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IRAQ DINAR HAS REVALUED – Worldwide Joy And Happiness Has Begun To Spread



[alert-announce] This was an experiment we done to lure the gurus into a trap to prove once and for all that they are liars. More details here [/alert-announce]

In a statement just received the IQD has successfully re-valued it’s currency 500-fold making dollar-millionaires of persons holding the Iraq Dinar, throughout the world.

What may come as a surprise to many, has for some been the ride of a lifetime. The Central Bank of Iraq CBI has issued a number of warnings in recent times suggesting that such Revaluation commonly known as RV or Iraq Dinar Revalued will not take place. Notable recent announcements included a delay to 2015 at the earliest.

Suffice to say, the warnings from the CBI have been concluded as delay tactics, perhaps to limit the number of IQD speculators.

Presumably the prime minister’s recent official trip to the United States has proved extremely fruitful and perhaps even empowered the RV across the final few steps.

No doubt the next few days will prove crucial with multitudes of investors rushing to exchange the IQD for their local currencies.

Prime Minister Nouri Kamil Al-Maliki has recalled all members of parliament to attend a special session on Sunday 10th Novemeber – the beginning of the Iraqi working week.

The Iraq Dinar Has Revalued!!!

Update: 07:05 08/11/2013 Baghdad Relax. It HAS happened. Sunday AM Iraq parliament will reveal.

Update: 14:54 08/11/2013 Baghdad – We will make a further announcement at 23:45 (Baghdad time) in light of our earlier posting.

Update: 23:45 08/11/2013 Baghdad  We published confirmation yesterday the RV, revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar had taken place. Naturally there is angst to see/hear more, we are doing our best to get you the details.

We are able to confirm all will be revealed Sunday 10th November as per Parliament recall.

We would like to make it very clear we are very proud to be independent of all dinar sellers/gurus and as such we have no incentive to see an RV take place. For those of you whom have been on our subscriber list for the last 3 to 4 years, you will have noticed our sentiment towards the IQD revaluing has certainly not been favourable. On numerous occasions we have warned our loyal subscribers not to touch the Iraq Dinar.

In conclusion, we were wrong.

We likened the chances of the Iraq Dinar being revalued to the moon being made of cheese. In hindsight we can now safely say it was a terrible comparison to make. We always wanted to put emphasis on it being so incredibly remote in possibility.

You were right, we were wrong. 

RV – Job done!

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  1. Baghdad Invest…. your article here has many twists and turns… Am I just plain dumb and can’t read or have you actually posted that the IQD has revalued and BTW.. what is the rate? Worldwide happiness? I have not seen anything on the news… granted, I do not live in USA…but wish to have some clarification. Thank you

  2. Excuse me: you’re a reputable news source for “all things Iraqi dinar,” and you have the audacity to publish as factual “The dinar had rv-d,” and you expect anyone with any sense who reads your stuff to just laugh off as a joke what you published? HOW UNPROFESSIONAL! Yes, you have readers who read Dinar Guru sites. I’m one of them. But, I also read yours. I’m not a stupid person who believes everything I read. I have always taken what they post with a grain of salt, knowing that they have obvious agendas.

    Your handling this story the way you did has led me to now mark you and this site in the same class as the “Guru” sites. I majored in Journalism in college. To be continually viewed with journalistic integrity a journalist has to act and write with integrity. You did not. Your “funny” story to get to gurus hurt a lot of innocent readers.

    No integrity in your shop. Shame on you.

  3. It is really brutal to destroy the historical antiquities of Iraq by these savage ISIL. It is really contradictory how they they claim they are defending Islam while Islam came as a religion calling for peace and coexistence.. I slam never called to oppress the other.
    Hopefully peace in Iraq will be restored in the very near future as Iraqi people has suffered enough already.

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