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BBC Investigates TNT Tony – #wearethepeople

BBC TNT Tony Investigation


Over the last week or so a number of us from the community have been in contact with the BBC to help them further their investigations into the malpractice surrounding the Dinar Investment…

“#wearethepeople has been tweeted more than four million times in the past three weeks. It looks like an anti-government protest, but who’s really behind it? The Trending team investigates how financial ‘gurus’ are using the hashtag to encourage people to buy Iraqi dinar.” BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01ryk68

Link to listen live: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/bbc_world_service

Time: 11:30 GMT/06:30 ET/03:30 PT

Date: Saturday 15th January 2014

Be sure to listen in live, no doubt there will be playbacks available.

Baghdad Invest would like to say a special thanks to Cordelia and everyone at the BBC, who took the time to look into this in more detail and spend double digit hours on ensuring you have a real story.

UPDATE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-26187471

UPDATE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01ryk68 <<<<< The Recording of the #wearethepeople BBC investigation in to TNT Tony.

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  1. Finally!!! I am not missing this for the world…….

    Every other blog talk radio show is rubbish!! This will bring us real intel on what is going on. Thank you

  2. Kudos to the BBC for doing the work. Lets hope they give him a fair chance and the truth prevails. I read on Twitter earlier, Tony has been telling lies since April 2011!!! It would appear to me that the BBC has the power and the connections to really put the pressure on TNT Tony directly.

    This will be the first time TNT Tony has come under the media spotlight. … the dinar always does but no guru has faced it.

  3. This will likely be a case of Tony being way out of his depth.

  4. #wearethepeople who act like sheep :-)

  5. I am staying awake all night!! Not a chance in hell am I missing the opportunity to see that evil man be ridiculed!

  6. Why did it take a British bunch of journalists to have to fight Tony???!?!!! WHat is wrong with our own?!!!!!!!!!

  7. Within a week or two TNT Tony will be gone… mark my words

  8. Thank you BBC for doing us all a favor!! Now his sheep-like followers will either wake up or deserve to be stolen from. Yes STOLEN from!

  9. You are not even good intertwinement and about 4 million of us are going to burn you down after this is over. what a moron. On second thought why bother, just consider the source and the stupidity of someone like bagdad invest to spread disinformation and half truths just for ratings. you are the worst. but you give us good laughs now and then with your displays of stupidity.

    • Roudy, you have been fooled……….

    • Roudy, Tony will be in Vegas, Correct!

      Spending his cash he gets from Blogtalkradio!!

    • I agree 100% with Roudy! You idiots of Bagdad Invest are just that idiots! If you think the Dinar and Tony are a scam…well the joke is on you! Why do you think over 100,000 people have already cashed out? WeAreThePeople will be laughing all the way to the bank.
      BBC if you believe anything that anyone from Bagdad Invest has to say…well, you deserve the journalistic backlash you will get!

    • Did you know pigs can fly?

    • @cindy you will be crying all the way to the poorhouse for trusting in something false. Do your own research. Look at Tony’s legal history. I don’t what is worse the fact that you are being lied to or the fact that you desperately need to believe this.

      @Roudy You are not going to burn anyone down when this is over. Your going to be crying about all the money you lost when this is done. I think it is funny that you believe this guy then accuse us of spreading disinformation and half truths.

      If the blind lead the blind both shall fall in the ditch!

    • LOL. Seems like the Tonybots are now running scared…

      Cindy – “Why do you think over 100,000 people have already cashed out?”

      Name one of them you can personally verify as doing so…

      Yesterday, 251,345 people were given $1m by the Bank of Jordan. Actually, I just made that up – just like Tony does. Do I get my own cult following now, LOL?

  10. The bell is about to strike!! Tomorrow will be a very busy day for Tony and his crackpot team trying to put out fires………. burn the fucking house down mutha fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Baghdad invest great article, great reporting. The people who are unhappy are in denial and have no idea how badly they are being screwed. They will find out shortly.


    • Tony has facts??? April 2011 to February 2014 of complete rubbish!

      Or are you unable to differentiate between a real fact and a non-fact!

    • Go away Vic, you clearly are not the full ticket. Tony is going down and he is taking you with him……. you can save yourself if you want to get off?

    • How Ironic is it Vic that you say we are the ones that are caught up in hear say, yet Tony and his followers think they can get a fictitious RV released from the banks by tweeting #wearethepeople?

      Ahh denial. It’s not just a river in egypt. When you are ready to learn the facts and the truth only then you will see. You are not going to become rich by owning dinar and you have no clue about economics at all. How is it that a man with no knowledge can be so critical?

      Do your own research and stop being a tool and a sheep!

    • Vic Swartz:”WE MIGHT AS WELL BURN
      Don’t get angry Vic, the truth will come out and either way you will have to burn your dinar because it’s not the way you think it is. Having said that, where is your PROOF Vic? How come your dear Tony won’t give you any documents or proof? How do you know and of course I see you use the same terminology “let’s see what will happen this weekend”, how many weekends is that?? Don’t get angry Vic, get even!
      Vic, are you saying the BBC lied about the IMF?

    • Inus, really? Where’s you’re proof, I mean real proof? Tony’s got a lawsuit. IMF says the dinar is a scam, well not in those words exactly; just the ones you haters use.

      You ‘haters’ REALLY want to expose something? Check out the FOREX Market, omgosh… that’s the BIGGEST SCAM out there, makes the dinar look like peanuts.

