The Story The World Needs To Address: Iraqi Christians

Earlier this week an announcement was made by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) recently renamed as the Islamic State. The announcement was directly aimed at the Christians of Mosul, providing three options:

Option 1. Convert to Islam.

Option 2. Pay a special protection tax.

Option 3. Face the sword resulting in death.

Just like the Nazis, homes were marked in preparation for the deadline.

I have since come to learn that just 15 Assyrian families have remained and in doing so they have converted to Islam. I feel so sad for the Christians of Iraq. For so many years, they lived very well, together with all others.

Now, for the first time in history, Mosul is empty of Christians.
It is at this point I want to introduce you to a special person, Canon Andrew White. Aptly known as “The Vicar of Baghdad”.
Canon Andrew White has been the Vicar of St Georges Church in Baghdad since 1998, shortly after he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Andrew once said:
If I can dodge the bullets in Baghdad, then I’ll certainly never give in to MS

The Vicar of Baghdad (Part 1/3)

The Vicar of Baghdad (Part 2/3)

The Vicar of Baghdad (Part 3/3)

The Christians of Iraq have suffered for too long. Mosul is gone, we all wonder which city will be the next to fall.

I will leave you with this photo that was recently shared on twitter: