The Big Call – TNT Tony

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The Big Call – Iraqi Dinar

The Big call iraqi dinar

A site which offers a slightly different approach to the Iraqi dinar investment is that of “The Big Call” with BIG representing the “Blessed Ideas Group” which is all well and good as they come at the Dinar with the approach of when or even if it revalues they will use the money to do good. Great.

Unfortunately, “the big call” is caught up with the best of the best in offering and hosting lies and fallacies which have been continuously proven to be incorrect.

One of our readers, Kenny managed to get onto the weekly call held Tuesday 21st of January and pose a couple of questions:


Although Kenny didn’t get to finish what he wanted to say, he did get the opportunity to speak with Bruce the host of the big call and  inform the many listeners that were on the call about TNT Tony aka Anthony Renfrow‘s court appearance this coming Monday 27th Januarary 2014 where he will have to appear before Judge Murguia at 9:30 AM Court Room 463 to answer charges relating to his scam, a company called 14 daily plus which ripped off investors to the tune of approximately $4,825,000.

I must say Bruce’s reaction was shameful. Bruce has the duty of care to ensure his listeners are not taken advantage of, after all he holds a power of influence, especially when you mix Dinar with religion!

In response to Kenny saying that Anthony Renfrow is indited for fraud, Bruce said “I didn’t know the amount until you mentioned it but i’ve heard SORT of what it was for”

I’m sorry Bruce but you constantly use Anthony Renfrow’s words and “blasts” to educate YOUR listeners as to what is going on with the Dinar and you CHOOSE to ignore the man’s known history. This Bruce, makes you an accomplice. You chose to spread the rumors which you know for a fact are complete pack of lies!

The sad thing is, you do it all in the name of religion on the proviso that once this dinar revalues you will as a group do a lot of good. That is fantastic and a nice side to see, but you are creating a veil of, well if the dinar wasn’t really going to happen do you think there would be sites like this set-up to fool us? Would they really be so elaborate?

YES they will and YES they are so elaborate and do a tremendous job of coming across as impartial when in reality they are all one group looking after each other spouting the same trash talk from a KNOWN MLM FRAUDSTER who knows how to mobilize and maintain an ongoing story for years upon years!!!!

The day is coming and the storm is brewing, sites like Dinar Douchebags, Mr. IQD, Dinars.Me, Iraq Currency Watch and DinarDaily are forming and strengthening an alliance to tell the true reality of the Iraqi dinar investment!

The Big Call – Shame on you, your site and conference call falls into the same category as a known fraudster! You pass off TNT Tony’s material as if it has credibility when every single prediction the man has made for the last few years have turned out to be a pack of lies!

If you wish to listen to the original you can do so here: https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback/?n=HsCgW/dbaP1 Kenny speaks at approximately 110 minutes.

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