      Have at it, go save those idiot forex traders. I’ll wager you’ll find tons of them that have lost their retirements/savings through con-men and the manipulated currency market. What the dinaro world consist of xx trillions total? Forex is a trillion plus traded market A DAY and that’s worldwide 24/7… mkts close on Friday afternoon and open again Sunday late afternoon.

  12. Oh my god, tony is about to hit the big time and I am not sure he has what it takes. We are about to see Tony walk the plank and end up in the sinking mud

  13. I heard this was on the cards and am glad the BBC will show TNT Tony for the fraudster he really is. Thank you to everyone involved.

  14. I don’t post as much as I would like to but I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to those who run the sites like Baghdad Invest, Dinar Douchebags, Marcus from Iraq Currency Watch and even DinarDaily. Without them fighting not for the dinar but for justice and truth we would be lost.

    Thank you!

  15. Tony has found himself in deep water!!! He thought he could run this twitter campaign and now look at him!! The BBC are about to drop him with an atomic bomb lol

  16. the hype that tnt tony has been sharing with us for the last few years is about to hit him so flippin hard……. I am actually scared to see what his followers will end up doing. No doubt some will chop themselfs as this is the only dream they have ever had

  17. We need to ensure as many people as possible get to listen and see what the BBC has to say about TNT Tony. Hopefully they can really highlight the incredible devious nature that is being put on thousands of us.

  18. less than 10 hours to go :-)

  19. what do you click on to hear this video or interview, I cant seem to find it, directions please, oh and FUCK TONY,

  20. You people need to get a life. Baghdad Invest is the biggest joke site on the web.

    Who cares about the BBC?! They are hacks and shills for your reptile queen.

    EDIT Used another persons name so I changed it. (BI).


  22. What is done in darkness always comes to the light. The lies Baghdadinvest are spreading will not phase TNT.

    • Agree with you 100% and this is exactly what is happening in 8 hours time. Tony has lied since April 2011 and today for the first time a major news organization will shine its light on him.

      You can stand with him whilst he takes you down….

    • But what about all of Tony’s lies? How do you even begin to accept them as truth? Below is just a small collection of his lies since 2011 …. Post after post, he has said IT IS DONE. PERIOD.

      Read them and then come back and tell me he is not a lying con artist? Whether it is for ego or money, he is a fraud and a liar. http://www.dinardaily.net/f47-tony

    • Belinda – “What is done in darkness always comes to the light. The lies Baghdadinvest are spreading will not phase TNT.”

      It’s precisely comments like this that show the “RV” to be more of a cult than an “investment”…

    • You are right what is done in the darkness will come to light and the day that the light shines down on Tony and all of the other lying gurus and exposes what they are doing is going to be a great day indeed.

  23. The BBC has done a great job on creatinging news, the US hasn’t done the investigating because it know what the Global Currency Reset is all about and to all you morns that don’t know how to ” follow the money ” and see what is going on in the world will see shortly. Then you might want to see what Tony has to say about what is coming up in June of 2014. What a bunch of losers believing the trash that the BBC puts out.



    • Mike… when you reach 249k followers give us a ring. According to BBC some of those 249k are fake so feel free to fake some of yours. Then get them to send 4+ million tweets in a 3 week period. You may need to quit your job to accomplish what the so-called con man TNT Tony has accomplished. Con man as called by you, aka Tony Turd… notice we don’t have to name call, we feel the TRUTH WILL PREVAIL over getting personal & mud-slinging someone.

      So good luck with your anti-TNT Tony campaign, appears the BBC didn’t do much of a job to expose the TURD. LOL!!! You still have a lot of work ahead of you to discredit Tony and save those ppl that follow his info, you best get crack’en!!!

    • “According to BBC some of those 249k are fake”

      Actually MOST of them are fake. It’s called “Viral marketing”.

      “You still have a lot of work ahead of you to discredit Tony”

      ROFL!!! Tony discredits himself every time he opens his mouth with qarbage like this:-

      5-5-2011 – “everyone should expect to see this at Midnight (last night). Iraqi’s were paid today.”

      4-21-2011 – “Maliki signed it [off on RV] several days ago, parliment voted on it yesterday and it was approved”

      5-13-2011 – “I received absolute PROOF that this was supposed to happen 3days ago (scheduled to happen Thursday)…this should be the best Monday and weekend of your life…”

      The only people who can’t see it are the sheeple addicted to “Hopium” like crack who ben dover backwards to make excuses for compulsive liars like “Dear Tony”…

  25. BI what time CST will that BBC be? am or pm and date?

    • I make it 22:28 now in CST – Texas area? and now it is 04:28 GMT

      Meaning 6 hours difference so if it is on at 11:30 gmt then it is on at 05:30 cst (Texas area) Don’t worry there will be a recording anyway.

      Oh and date, today.. so in 7 hours time it starts. 15th Feb 2014

  26. Wow… just finished listening to the EXPOSE on #wearethepeople & TNT Tony… really nothing there criminal (omg… some fake accounts on twitter, imagine that) and pretty much just the outer edge of the whole deal. Believe me my guess is the majority of those accts are valid, unless there’s also a way to produce 4+ million fake tweets w/unique comments in 2-3 weeks.

