Daesh in Iraq

Since the “Kids” started arriving in Iraq to fight on behalf of Daesh we have seen terrible happenings take place, equally so we are now able to form a clear picture of what this Daesh is all about. All ready we are seeing the cracks starting to appear and with winter well underway we are already seeing the kids moan about the harsh conditions.

Winter in both Syria and Iraq can be tough, especially so when you come from a life of relative ease in somewhere like Belgium, Canada or the United Kingdom.

The letters that are being sent to family members back home are starting to sound like home-sick kids holidaying on the Costa del Sol without their parents for the first time.

“I’m fed up to the back teeth. My iPod no longer works out here. I have got to come home,” said a message from a French fighter in Syria.

Truth is the average foreign fighter is in his early twenties with a severe case of being unable to think straight.

Another disillusioned volunteer said: “I’m sick of it. They make me do the washing-up.”

No doubt the kids have brought nothing but shame on themselves and on their families. They face one certainty, that is to die making life hell for others, many of whom are Muslims. The hypocrisy is ridiculous, they claim to be carving a better life for others when in reality the true beneficiaries are children ending up with no food in their tummies or women with no food to feed their babies.

A third appealed for clemency from the French authorities, who have a policy of arresting returning jihadis. “I’ve done hardly anything but hand out clothes and food,” he said. “I’ve also cleaned weapons and moved the bodies of killed fighters . Winter is beginning. It’s starting to get tough.”

The breed of foreign fighters are clearly the type that play the latest Grand Theft Auto V or Call of Duty shoot-em-up type games when living at home with Mum & Dad. Going off to fight for Daesh gives them a degree of independence, an opportunity to leave home.

But they are now learning the idea wasn’t the greatest after all.

So where are they coming from to join Daesh?

From all over the world. Some countries are breeding more than others but on the whole we can say that they are as diverse as the countries in which they live.

Shame they can’t hack it ey! haha 🙂

You made your bed now lie die in it!