Media Mentions

Media Mentions

Sometimes articles written or comments made by Baghdad Invest on social media end up in the main stream press. This page has been created to link them so that you can read them if you wish.

If you wish to request comment from Baghdad Invest, you can do so by contacting us by e-mail.

Huffington Post

15th November 2015: Thousands Use #MuslimsAreNotTerrorist To Combat Islamophobia


14th November 2015: Muslims Not To Be Blamed For International Conflict, Reitarates The World In Light Of Paris Attacks

Observador Portugal

2nd July 2015: The 10 most amazing images discovered by Google Earth

PJ Media

25th June 2015: ISIS Attacks Liberated Kobane as Accusations Fly About Terrorists’ Turkey Access

TVP Poland

18th May 2015: Ramadi fell into the hands of the Islamic State. Jihadists closer and closer to Baghdad


18th May 2015: The group Islamic State takes Ramadi, a hundred kilometres from Baghdad

Irish Examiner

30th April 2015: Iraq crises to get worse says EU chief

Middle East Eye

8th February 2015: Iraqis celebrate end of decade-long curfew in Baghdad

CCTV America

22nd January 2015: People around world react to King Abdullah’s death on social media

Le Monde (France)

14th October 2014: The Islamic State also kills Iraqi journalists

Sen 360°

14th October 2014: The Islamic State also kills Iraqi journalists

International Business Times

14th October 2014: ISIS Executes Second Iraqi Journalist Outside of Mosul


08th August 2014: #WeAreN and #YouAreNot

Zinfos 974

23rd July 2014: Mosul Christians driven into indifference by the Islamic State

Le Nouvel Observateur – Rue 89

21st July 2014: What the ن, the symbol used to identify the Christians of Iraq?

Le Figaro FR

21st July 2014: The persecution of Christians in Iraq is akin to a “crime against humanity”

Wazala Sat-7 UK

21st July 2014: Christians Flee Sword in Mosul (Used a picture from a tweet of ours and attributed to Baghdad Invest)

Silver Doctors

17th July 2014: View the real time flight path & graphic photos of the shot down Malaysian airlines flight MH17

Washington Post

24th June 2014: Iraq and ISIS Waging war with hashtags *** linked to a tweet of mine: “while the Iraqi ambassador to the U.S., Lukman Faily, has even appeared in photos holding placards with the hashtag.”

McClatchy DC

20th June 2014: ISIS, opponents wage hashtag war on Twitter

Human Rights Watch

19th June 2014: Human Rights Watch, Daily Brief


18th June 2014: ISIS militants attack Iraq oil refinery as Baghdad residents prepare for siege

Euro Sport

16th June 2014: Ali Adnan – Iraq’s saviour?