    Just so you know the gist of #wearethepeople is an attempt to force the PTB to make the revaluations of the currencies public internationally since the elite (politicians, etc) have already exchanged their currency, whether they be for SKRs or loans based on those SKRs. The Twitter campaign was meant to give the PTB a chance to rectify the situation without having to go main stream media and to not hinder the purpose of the GCR.

    • So it was meant to make the revaluation public and the first major news organization that could help you do that, TNT ran away from being interviewed……………

    • Sorry, you misunderstood to make the RATE public, not the news of the elite helping them self/family/friends to the exchange before those that have been holding dinar for years.

      Timing not right, maybe when the time is right, though I can’t speak for Tony. Truthfully the problem is here in the U.S. so that where it needs to be public. Plus it’s hard to compete with a news organization that makes a big deal out of describing food on radio and the popularity of taking pics of food. To each their own what’s important I guess.

  27. BBC…LOL fuck the queen

    • I guess since you can’t fight with the truth or you can’t use facts you got to resort to using insults. Thats ok, Sorry to wake you up from your dinar pipe dream. You can go back to sleep now!

  28. Have to say – was very interested in the expose…and it fell flat. If the idea was to uncover fraud and scam and illegal activity, it was a very poor attempt. I want the truth, like most people. If someone is a crook, and a major news agency has the chance to put nails in the coffin, then swing the hammer…this is weak, where’s the hammer? Also – refusing to do an interviews does not imply guilt – this TonyTNT claims to have proof of illegal activity, and started the Twitter campaign to let those in power know he knows they were up to no good – it was a miserable failure, and really terrible idea. He is not equipped to lead a giant bunch of entitled crybabies, he has no gravitas, he cannot control what is being tweeted, and that whole campaign undermined the scheme he is working. But – refusing to do an interview w BBC doesn’t automatically mean he is crooked, I trust the mainstream media as much as I trust this fake guru.

    • I think it was clearly exposed, as they said they contacted the IMF and the IMF clearly stated without a doubt that the RV was fraudulent. I mean what more do you want? The IMF and CBI are key players in an RV should it happen, so what will Tony say to his followers? No problem, the IMF lied cause they don’t want to expose the truth, ok Tony, then why didn’t you come on since they tried many times to get a hold of you and tell them to “make it right”. Tony, what were you afraid of? Isn’t that the whole reason you wanted to be public? To let the PTB know there are many of you? Yet you avoid the BBC when you have a chance to tell the world you have been beaten down by greedy politicians and bankers? First you’re cold and then you’re hot. First you want to go public and TWEET then you tell your followers to be calm and you’re just a very confused man aren’t you Tony?

  29. It does a good job of trying to make investors in the Iraq Dinar look like we are nuts.

    Economists don’t recognize the terms RV or Global Currency Reset….. REALLY? That’s why CL stated GCR in the last conference and said it would Be This Year….

    BY JAN OF 2015

    • Show us proof where CL said the GCR will happen in the future I bet you cannot, because she did not say such words.

    • She didn’t say it Flynn. Plenty of GCR nuts are quite happy to put words into her mouth though. I heard the whole speech, and she was clearly talking about “resetting” the policy away from QE to growth. Not once did she mention “revaluing” any currency at all in any form. As usual, people addicted to Dinar guru’s will happily reuse the guru’s propaganda of rewriting everything to say what they want it to say then hold it up as their “secret intel”… 😀

    • Well, we are confusing issues here. There are dozens of well-respected economists and investors that have publicly explained how SDRs will be used as a way to transition away from petrodollar transactions. Regardless of what Christine Legarde specifically said, there are plenty of ‘experts’ talking about a currency reset and financial system reset. That is not a pipe dream or the hair-brained scheme of a Dinar guru – they aren’t smart enough to understand the complexity of it.

    • THERE IS NO Global Currency Reset!!!!

      Basing a currency’s value on vague unspecified resources simply lying in the ground is total nonsense. Ninety eight percent of Iraq’s wealth is USD paper. Jack said,

      “There is just as many GCR gurus spewing out junk economics as there are RV gurus. Many people cling to this because they’re deathly afraid of admitting Iraq is going to redenominate and they are left trying to find some alternative “magic millionaire elixir” to allow Iraq to keep 85 trillion Dinar and somehow magically make it more valuable to avoid admitting the blatantly obvious “elephant in the room”!

      “It’s a common guru fallacy that the dinar must be weak purely because of the dollar which will be corrected by a mythical GCR event. This is nonsense. The dinar is also weak vs the Euro (1590:1), GBP (1919:1), Gold (1.475m Dinar / oz), Silver (23,157 Dinar / oz), commodities (eg, Wheat ($272/mt) is 317,457 Dinar / mt (metric tonne), etc.”

      “Same is true of the Dong – it’s utterly mind-boggling how some people can sit there with a straight face and say a GCR will adjust the undervalued Dong, when the Dong’s 21600:1 rate vs the dollar is a direct result of the Vietnamese Central Bank printing an eye-watering 3.5 QUADRILLION Dong! For clarity’s sake that’s 3,519 trillion Dong vs the Fed’s $11 trillion-dollar.”

      and Jack is right! I verified this data too.

      All these over inflated currencies are going to magically revalue because they are not really over inflated? Give me a break!

      This is only quoting a small portion of facts to which Jack has already went into great detail on.

