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Iraqi dinar news today – Anything New?

Iraqi dinar news today

iraqi dinar news today

So today is the big, big, big, big, big etc etc day, right?

You know we have had the big day plenty of times… but apparently today is as good as any day for an Iraqi dinar RV.

Could it be that we will hear in the Iraqi dinar new today the RV has revalued? LOP or even shot up in value on it’s own accord? Well one thing for certain is that today we will see tariffs imposed on imports into Iraq inclusive of the Kurdistan region.

20% of the value of any import will be due at all border crossing points.

Given that the majority of goods sold now in Iraq are imported, Iraq’s domestic market of 30 million people offers an obvious opportunity to produce and sell goods and service to provide import substitution.

For foreign participants Iraq offers investors a period of ten years free from all taxes, including corporation tax and fees. This period is extended to 15 years if the project is a joint venture with a majority Iraqi stakeholder.

Additional incentives include the right to repatriate investment and profits from investment, the right to employ foreign workers when needed and three years exemption from import fees for required equipment.

The Government of Iraq also guarantees that investments will not be nationalized or confiscated.

Many will begin the day by searching for their fix of Iraqi dinar news today but many will find themselves in the same position as they were for the last however many years since becoming a currency speculator.

Unfortunately that search for Iraqi dinar news today is likely to resume tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be nice for that routine to come to an end, we feel the passion of the foreign Iraqi dinar speculators and would love for the RV ride to be over. We are struggling to see signs of 2014 being the year of the Iraqi dinar RV and maybe not even 2015.

But 2014 is a new year and with that comes new opportunities. The situation on the ground is worsening in the Western area of Iraq. Notably the Anbar province. For Iraqi’s this is the biggest fear, large areas of Iraq being under control of lunatics hell bent on bringing Iraq to it’s knees. Right now Iraq is fragile and vulnerable, if what we are hearing is correct, that Anbar has become a stronghold for Islamist militants then we can only pray this is stopped immediately before it spreads.

Iraq is tired.

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  1. Abrahams Nigella

    Reading about ISIS and the situation in Anbar gives me the jitters for the year ahead. Hoping those weapons Iraq just purchased are put to good use to flush them out. This is a mess when you consider how close Anbar is to Syria, right next door.

  2. There should be Iraqi dinar news often througout Jan as we get closer to the RV. I think Maliki will be making a number of speeches prior to release in order to prep the country.

  3. If the news of January 2013 is anything to go by, it seems very little happens and they just take their foot of the gas…not that the gas pedal is pushed at the best of times.

    • yesterdays news is not important today and 1 year ago is definitely not important, iraq changes everyday what its doing, proper messer.

  4. Expect a big announcement by 15th January. Do not ASK me why, just keep your eyes open and your legs ready to act. The window will be short.

  5. when will the RV happen?

    • How long is a piece of string?

    • We all know it will but it is a mere question of when.

    • hey jose i didnt stutter when i said never

    • A CIA friend of mine tells me he met someone recently who bought 100 million in dinar, by the advice of his banker best friend. He spent 100,000 dollars, I am a small potatoes investor, if this guy can wait it out, so can I. And yes, my CIA friend bought some too.

    • Joleen my friend works at the White House and he too has purchased Iraqi Dinar. I don’t know exactly how much but he did sell one of his vacation homes to fund his purchase. He also went direct rather than via a broker. We have some big whales in this investment and we have good intel coming to us from people like Tony and Okie. Keep your eyes peeled guys, the RV is days away. Not weeks and not months and not years. It is coming. Pack your bags as we are all going to Vegas!!!!!

    • My friend who is a friend of a friend who is a cia friend of a friend who is a friend of an insider friend who is a friend of CL bought a million dollars worth so it has to go now or that friend who is a friend of that friend will lose a lot of money. Lol lol as the dinar turns. i

  6. Salvador Horrell

    Hope 2014 is a better year for the average Iraqi who really feels the pain with no respite.

    • Harry Whilst I can’t dismiss you know people in the white house as I too have 2 family members in there, what concerns me is you said Tony’s intel is spot on. Hmm yet if you spoke with your contacts in the WH they would tell you he is full of BS, so perhaps your contact is a door man or office clerk?

      I’m well aware many members of the senate are rogue and would fit quite nicely with free masons, but those that are respectable wouldn’t endorse a criminal…….PERIOD!!

