ISIS must be attacked from all angles

Today, we are seeing effective airstrikes in the areas surrounding the region of Erbil, although action came later than needed it arrived. We can clearly see ISIS retreating from ground it had previously taken.

When looking at ISIS and the ground it has so far managed to capture I think we can all identify Raqqa in Northern Syria and Mosul in Northern Iraq as the two major cities within their so called Islamic State. Currently, ISIS is under heavy bombardment from the Kurds, Iraqi’s and the Americans in the region of Mosul. I personally think Mosul will be re-captured by those who oppose ISIS and likely see ISIS retreat from Iraq back into Syria.

Both myself and many others heard the sad news in the last day or so that the late James Wright Foley had been brutally beheaded with the video posted on YouTube for the world to see. I am so sad to see such atrocities take place, very sorry for the family who have had to deal with the ending we had all so badly wanted not to happen.

ISIS is a real threat

Some readers of my blog have said to me in the past that they do not want to see America involved in yet another war. I want to address this because I think we are going to see America caught up in conducting air-strikes in the area for some time to come.

We Must Attack ISIS in Syria too

If ISIS is not dealt with they will continue with their expansion as we have so clearly seen.

If ISIS is not dealt with they will continue to murder any person who holds a belief other than their own.

If ISIS is not dealt with they will not stop at just the Middle East they will attempt to capture Europe and possibly other Continents.

We can all say, not on my watch do I want to see America go to war… well in this case the threat is very real and if not dealt with the cancer will continue to grow meaning the threat from ISIS will feel very real on the streets of America.

Make no mistake the biggest threat is not from ISIS waging their war in the Middle East but I would say from people in the West who are sympathetic to the cause.  ISIS has people who are home grown nationals of countries like the U.K, France, America whom are what is known as ISIS Sympathizers.

We have already seen ISIS Sympathizer on the streets of LONDON handing out leaflets encouraging others to go join the caliphate. How much clearer does it need to be? The issue is massive and needs to be dealt with before more unnecessary atrocities take place.

Pro ISIS leaflet handed out in London by ISIS sympathizers
Pro ISIS leaflet handed out in London by ISIS sympathizers

Now what about ISIS in Syria

If we do not attack ISIS in Syria all we will see happen is the group running from Iraq, biding their time in Syria, strengthening and coming back for more once America has gone home.

The causes are the same, the enemy is the same, and double standards should not apply!

We all know the West would like to see President Bashar Al-Assad disappear from Syria and the original plan of arming and supporting an overthrow of the Assad government has clearly backfired in the most remarkable way.

Since terrorist groups were being armed in Syria to eliminate Assad those groups have been given strength which they have instead used to try and take Iraq.

ISIS presence stretching from Raqqa to Mosul

3 facts about ISIS

  • ISIS used to be named as al-Qaeda in Iraq. Indirectly ISIS has come about because of the war in Iraq. In 2011 they effectively rebooted under a new guise and today we have ISIS.
  • ISIS raises money like a government by collecting taxes, selling electricity to others and illegal exports of oil. By generating its own income it is now able to go it alone without relying on foreign aid. Since ISIS is swimming in cash they are able to be more effective on the battlefield.
  • ISIS has an uncompromising view of Islam. Christians in captured areas are warned to flee, convert to Islam, pay tax, or be killed. Muslims deemed insufficiently devout to the cause are flogged, mutilated, beheaded and stoned. ISIS has resurrected crucifixion and no one is spared.

Map of ISIS in Raqqa and Mosul