  30. April Fools joke on the dinarian community. They cannot be trusted as a resource so why bother reading their information. They clearly don’t like those of us invested in the IQD because we are trying to make a profit “off of the Iraqi”. It shows a clear bias and discontent for all of us who have invested. So again, I ask, why read them? If you seek information from those that have proven themselves untrustworthy, then it makes you a bigger fool to read it. Move on from them. Seek out factual information that is verifiable. Gurus aren’t, BI isn’t either. Read the articles and use the noggin God gave you and exercise wisdom.

    • The Articles aren’t reliable. In the same day, you can have 2 contradicting articles. We are dropping the zeros, we are NOT dropping the zeros. Talibani is dead, Talibani is alive and well. You can read an article that is dated today, and find the EXACT same article from 2 years ago and again 4 years ago. Honeslty, what everyone needs to do is, if you have dinar, put it away, go on with life as if you don’t have any and if or when it happens then go collect and live life merrily. Why the day to day watch? Why all the guru worshipping and believing? Why the article reading? What has it gotten anyone?

  31. The BBC story called the Iraqi dinar investment completely fraudulent. How does that support Baghdad Invest business venture. The story in explaining the massive tweeting (4 million) disclosed it as highly shady and reported an un-named IMF source as labeling the investment as completely fraudulent. They should name this supposed source to counter my source that told me Baghdad Invest has made an incredibly stupid move in an attempt to discredit what they perceive as a threat to their business model. Nothing negative was raised about Tontine TNT. Most people know his background and respect efforts. His efforts are more widely received and respected than anything Baghdad Invest offers to their small group of listeners.
    An appropriate question would be “what is BBC’s agenda in this disinformation coverage.”

    • “His efforts are more widely received and respected than anything Baghdad Invest offers to their small group of listeners.”

      ROFL!!! And they’ll continue to be “received” up until March 25th 2014 – that’s Tony’s court date for his 14dailyplus MLM fraud…

    • So Barry, according to your logic if a lawsuit is filed against you then you’re GUILTY?

    • Actually you need to get your facts straight. The BBC did not call the dinar completely fraudulent! This is what they said

      “The International Monetary Fund told BBC Trending that the claims being made are “completely fraudulent”. ”

      All the BBC did was Quoting what the International Monetary Fund told them!

      The BBC also said

      “Top economists that we have spoken to from Harvard University to the London School of Economics have dismissed the ideas being promoted as “complete hokum” and “dangerous”. The dinar has been stable since 2010, and – say economists – if is revalued then it is more likely to go down against the dollar than up.”

      All they are doing here is saying what these economist told them. Do you even know what Baghdad Invest business model is?

  32. What about tony addressing his past and present criminal life of being a 100% scam artist. Nobody made up the sacramento site or the Kansas City Federal court site. Nobody made up the 77 felonys tony was charged with or the 4 years in prison for being found GUILTY of these scams. Then there’s the massive CIVIL cases against tony and his old woman tamara. Nobody made these OFFICIAL SITES up!! Just like the OFFICIAL Kansas City Federal Court SITE!! 14dailyplus scam $4,825,000.00 scam!! Nobody made up the OFFICIAL SITE on ray his brother’s scam!! Who in the hell would dare listen to these convicted scam artist?? Hey tony said the “high level position person” in the GOVT called and ask him to give them 72 hours to have a RV plan that tnt/tony would ACCEPT!!! Well 72 hours is LONG GONE. Where’s the RV. Or at the least if tony had to accept the plan he can tell you EXACTLY when his make believe RV is, right???? These same sheeplin will be here next week, next month, next year!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!! These people are just plain stupid!!

  33. Your site and information is a joke! Typical misinformation spread to the masses. Time will tell and when this all ends.

    “I agree 100% with Roudy! You idiots of Bagdad Invest are just that idiots! If you think the Dinar and Tony are a scam…well the joke is on you! Why do you think over 100,000 people have already cashed out? WeAreThePeople will be laughing all the way to the bank.
    BBC if you believe anything that anyone from Bagdad Invest has to say…well, you deserve the journalistic backlash you will get!”
    ““His efforts are more widely received and respected than anything Baghdad Invest offers to their small group of listeners.”

    The court case is all a fraud put out by the misinformation spin casters. No worries here!
    Baghdad Invest…The worst BS site on the net. What a joke!

    • Some of these comments read like “Heaven’s Gate” followers. It really is exactly the same deluded blind cult trance mindset fawning over “Dear Leader”.

      Here’s the link to Tony’s indictment in case anyone’s interested:-

      Of course the “Tonybot” cultists like Harv who’ve suddenly appeared here over the past 2 days as a panicked attempt at damage control since BTR shut down Tony’s increasingly divorced from reality “radio calls” will simply shriek “smoke and mirrors” even when Tony openly appears in court for any witness to see for themselves on March 25th. 😀

    • Has Tony told you the court case was a fraud? And you believed him? For heavens sakes that is a real stretch. Here have another glass of koolaid. There is no hope for you

  34. Can ANY of the Tony bots on here tell me even one time this guy has made a prediction about the RV and been right???????

    He’s been calling this since 2010 for crying out loud. I love it when the bots talk about negativity but hey, can you dummies argue with the facts? Like Tony is a once convicted felon who is up for another trail in U.S. District Court in Kansas City for yet more fraud???? All facts, children whether you like them or not.