  7. Deep down all I want is Iraqi’s to be happy. If the RV is secondary I will settle for that. Money comes 2nd.

  8. Huge excitement for 2014, I really hope that the Iraqi dinar brings us good news not tomorrow or next week or next month but today!!!! I am waiting for you baby, today it has to be. We need to get the $$$ and buy a new mansion etc :-)

    • Would be nice if it does happen but in the mean time I shall keep myself grounded.

    • why the excitement.didnt you read the article.there will not be a rv you will not buy a mansion on the backs of the Iraqi people. They are having a civil war, you don’t revalue your currency in a civil war, come down to earth space cowboys, look for another get rich quick scheme, this one is over. Lick your wounds and realize you were taken for a ride and get on with the real world.i

    • Hey Kenny, why such a piss poor attitude buddy? Bet you secretly have a whole shit load of dinar, lol! Would be willing to bet on that one. No sense in hiding behind that attitude. If you weren’t invested you wouldn’t be here. The Iraqi’s will gain immensely when their currency revalues, they deserve it for sure. A vote for the currency to stay the same is like shooting every Iraqi in the foot again! Lets hope they RV it soon for the sake of the Iraqi’s. I hope they have a lot of it hoarded under mattresses so that they can get the just reward they deserve. What do you think the country would be like now if it weren’t for all of us who purchased their currency? And guess what? The investors are from all over the world, not just from the USA. Could there really be that many people being duped? It is a currency, that will go up in value, no doubt about that, so stop acting like it can never be worth anything. As the country grows , this currency will grow in value as well. I personally don’t see it going up fast, but it will increase in value eventually. I am not into hype, don’t believe in guru’s and don’t listen to them. I am glad I invested in this country by purchasing its currency, I have currency from many countries, not just Iraq… don’t think that I just decided to jump on that bandwagon due to the guru predictions that we would make a billion dollars off a dinar. I don’t expect that and doubt that is every going to happen. Lets be realistic here, a countries currency is real, mine has already doubled since I purchased it, so I have already won! If it goes more, then I win again, so does Iraq.

    • Hi Joleen, how can you have doubled your money already when it has only gone up 20% by charts……….. And I guaranteed the Dinar Broker you used added at least 10% surcharge to the price you got it.

      Dinar trade are selling 100k dinar for $105 when the official exchange rate would cost $85. So that is 20% increase straight away, so at best you have broken even except to sell it there will probably be a 10 to 20% margin!!!

      Dont fucking tell lies you silly bitch cunt!

    • Excuse me, but when did you get your dinar you silly bitch bastard? I didn’t get mine from a broker. Been in this from the beginning.

    • Jealous now ?

    • From the beginning it hasn’t doubled that is my point.

    • Joleen, I have none NONE and the reason im on this website is that they tell the truth and Im trying to help people that think they will be millionaires any day now. You sound like an investor who is in it for the long haul and I applaud you for that PEACEi

  9. Nothing is going to happen this year, take the long view on this investment. Maybe 2 to 4 years we will see something happen, but not today. NO Iraqi dinar rv today folks.

  10. Happy new year BI, hope this year will be as good for you as you are dreaming it to be.

    • Ralph don’t you EVER call a lady a cunt you vile male. It’s men like you who need to be locked up in secure units. For a man to be able to casually say that means you have huge fricken issues!!

      Hey cool you don’t agree with her, sweet, but open your trap like that again, and I’ll reduce you to tears. That is my promise. I despise males like you!!!

    • Sorry Jan, I take it back and am sorry for what I said.

    • Show some respect please Relph.

  11. How do i find out the value of my iraqi dinars?! The broker is trying to overcharge i think.

    • Why are you in this when you can’t even figure out where to look up the rate. Google central bank Iraq. This is a wake up call to the people that are intelligent and still believe in the rv anytime soon. You have morons that think the same way WAKE UP

    • My brother gave me some dinars for christmas. Just trying to work out how much i have and how much they will be worth in 2 weeks time when the revaluation takes place. so grateful for the best christmas present ever.

    • baby face look on the central bank of iraq, i would of been pissed if my brother gave me a currency were you would have to go to that country to spend it i got US currency for xmas and was over joyed. i

  12. Still early days, but I think we should all slam the door on 2013 as for us Dinarians it was a pretty nasty year, ups and downs. When you think about it they were all downs because the only up i will experience is once i get the cash in the bank. simples.

