The Costs Of War – Iraq Is Paying The price

It looks as though some decent weapons could soon be arriving in Iraq from the U.S.A. This I am happy about because from my point of view, I feel the weapons will be the key to pushing the lunatics out of Iraq.

By lunatics, I of course mean ISIS.

I have seen a number of press releases in the last few days stating that Iraq is finally going to be allowed to purchase the largest ever single sale of Hellfire Missiles from the USA. The deal is being pushed through congress as we speak and will total some $700 Million for a total of 5,000 Hellfire Missiles.

Lockheed Martin – Hellfire II

I am not a fan of war, as many of you know. But I am a fan of sorting this ISIS situation out, once and for all.

We always here the saying “War is big business” well it certainly is, because when you break the numbers down from this single deal you are able to tell the following:

5,000 Hellfire missiles in a $700 million deal with the USA works out as $140,000 each

I know, I shouldn’t be looking at it this way but I have to wonder what this amount of money could do if Iraq was not in such difficult times. For a start, minimum of 5,000 homes… most likely double that number if you were to build using modern building techniques like pre-fabricated housing whereby the structures are manufactured off-site in advance.

I have been critical of US policies in the past but in this case I think credit where credit is due, it is the right thing to say. Well done. Finally some meaningful action appears to be taking place from the USA.

When I see Iraq ending up with second hand, rusty old bombers from countries like Russia and Belarus it does frustrate me because I know Iraq has the money to spend but not the partner.

Good Bye July!

July was, how can I put it??? A shit month! The United Nations confirmed at least 1,700 people were killed in July alone. The numbers are always a little sketchy since this is Iraq.

Hello August!

A new month, always a chance for it to be better than the last. So long as that cancer (ISIS) is still in Iraq there will be trouble.

Waiting for death is worse than death itself. And that’s what they are doing now.

Whether they will achieve their goals is uncertain. In their attempts however, ISIS is set to bring chaos to the whole region.

Baghdad seems to be getting itself more organized, in anticipation of a major offensive on Mosul, I am somewhat bewildered as to why this has not happened thus far, but.. for now the clock is ticking.