After 100 Days In Office for Iraq Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi I thought it would be a good time to survey the public and find out their thoughts on his performance as the Prime Minister of Iraq at this crucial moment that has significant bearing on the future of our nation.

In order to conduct this survey we asked one simple question along with a photo handout of Haider Al-Abadi on each of the social platforms that Baghdad Invest participates:

Now after 100 days as the Prime Minister of #Iraq.

What is your opinion on his performance so far?

The results varied, I will let you make your judgement. For me personally I think we have seen huge progress but we must refuse to rest on our laurels as we require huge progress every month in order to bring a sense of normality that we yearn for. I am going to say that, I have a good feeling that we are seeing a Prime Minister who might just “serve” the people………. Inshallah 🙂

Several Iraq Analysts Have Been Kind Enough To Provide Comment For This Blog Post:

My thoughts is that it’s still too early to judge, he is yet to win me over. Anyone with this much international support and recognition must succeed. However, he has made good moves so far. Real deal begins when it is time to disarm militias, bring Sunnis to the table, confront Kurdish independence and Basra federalism, etc.

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It’s hard to say since Haidar Al-Abadi has only been in office for such a short time, but since then he’s announced the discovery of 50,000 ghost soldiers and managed to sack many high-ranking officials, a major step in combating corruption in Iraq.

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Haider al-Abadi came into office following many years of very divisive rule at the hand of his predecessor Nouri al-Maliki. He has to make up for many of the regressive and unproductive policies of Mr. Maliki in light of the threat Daesh poses to Iraq’s territorial integrity.

Already al-Abadi has worked out a bilateral agreement with the Kurds on oil exports and revenue sharing which was a longstanding and contentious issue between Baghdad and Erbil. Furthermore he is reaching out to the Sunni Arabs of Anbar which in my view may soon prove to be the crucial test of his ability to rebuild those cross-communal ties that were so badly undermined and degraded by his predecessor. If he passes that test he could very well be the Iraqi premier of the modern period who saved the country.

But as with all of these things, time and eventually history will issue the final verdict on the man and his performance as premier.

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I think Abadi has been brave in taking on some sensitive issues while he is still new in the position. He has openly addressed the issue of corruption and continues to make changes to staff and structures which were previously seen as untouchable. He also lived up to his promise to resolve the Baghdad-KRG issue within 3 months and has made good steps in regional outreach and foreign policy. So a positive start which seems to be based more on real actions rather than rhetoric and populism.

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PM Abadi is off to a good start. However, I can’t judge his work yet; 100 days are not enough. We are witnessing serious efforts from PM Abadi to reform the security and military situations. Abadi has already begun making a key shake-up to the ministries of defence and interior, by removing and excluding a number of commanders and appointing others. 100 days are not enough, still.

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