    • Owen 2014 is going to be same, NO RV. All downs.

    • No Kenny 2014 is the year for our blessing, you too will be blessed through us Dinarians changing the path of our planet for the better.

    • Jose I’m not waiting for you and a bunch of people waiting on a fairy tale I’m helping by waking people up about our government,banking, and the fairy tale of the dinar making you rich. It will not happen Jose so get over it and dream about a world of peace if you want to dream.

    • Jose I’m not waiting for you and a bunch of people waiting on a fairy tale I’m helping by waking people up about our government,banking, and the fairy tale of the dinar making you rich. It will not happen Jose so get over it and dream about a world of peace if you want to dream about something.

  13. Show me the money baby!! Keep the faith guys, this is our year.

  14. I fully expect to be out of this by spring, not prepared to put up with another 365 days! For real.

  15. Claudia Reynolds

    Iraqis are tired? Us American Dinarians are tired!! I can tell you that for a fact.

  16. 2014 is here, and I am here to make the most of it. Just give me the green light and boy i will show you dinarians how to live it large.

  17. 😉 I think this is the year for Bitcoin not Dinar lol

    • Bitcoin is the bomb for sure, I have done very well with it and intend to hang in there for the long haul. Come on Bitcoin!

  18. Ongoing investment for me with a view to looking to either cash out or buy more this year. I am keeping my mind open to both posibilities for the timebeing. Stay away from the gurus and make your own mind up on the Iraqi dinar. You can’t go wrong.


    This is and always will be a gamble. !
    Suck it up buttercups and admit it , they are a long ways from any increase Non Oil GDP is your indicator. Forget the bible thumping gurus and those that claim high level contacts. Don’t believe the hype ever. Do your own home work

  20. I have never in my life heard/read so much garbage from so many children (not all) on so many sites including this one! This is one of the best Soap Operas I have ever witness and I just take it as pure entertainment, period! This would make for a great ongoing daily sequel, such as DAYS OF OUR LIFE OR AS THE WORLD TURNS AND SO MANY OTHERS! I love this pony and dog show!! LOL.. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY FELLOW HUMANS!!

  21. Kenny :) I get that you wanted to see Tony go down, much like me. what I’m struggling with is your incessant need to call people names if they believe in RV, or constantly say no RV. What’s with that??
    You previously said you believed in GCR?

    I’m anti Tony and pumpers but prov RV/GCR so you may think I’m a dick/moron and vice versa, but really I see people who incessantly post NO rv in the same light as I see those pumpers who say tomorrow- it screams ulterior motive. I mean that respectfully.
    What right do you have firing patronizing rude remarks at everyone? it seriously reflects you as a person more than them.

    It’s times like these that I would love to tell you what I know, as you would eat humble pie, but alas I’m happy to be mocked as FYI I didn’t learn about this investment from some dinar site or rumour. There are actually people out there who by way of family members occupations do have accurate intel- does that mean the highest sensitive intel? no, but solid enough to feel confident :)

    • Hey Jan. I have a post which i think is right up your street. A video documentary which is in drafts at the moment. Will post it shortly as it talks about ulterior motives for the US currency petrodollar war.

    • So Jan you are saying any day too. I might get carried away with calling people stupid but that’s an opinion and this site is the only one that gives me that right. I hope you are right and all of you get rich. I will say i was the stupid one but i have people on the ground telling me the feds about to go down but that has nothing to any dinar or dong going to be 1000 times more to make anybody rich and i know im ruffling yours,ponee, and mr.iqd and a lot of intelligent peoples feathers when i say you all parked your senses at the dinar door before you opened it but BI gives me that right. Strange that an iraqi site gives us freedom of speech and what youve called badboy,harry, and dave took me aback so happy new year Jan and i bet Ill be saying the same things about the dinarians in 2015 PEACE

    • I sincerely hope Jan you are not getting your info from Steve Beckow and arch angel Michael. Just wondering because was into poof and the rest of them calling for a reset every week until woke up from that dream.i

    • Thanks for saying this Jan, for I too am informed by much more than a guru. I have a son named Kenny and if he ever spoke like the one does here, I would have to smack him a bit to make him understand that he should not disrespect the God given right we have as humans to make our our minds up about what we do in life. As I said before, this Kenny dude probably is loaded up with Dinar and just love to chew smack!

