Many Iraqis and those who care about Iraq have launched a campaign to ensure their voices are heard regarding the recent advancements of Terrorist organization ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham.

Many have come to realize that ISIS are using underhand tactics on Twitter in order to advance their agenda. Similar tactics to that of the #wearethepeople campaign which made many think that there was a genuine revolution in the making.

Just yesterday I came across some interesting figures from the BBC Trending team.

I have never been into conspiracy theories, that is not me by nature but something is not quite right here.

Just 4.7% is being posted or shared in Iraq….. with the bulk in Saudi Arabia at 35.1% or even 9.1% in the USA.

But do not fear…….. the community is fighting back!

A few days ago the hashtag #NO2ISIS started to emerge which has since gone on to capture the medias attention such as Al Jazeera, Digital Journal, McClatchy DC and many more.

But it doesn’t stop here. This grassroots effort even has the Iraqi Ambassador to the USA supporting the #NO2ISIS twitter campaign:


In the coming week we will further galvanise support for the Iraqi soldiers. Moral has taken a beating and today the tide is turning, #NO2ISIS is hurting ISIS’s social media efforts and slowly but surely the balance is tilting in favour of Iraq.

Isn’t it funny, how today to win a war you must deal with the social media element?

When the Mongols attacked the four gates of Baghdad in 1258 they fought with swords. Today those looking to besiege Baghdad do so by initially breaking moral with social media. Incredible!

I also think it is important to disclaim this is not a Shia VS Sunni battle. Sure, it has the potential to be. But at this stage it is not. The troubling issue at hand is that the Western media are attempting to morph this into an issue that it does not never need to be.

Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani issued a fatwa:


Citizens who are able to bear arms and fight terrorists, defending their country and their people and their holy places, should volunteer and join the security forces to achieve this holy purpose.


The news organisations around the world interpret that as: Shia called to fight against Sunni!!!!!


Sistani is not asking for Shia to fight Sunni, he is asking for all Iraqi’s to fight the cancer we ALL call terrorism! Fortunately the good people realise what is going on and change can happen:


I want to leave you with this video, a simplified explanation for a complex situation 🙂

Let’s hope next week is a better week than this one.