  35. Harv, how can we or anybody fake the Kansas City, Ks DOJ website?? http://www.docketalarm.com/cases/Kansas_District_Court/2–12-cr-20041/USA_v._Renfrow_et_al/docs/1.pdf?download=true ——-Now put this in carefully exactly to the T as you see it like the _v._ (underscore v dot underscore) like 2–12-cr (2 dash dash 12 dash cr) Now when the Department of Justice page comes up it will read INDICTMENT just click it then OPEN it. Read for yourself. There is NO MISINFOMATION there! Hey if your in doubt then email Barry Grissom himself! Barry.Grissom@usdoj.gov —– anthony wayne renfrow aka tony renfrow is no more than a scam artist, no more, no less. Non of us can FAKE this website!!! It’s real as real gets!! Better yet google and find the victims. 1. Matt Becker 2. Russ Pitts 3. Eric Fellows (Ks) 4. Jason Houchen 5. Robert Montgomery (Ks) 6. Willie Watson (Ca) 7. William Walters (Ks) 8. Aubrey Meyer (Ks) 9. Freddy Kandah (Mich) 10. James Rizqalla (Mich) 11. Charles Malley (Tx) 12. Don Stroh (Ks) 13. Susan Bottino (Ca) 14. Travis Salmon (Mo). In a 6 month period anthony renfrow aka tony renfrow and william fox aka bill fox 100% scammed these 14 people out of $4,825,000.00. Mr Scott C. Rask is the Federal Prosecutor on this case in Kansas City, Ks Federal Court (913) 551-6730. THIS IS A REAL FEDERAL FRAUD CASE PEOPLE ON tony renfrow and bill fox. NO MISINFOMATION PERIOD!! ——————-Now let’s move to the next site that’s IMPOSSIBLE for any of us people to FAKE in any way WHATSOEVER!! go to the Sacramento, Ca Court website, here it is ———-http://services.saccourt.ca.gov/indexsearchnew/ ——-Now this is an OFFICIAL SITE!! Go to: Criminal Court: Sacramento Superior Court—-Go to: Search for Criminal Case Infomation.——Then go to: Proceed to the Search System—–Then go to: Case Type and click “Criminal”. —-Then put: anthony renfrow in the search select.—-Open your eyes and read for yourself 77 FELONYS!!! —-Now scroll to the bottom of the page to: Senece Summary and click on: Show/Hide Code Description—–tony recieved a 4 year sentence in the PENITENTIARY!!!!! tHIS WAS FOR scamming PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY!! Now back back out to where you put checked CRIMINAL and check CIVIL then type in renfrow. NOW LOOK, here’s another LONG list on tony renfrow and his old lady tamara (pam) renfrow. —-anthony wayne renfrow aka tony renfrow. tamara renfrow aka pam renfrow. These people are criminals, scam artist. Note you will also see ray renfrow on the civil side too. This is tony’s brother, raymond anthony renfrow aka ray renfrow/rayren. Now that we’re speaking of ray go to: http://www.justice.gov/tax/Renfrow Compl.pdf. —–This is the CMI scam that ray renfrow and james aldridge jr scammed people out of millions too!! These two clowns cost the UST $1,454,579.40 !!! tony (I refuse to captialize these thug’s names) has several more scams. Here are a few: 14dailyplus, 14dailyplusreloaded, rent my credit, midas touch, use my success and more. ray has more also: cmi, tasa, income tax boot camp, ideal tax service and more. The IRS Investigator, Ms Kathy A. Grimaldi in Raleigh, NC can tell you about ray renfrow. Now NOBODY can fake these OFFICIAL sites. These people have been scam artist all their lives. Would anyone REALLY believe ANY 3 letter agency such as the FBI, UST, IMF, CIA, DHS, IRS or any other Govt Agencies would give CONVICTED FELONS any type of Top Secret, Confidential, Classified, Q8, National Security Sensitive Infomation/Intel PERIOD!!!!!! Now do yourself another favor. Call, email, visit or write the FBI, UST, IMF, IRS, DHS, FTC, IC3, your State Senator, your State Congressman, your local BBB and anyone else you can notify. STOP listening to tony renfrow or ANY other guru telling you there is an Iraqi Dinar Revaluation/RD/GCR. It DOES NOT exsist. you can bet tony, the other gurus and the dealers are making money off of EVERYTHING they do or say!! Now PLEASE do me this ONE favor. Keep these websites and look at them the first day of each month for the next year, there will be more excuses/lies each month til this thing finally blows up or tony’s sentencing puts him away 20 years on the 14dailyplus scam which IT WILL!!! Oh yes there’s ONE MORE we can’t fake, Wells Fargo Headquarters in San Francisco, California 1-866-249-3302 give these people a ring for yourself then there’s NO hearsay, straight from the horses mouth!! If this don’t help you then your 100% helpless and will look like a fool waiting on an Iraqi Dinar Revaluation/RD/GCR that does not exsist anywhere on or around the entire globe and stay under the hypnotic spell and remain a “sheeplin” of that lying, cheating, lazy, good for nothing, scamming, convicted felon, two bit, conniving, stealing, misleading, excuse making, dumbass, son of a bitch, nappy headed bastard, fat ass, uneducated, laughing at you behind your back, headed back to prison tony renfrow.———————————–www.ripoffreport.com——-Not an official site but a site everyday people report scam artist that ripped them off. Good Luck and GOOD DAY!!!!!