    • Shoot Jan you almost have me thinking about a million of dinar just in case lol. With me anybody that believes that they will become millionaires by investing a thousand dollars into a currency has a problem with reality.Ive done quite well for myself through investing and have been called an idiot and stupid for some investments that made me a very nice return and some that didnt and ive never took personally being called stupid so give me a break Joleen. I bet your boy have called people a lot worse than stupid and an idiot.Like i said I will come on here if a dinar becomes worth a penny and say i was an asinine idiot all of you were right but i dont think it will happen and i have the money to gamble but there is people that are reading this site that dont have the money but hear positive info on this site from other people and spend their rent money and i want to be a negative voice so at least they will think about it. Like i said Jan you have me thinking but I have to much intel to the contrary but most people dont so i will make my presence known even if nobody likes it PEACE

    • If I were looking for an investment due to an impending currency reset, (which I do believe is very much possible) I wouldn’t be buying dinars. I would be buying Gold bullion and most definitely taking delivery of it at home.

  22. Kenny you don’t ruffle any of my feathers :) I just find it bemusing that now after providing info about Renfrow you are still on some mission? why ? You clearly have your view and i have mine, and YOU will never change my view . I think you’ll find there is a difference- how I replied to those men may have taken you back, but it was in reply to crap, where I see you just firing at anyone who says anything remotely pro RV. Hey clearly that rocks your boat, so if this is your new hobby then each to their own :)
    I don’t think though you would EVER have the gumption to call me a moron, as I’ve proved I have good research skills and am level headed, so that in itself proves NOT all currency holders are morons , a lot may be but there are ALWAYS exceptions:) stay well :)

  23. LOL haha, Kenny FYI If I find fullford a cheap journo who’s intel hardly never comes to fruition, do you seriously think I’d give credence to some archangel crap? Like I said my background is solid investigative journalism, I’m meticulous with my due diligence. Like I have stated previously NO site or rumour incited me to buy currency.

    I’m not foolish enough to share all my info, but yes I do have close family members in USA who are relatively connected and my contacts are real unlike Tonys make believe ones :)

  24. DinarUNI, you sound like any other guru with that prediction.

  25. You’re welcome Joleen :) as for that pathetic excuse of a man Ralph calling you a cunt, the guy probably lives in his mothers basement, is a porn addict and collecting a benefit and his last girlfriend was a blow up picture of those fat chicks from walmart. Lean respect for females pal.

  26. You said sorry to me not Joleen.:) Hey cool I get differences of opinions, but unprovoked abuse, and words like that are completely vile ok.

    I can’t believe that it seems ok for guys to do that. It doesn’t bode well with me, and If you’re a decent bloke, just know that most guys that speak like that I have seen sitting in court on serious sexual offenses. The last guy who called me that whilst reporting was some drugged up gang loser whose face I spat in up close. Not all females get intimidated by men, just disgusted :)

    • Yeah i get that I should have held myself in a more positive light, but the woman was not telling the truth. How can you double your money already or is my maths bad? Answer me that.

  27. Ralph I have no idea either. It doesn’t make ANY sense. Maybe ask her point blank :) as I too would love to know
    So joleen can you please elaborate in a direct manner as to how you doubled your money?? cheers :)

  28. Iraqi Dinar: Experts: Delete the zeros project needs to be catalysts for success
    Related article ..
    Iraqi Dinar – Removal Of Zeros Soon

    Experts: Delete the zeros project needs to be catalysts for success

    BAGHDAD – The views of experts and specialists on the importance of the project to delete the zeros from the currency, despite the objections put up by some of the impact on the market at the moment.

    He described the competent Jihad al-Khalidi delete the zeros step reform, but it will not come to fruition is a partial positive unless accompanied by other radical reforms.

    He also stressed the importance of making changes in the banking system in order to cope with the rapid changes and policies and banking systems and credit according to the modern sophisticated mechanisms for hiring and capital investment of government and private banks.

    It is said that the project’s central bank proposed to delete the three zeroes from the currency (the dinar) for the purpose of restructuring the currency and its management has sparked heated debate between the circles all, and this is what filled government officials, economists and financial, but in spite of this controversy broad not everyone agrees on determining the time limit specified To implement this project, which led to a split these into two supporters and opponents. According to Khalidi, what encourage the central bank to implement this project and there are applications for the successful testing of a number of states, for example: Turkey, which achieved positive results reflected in the purchasing power of their national currencies (lira) as well as Germany.

    As pointed out “the need to find radical solutions to address the imbalances in the economic system by issuing legislation and economic laws and rehabilitation of basic infrastructure, as well as work on the re-sectors and factories productivity and agricultural government and private production and development of Iraqi exports, which continue to suffer from neglect and decline and begin the practical steps.” He said al-Khalidi, “to legalize imports of unnecessary and luxury and reduce damage in the policy of dumping of the commodity (unequal) exercised by the states and foreign companies and reduce the exit of foreign currencies for the purpose of investment to finance development programs and projects in order to fit in with the requirements of the new phase and the success of the project to delete the zeros”, so require phase Current efforts sincere and bold than any other time of our national economy such as the return to normal for commensurate with the potential of the country and its natural resources, mineral and human resources and strategic geographical location to interact with its regional and international levels.

    In turn, confirms the researcher Louay Hamidawi that “According to the constitution, the cabinet is painted Economic Policy upper of the country which is responsible for improving the purchasing power of the Iraqi people.”

    And suggested a mechanism for the deletion of zeros by reducing the price of the dollar against the dinar gradually, to ensure that no damage retention in dollars, as the central bank begins to reduction by ten dinars at each reduction from 1180 dinars to the dollar to 1170 and then to 1160.1150, and so during the short period of time to reach its exchange rate to 1,000 dinars, and proves this price as a first step because it is the basis for the next step, noting that it will improve the purchasing power of the citizen Iraq’s 20 percent.

  29. Joleen, I’m still waiting for you to elaborate on how the heck has your currency doubled since you purchased it? :) very intrigued to know.

  30. That’s great Kenny :) I too have the funds from having had a lucrative career, and have the business acumen and nous in terms of investments, so I’ll let you keep your smug highly inflated opinion of yourself, as seriously your opinion of my view isn’t worth peanuts.

    I think it’s safe to assume the fact you even listened to arch angels or whoever that was defines the difference between your research abilities and mine. No astute business minded individual would seek their due diligence from new age sites…. LOL, ad LOl. That really spoke volume, so alas Like I said Feel free to fire away as you have more chance getting on Tonys cc again than ever swaying my stance. :) :)

    • It sounds like the smugness is the other way around and I asked if you took them seriously the new age gurus. I get a kick out of all this make believe world that all you Dinarians created for yourselves. I don’t watch TV anymore so when i need a laugh i tune into How The Dinar Turns lol.Everything from intelligence officers from the halls of the whitehouse to foreign journalists to the fair and balanced fox news this soap opera has it all and especially the women that dont take no shit from guys like me. This soap has it all lol and hopefully a happy ending.

  31. Haha, just as much as I get a kick out of those who deem the likes of fulford journalists and look to arch angels to for due diligence. oh don’t mind me I’m just chuckling over the irony considering you perceive others as morons , carry on, it is quite revealing :) Nice work.

    What mind altering drug do the likes of Benjamin offer? new type of kool aid or presumably something more lehtal :) Never before have I met someone who openly admits to using that arch angel site, yet deems other people on this site idiots…. You have to admit the irony is first class :)

  32. Oh Hey Kenny so found your post – hmm so you believe in GCR but you say IRAQ will NEVER RV, so humor me how does that work? lol. Global being the operative word, and IQD is hardly going to go down.

    Your words>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Posted by Kenny December 25, 2013

    I believe there will be a Global Currency Reset but it will benefit ALL mankind, not just a few who bought dinar and dong.

    So kenny enlighten us, as quite a turn around ,even the last sentence insinuates Dong and dinar will rise- as you state NOT JUST those who bought dinar & dong will benefit. I have huge issues with discrepancies in written text :)

  33. Ha ha Kenny,Look at what all your negitive and demeaning comments have done to yourself. You lost your credibility.You continue to act like your the voice of justice,but for who?Just because some inbred hick continues to talk trash to those who believe this RV will come to pass.Your voice doesn’t change anything.All your doing is making people dislike you because of your foul mouth and attitude.When it comes to being disliked I bet your up ther with Tony.Ha ha now that’s funny

    • For one thing bad boy im not here for a popularity contest and the people that like what I say is in the minority but ive changed a lot of peoples minds and have taken money from the scammers so like i said I DONT CARE ABOUT BEING Popular, I give my truth as i see it and most people here live in a fairy tale so they will not like what i say but on this site i can say what i think and you have a nerve to talk about a foul mouth wow go back into your hole.

