reason for this blog post is to share some brilliant news.

Taken from DinarDaily today 22nd December:

Ponee wrote: We have been informed by SEVERAL  new members to Dinar Daily (they came from Tony’s site)  that Tony did a MASS BAN last night.  Someone posted Tony’s Court docket on his site and ANYONE who commented on it got banned.     I guess he was really ticked off. Several others said that he is out trying to do damage control. I think it is too late. Oh and by the way, Tony said we are supposed to be cashing out again this morning.

Tori56 wrote: I am new tonight, because I got banned from Tony’s site tonight because someone posted the court information on him..along with some other thoughts, and I made a comment on it, that it was kind of what I was thinking, and we all got banned….so I thought there must be other sites out there….my husband was mad that I got banned but, dang…how long do you pin the tail on the donkey in the dark, I am dizzy…ready to get grounded again…. just googled and found this site, and happy that I have…

Other guest messages sent to Ponee**  Be prepared for a flood of new members. Tony is banning anyone talking about his court case coming up.  A bunch got banned last night. 

**  Whoa I think tony is running scared.  The word is out and his members want answers.  I jut got banned for asking if that document that you guys posted was true.

**   Where is that document about Tony’s court date information.  I gott banned before I could finish reading it because I said that I heard it was true.

It comes after one of my readers came across TNT Tony’s number and decided to send him a text to say the 3 letter agency are watching him but not the IMF.

If you want to send Anthony Renfrow a message his telephone number is: 9163705954

Anthony Renfrow then gave the number of one of our readers on a live webcast and the individual had over 200 calls!! But the good news is that TNT Tony effectively gave a small database of 200 of his followers to my reader who in turn text them ALL back with a link to this site containing the video and court documents :-)

So for a quick recap:

Original Post

Youtube Video

Court Documents

The truth will prevail and rapidly the “intel” is spreading that Anthony Renfrow is a complete fraud!

Let’s spread this like he spreads his invalid illegal rumors!

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