  36. I’m the Mike Diston on the tweeter that Tony Turd made famous. He even set up a google page (thank you tony turd) I texted him since his phone is not excepting calls. I thanked him again for bringing his sheeple to at least looking at facts I give with links. I texted him saying I was the same person that he gave fame on his BLAST and I think he probably shit his pants on that one. I know he reads these comments so I want to say you lost your queen on the move making Mike Diston famous. You’ve given me an audience that I never expected but kind of drew you in idiot. You have come across somebody that is smarter than you and I will not stop until you are in prison or you kill me. I know a psychopath like you will kill me given a chance but I will give you a little clue ( I’ve put a lot badder in prison than you) that I’m your worst nightmare. In the story of Christine that I helped to get out of your spell to 50 ppl on twitter that are following me I will destroy you. I don’t care about the other gurus because when I put you down the rest will fall.But it doesn’t matter my life mission is to put you in prison, I’m not caring at all about anybody except you. You are going to prison boy and I’m going to be there when they put the cuffs on you boy. You are history but I care about your victims and I will be there for all of them. PEACE

    • Psychopath: : a person who is mentally ill, who does not care about other people, and who is usually dangerous or violent. Merriam-Webster dictionary


    • Some of what we are seeing is truly shocking and a real eye opener as to how low some of humanity can go. Fortunately the likes of TNT are the minority.

  37. Yeah Kenny, if old tony “boy” IS reading this I want him to know that you and I will be the two in the 1970 Hemi Superbird at the March 25, 2014 court of the notorious scam artist anthony wayne renfrow aka tnt tony “boy” renfrow!!! ***NOTE*** I refuse to give the scam artist tony “boy” renfrow the honor of captializing the first letter of his name!!! Hey Kenny, tony “boy” would shit if he knew 23 of his “sheeplins” have defected and report back to us EVERYTHING on his forum…..Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! They saw the truth and decided to get EVEN with that nappy headed con man and he still thinks their sheeplins!! I like the way they even changed their handle to give us tnt (no captial letters) intel!! Now that’s REAL intel!!! I can’t wait to see tony “boy’s” face when we hand him those ten 25,0000 Dinar Notes and tell him to see if the judge will take these as payment towards his restitution of the $4,825,000.00 he and old william fox aka bill fox scammed 14 people out of!! Ha Ha Ha Ha He He He He He Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! 14DAILYPLUS victims names: 1. Matt Becker 2. Russ Pitts 3. Eric Fellows (Ks) 4. Jason Houchen 5. Robert Montgomery (Ks) 6. Willie Watson (Ca) 7. William Walters (Ks) 8. Aubrey Meyer (Ks) 9. Freddy Kandah (Mich) 10. James Rizqalla (Mich) 11. Charles Malley (Tx) 12. Don Stroh (Ks) 13. Susan Bottino (Ca) 14. Travis Salmon (Mo). I wander how long it’s been since tony “boy” heard from old holton buggs, another scam man? tony’s “boy” buddy. I wander how tony’s “boy” other prison pal old charles lunford is doing? The only honest people tony “boy” has around him is his sheeplin / peeps. http://www.docketalarm.com/cases/Kansas_District_Court/2–12-20041/USA_v._Renfrow_et_al/docs/1.pdf?download=true **********http://services.saccourt.ca.gov/indexsearchnew/ —–(search Criminal Case Information (anthony renfrow) and search Civil also (anthony renfrow / tamara (pam) and even old ray renfrow. Not only is his sorry ass brother a criminal so is his “old woman” tamara / pam!!!!!!!!!! HEY KENNY!!!! tony “boy” renfrow said the “HIGH LEVEL POSITION PERSON” called him and ask for 72 hours to put a plan together that was “ACCEPTABLE to tnt / tony “boy”!! Well 72 hours are LONG GONE!!!!!!! Hell tony ought to have the “EXACT” time of this false rv!! Remember it had to be “ACCEPTABLE” to tnt / tony “boy”!! I bet old tony “boy” and his lying ass old woman don’t know wheither to shit and go blind or fart and close one eye………the truth is moving in on these two thugs…………………

  38. Kenny I bet the way this goes down is tony’s “boy” old woman, tamara (pam) is gonna make a deal and roll on old tony’s “boy” ass when this all goes down. She’ll make a deal for probation. That means tony’s “boy” old woman will be out here with somebody poking that thing while old tony “boy” is in the pokey with Tyrone poking old tony boy’s tush!!!!!! I wander if tony will be hollering SUPERFANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. HEY “REALLY”!!!! This is NO lawsuit DUMBASS!!! It’s a F***KING FEDERAL “INDICTMENT”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAWSUIT??????? Did this d**khead fall off a turnip truck???? Hey “REALLY”, tony’s not getting a judgement against him in small claims court, he’s looking at 20 years and 2 x $4,825,000.00 in restitution in FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT!!! Let me help you a little here “REALLY”. When tony was arrested the City Police didn’t arrest tony, the FBI did!!! tony will be tried under the RICO ACT!!! “REALLY”, RICO don’t mean (revalue Iraq’s currency only) it means, Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations!!!

    • “Really” simply doesn’t want to know the truth. He’s here solely as an attempted “damage control shill”. Look at all the above comments together – Tony’s “followers” are panicking like hell and just trying to put a brave face on it. 😀

  40. DUMBASS: Sheeplin/Peeps and “REALLY”!! :::::Webster’s II New Riverside Desk dictionary.

  41. Wow, it REALLY brightens my day to see how angry and upset some of you Tony-haters get.

    Then you waste ALL THAT TIME spewing your hatred & writing it down for anyone to witness. Better that than the rampage you could go on, guess this is your grownup version of lighting the ants on fire.