  34. Jan, I said that from the beginning but you seen it looking for something to pick me apart SLOWLY JAN I believe there will be a switch from a debt base THE FED to an asset base THE TREASURY where the countries will print their own currency based on assets like Lincoln tried to do with the green back before he was killed. SLOWLY JAN , no 2 countries Iraq and Vietnam will become the richest nations on earth. I seen how good your investigation skills are when you said fox news is a honest news network. Bill O Reilly talking about how the Muslims are implementing shria law in the USA to Hannity talking about killing all the abortion doctors and fox and friends not making any sense at all. They are produced to carry the neocon message and if you cant see that no wonder why you have invested in the dinar. I asked you if you followed the channelers, you do like twisting words around to suit yourself but I enjoy sparring with you so peace to you Jan

    • Kenny, If you never had currencies, then why were you on ANY dinar site ?Several previous remarks were indicative that you spent much time following Dinar sites.

      I struggle to see why someone would just hop randomly onto any dinar site if they weren’t invested, let alone be a regular visitor, which your previous remarks did indicate.

      You said on the 16th December that you WEREN’T sure about the Dinar revaluing but 99.999% sure Dong and Zim wouldn’t…

      I’m struggling again to see what your real motive here is. You have no currency ( so you say) you previously stated you believed in a GCR, weren’t sure about the Dinar, yet days after that you are boldly telling people it will never happen.
      You must have known about that arch angel site to even know it existed, you must have been on dinar sites to hear about the people you said you felt sorry for. In fact you seemed like you had been frequenting sites for quite some time.. HMM I don’t believe you.

      why the heck would a non investor commit time to visiting dinar sites not once or twice, and yet now tells everyone it will never RV. Shrill comes to mind, or just a completely scorned man who is miserable. It doesn’t add up Kenny. :)

  35. I’m not picking you apart. At first I had much respect for you but I don’t like the continual no RV crusade. That’s cool if you truly think that, but look how many times you pop up saying idiot, or RV will never happen.

    No you used the term GCR. My remark about Fox news was satire, meaning out of all the cabal owned media outlets Fox news leash is longer. I don’t follow them much, but I have heard then diss Obama, and report things that other outlets wouldn’t.

    Your questioning my investigation skills lol? coming from someone who follows fullford and arch angels, I take that as a HUGE compliment.
    My skills can’t be too incompetent seeing I provided factual dirt on Tony :) and had a 8 year career as a well paid frontline reporter.
    You are rubbing so many people up the wrong way. So did you throw all your dinar out? I bet is you didn’t .

  36. My country doesn’t sell dinar , but I have other currencies :) No one knows exactly when it will RV, but yes I am a believer, but sorry I don’t believe in Tonys intel one little bit or rates :)

  37. Kenny since my apology to BI and Jan I have been tring to refrain from using curse words.You say you speak for the majority, where are they?I see no one backing up your lame comments. Some people have been in this investment for over ten years, way before Tony even appeared on Recaps. So do you honestly think just because you call people names and behave like a child that the majority who are invested are going to listen to the BS that comes from your wrinkly old mouth and just change their minds?.Get a F-ing life old timer. Go put on your denture cream and go take your grand kids out somewhere nice,because no body whats to listen to your bs. Every time you post you come off sounding like a grumpy old man.Maybe you should pop a Viagra and if you have some one,and that is a big ‘If ‘ . go to work. Harry you remind me of Stewie from Family Guy. World Domination.Do you really believe that people have to respect you just because you have money? You to sound very ignorant, are you some how related to Kenny. People like your self and I’m sure others.Have you ever thought that maybe because of your mind set, we have not been blessed? Instead of buying enough dinars to be well off.Many got greedy, buying millions of dollars worth,and for what? It’s not like you can spend all of it in your life time. Maybe that’s the hold up?

  38. Well said Badboy, LOl, and your apology was accepted:) I too try hard but this guy just thinks he knows everything, yet his sources are galactic freaks who are bloggers not journos in the true sense.

    Aah yes Mr Harry, well you know what they say about SOME men and $$ trying to compensate for small appendages lol, yip I said it. Ego driven gimps who think their money automatically gives them respect. :)

    Kenny and Harry should book a room.

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