IQD IQN – What does this mean for you?

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This was an experiment we done to lure the gurus into a trap to prove once and for all that they are liars. More details here 

We have established the initial rate will be set at 1 IQD to 0.60/0.64 USD.

The IQD IQN will certainly be the lower rate followed by the IQD IQN being the much higher rate.Of course many were expecting to see a much higher ROI on their time and efforts and at first sight you may have felt a little frustrated. Our Intel only goes as far as the initial rate, yes the future is BIG for Iraq and yes there is no doubt there will be future price rises.

The IQD will certainly be the lower rate followed by the IQD IQN being the much higher rate.

10 years since the war, many feel it is time to call it a day. In reality, there is not long to go in order for you to start seeing the real number changes. Everything up until now has been the preparatory steps to ensure the launch is a success.

The sensible thing to do would be to cash out what you put in, once the IQD IQN launches it’s new rate and in effect hedge your bet in preparation of the IQD IQN launch.

If you have some time on your hands it might be prudent for you to read up on the term “Forex hedge” or “Forex hedging”.

In short, it is simply a trade to offset the potential adverse move in an exchange rate. Forex hedging is typically used by corporations that sign contracts now to receive a future payment in a foreign currency.


We will see the IQD IQN initially list at 0.60/0.64 and the IQN from what I can gather you are looking upwards of $20.

In real terms, the IQD IQN is not our domain, we cannot expand further on where, what, how we see the IQD IQN panning out.

Iraq is headed in one direction only, up. Even if you were to become an investor in for example an oil company doing business in Iraq once the exchange has happened, the 10 year outlook would still be strong.

We often say Iraq is blessed and cursed at the same time. Blessed to possess the minerals but cursed because every Tom, Dick and Harry wants a piece.

Still, we are what we are, it is what it is. We need foreign partners and initial capital to give our economy a boost and as a result multiple partners will truly benefit from the Iraq story.

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