    I won’t mention your names because I don’t want to add to your 15 minutes but you know who you are. Quite sad, it REALLY is.

    • HEY “REALLY”, great to see we got under your dumbass skin. Couldn’t stand it could you Bubba!!!! Hey Kenny, I told you he’d have to reply that he couldn’t stand it, you owe me a drink at the club tomorrow night you bet he wouldn’t respond. I told you he was a tnt tony “DUMBASS”!!!! Hey “REALLY” DUMBASS we will continue to put the truth out there for everybody to see concerning tony “boy”!! We want the people that have a brain (not you) to break free of tony “boy”, his skaggy old woman and his fagot scam artist brother ray!! Your hero’s (tony) starting to loose his following quickly. We have 23 defectors that has came over and let us know everything said on the tnt forum. They praise old tony “boy” on the forum and tell us EVERYTHING being discussed there. They now HATE HIS GUTS for scamming them (unlike you they have a brain). They’re FREE of the tnt tony “boy” spell unlike you. Hey “REALLY” are you cashing out tomorrow?? Your hero’s 72 hours he gave “THE PERSON IN A HIGH LEVEL POSITION” has been up. You don’t reckon that was just another tnt tony “boy”excuse do you? Surely not!!……… YES IT WAS!!!!!!!!!Ha!!Ha!!Ha!!Ha!!Ha!!Ha!!Ha!!He!!He!!He!!He!!Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Hey I know what you can get your hero tony “boy” for his birthday………Some KY JELLY!!!! He’s gonna need it in the pokey with BIG TYRONE standing behind him, servicing him!!! I bet old tony “boy” will be hollering “SUPERFANTASTIS!!!!!!!Ha!!Ha!!Ha!!Ha!!He!!He!!He!!He!!Heeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Hey Dinar forums are for “RUMORS” right??? Rumor has it that tony “boy” was a punk / sissy his last 4 year stay in the joint, now this is only a rumor at this time. Please don’t go out and buy more Dinars just because I said this (sheeplins are bad to buy dinars on rumors). Treat this as a “RUMOR”. (of course that’s what his old cell mate told us)!! But why would you worry “REALLY”?? Your gonna be a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE Monday or Tuesday according to your hero tony “boy”…………………………. OK KENNY, I’ll make you the same bet we made last time on OLD “REALLY”. You just watch, I bet you have to buy me 2 drinks!!!!!!

  42. Gosh, now your phuck-buddy Kenny owes you 2 drinks. Way to make my evening so I thought I’d return the favor, lets see if you can waste another 40 minutes typing another comment, you’re 2 fingers have got to be getting tried. Btw, who’s this Tony-boy that you seem to like so much? LOL!!!

    • Just curious, do they allow girls at that club you meet your buddy Kenny? Your name wouldn’t happen to be Bruce, would it? Hey, maybe this extra post will get you another free drink, watch out what Kenny might want in return or maybe that’s what you’re hoping for and be careful all your Tony-boy talk might get Kenny jealous.


    • Pretty sensitive there, Brucie. Must have hit a raw nerve. I think you’re comments are telling us who the sick f**k is here!!! OH, I get it… you go for those kind that DRESS like a woman.

  44. REALLY…………………stop acting like you don’t know what tony “b-o-y” we’re talking about!! We’re talking about your BOYFREIND, YOU GOOBER SMOOCHER, anthony wayne renfrow aka tnt tony. REALLY loves tony / tony loves REALLY!!!!!!!!

  45. Hey REALLY “tony’s bend over billy”, the women that come to our club have to be 21 with picture ID to come thru the door. We’re talking “GROWN” corn fed southern gals!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Things you “boys” wouldn’t know about!! No No you didn’t hit no kinda nerve here “tony’s bend over REALLY billy”. Now them GROWN WOMEN hits a nerve on Kenny and myself as they come thru the door each night. Long legged, big busted, bedroom eyes, pearly white teeth, manicured nails, long beautiful hair, curves in all the right places, sweet southern accents and that sweet smelling Ralph Lauren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WoooooooHoooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Yep they hit a nerve alright!!!!! They put a rise in our Levi’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey Kenny, you just lost another Crown and Coke to me Old Buddy!!!! He’s Back!!!! Ha Ha Ha He He He Heeeeeeeee!!! HEY “REALLY tony’s bend over billy”, what you gonna do when your boyfreind tony “boy” goes down for 20 years in the 14dailyplus scam?? There’s a “RUMOR” out that y’all (REALLY and tony “boy”) are having one of those new “same sex” marriages before he goes in the pokey!! Now “REALLY tony’s bend over billy” remember this is only a RUMOR!! DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT go out and buy more Dinars just because I said this!! You must remember this is only a RUMOR!! Now I know you sheeplin always buy dinars when you hear a RUMOR but I’m telling you this time DO NOT go out and buy more Dinars!!!! You need to be saving your money to buy tony “boy” a ring!! By the way I’ve always wandered?????? I would REALLY appreciate you telling me cause I ain’t going to one of them SAME SEX weddings to find out???? What does the minister say to you and tony “boy”??? I now pronounce you “guru and sheeplin”, “REALLY and tony “boy”, “Boo and Poo”, “guru and peep”, “guru and peepeep”, “husband and husband”, “man and man”, “boy and boy”?????????????? At the end of the ceremony does the minister say, “you may now kiss the guru”, “REALLY you may now kiss your hero tony “boy”, “sheeplin you may now kiss your guru” or does he say, ” you two goober smoochers swat spit”??????????? PLEASE “REALLY tony “boy’s” bend over billy I just got to know cause I ain’t NEVER going to a QUEER wedding!!!!! PLEASE let Kenny and myself know the BIG DATE!!!! We want to send you two a wedding present!!! We were gonna pitch in together and get y’all one of them new 6 horsepower, pull rope start, high compression, 8,500 rpm, 12″ stroke purple DILDOS!!!!!!!! Of course there’s no way we’ll bring it to the wedding so supply us with an address and we’ll have one of those UPS drivers deliver it to the wedding wearing them shorty pants, I bet everybody at y’all’s wedding will go goo goo over that UPS driver!!!!! Hell who know’s Old Kenny and myself might throw a little extra cash in and have the UPS driver do a little dance for you two newly weds!!!!! Congat’s to you “REALLY tony’s bend over billy and to old lying ass guru tony “boy” You two raschals!!!!

    • Really? Now for another one of your 40 minutes of typing in your rant. Well, anything to keep you off the streets and the public safe from you. Keep going maybe you’ll get all the anger out, I’m sure all the psychology majors out there are having a field day analyzing your mental illness. Drink up, Kenny-boy owes you another one. LOL!!!

  46. At last as i said a few weeks ago more exposure would come to light with these guys
    ,this is the start and there will be many more revealed,the worms who wore under peoples
    skins and sucked there blood will be used as the leaders scapegoats for the non-returns with our currency.As said also watch our inflation creep higher which it is now happening then around 2nd week march ,our in country redonimination will happen,Believe or not it is happening very soon.


    • Zahlid, by worms are you speaking of hack gurus like tnt tony, okieoilman and so on?? With inflation going up won’t the redenomination simply remove zeros and have a Dinar with less zeros but equal to the same 1166 Dinar rate at this time?? Have these hack gurus maybe hurt things in your country by selling so many Dinars outside your country?? I’m asking because I don’t understand all. It angers me to set and see on American television news when I wittness some poor mother or father holding their child that was just killed by some stupid car bomb or shooting in the streets and a hack guru like tnt tony claiming in country rv, Iraqis dancing in the streets because of rv, rv news scolling across the Iraqi news stations now, cards loaded, atm’s loaded or Iraqis not reporting to work because rv has made them rich when these poor people are living in poverty and fear of their lives from day to day!! It matters not what nationalty or race people are!! My father brought me up teaching me there was but ONE race, “THE HUMAN RACE”!!!!! It should tear at the deepest portals of everybody’s heart to see these things happen to the Iraqi people!!! But then HACK gurus try to make SCAMMED USD of of the suffering of these people!! About 2 to 3 weeks ago there was fighting about 40 miles from Baghdad and tony renfrow said they weren’t stopping it so they could cover up the rv, this made my blood boil!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I have offended you it was not my intention at all. I would just like a better understanding on these matters.

    • Nice to see you Zahlid. Can you send me an email please. Thanks

  47. HEY BI, Jack, Marcus, Barry, Ines will y’all pitch in with me and Old Kenny??? I just found the 2014 New Model wedding present for “REALLY” and tony “boy” instead of the old 6 H.P. gasoline engine, rope pull start, 2 gallon gas tank, table top, 8,500 rpm, 12″ stroke model with the purple DILDO we were gonna get them!!!!!!!!! They have just came out with a MUCH nicer present than Kenny and I were gonna get them but it’s expensive!!!! The ALL NEW FIRST TIME EVER OFFERED GAY WEDDING present has a 88 cubic inch Harley Davidson EVO engine, with floor mounts, electric start with back up kick start, 14 inch stroke, 5 gallon gas tank, 10,000 rpm (with a rev limit protector on it), Screaming Eagle carburetor and racing cam, full chrome kit, open primarys, Big Boy Shotgun chrome straight pipes, hand twist throttle with cruise controll with a florescent glow in the dark purple, orange and lime green DILDO!!!!!! These two would be tickled “pink” over this wedding present!!!! The only problem is Old Kenny and I don’t have no Dinars to cash out so we’ll need a little help getting this for the “boys” for their BIG DAY!!!! I,ve alredy got them a wood burning, high cube microwave oven and Kenny got them a double barrel, single shot, pump, automatic, gold trigger, copper plated, 12 gauge shotgun but this new model DILDO would make it the PERFECT wedding for these “boys”!!!!!!! Of course if we can’t get that we could get them the ALL NEW bicycle built for two with handle bars and peddles on each end pointing in opposite directions, with the red ooka ooka rubber squeeze horns on each end, tasseled hand grips, Pee Wee Herman mirriors on each end and the DELUXE pink wire baskets with the pretty flowers around the top mounted to the handle bars on each end!!!!!

    • Hi Zahlid

      Why is the inflation rising?
      And why is that good?

      Last time you stated March 1 and now its the second week of March…why is that?

    • LOL shaker! I can offer to treat them an EFT technique, emotional freedom technique, so that they feel comfortable about their bodies. I can also help them deal with their psychopathy although there is no cure for it, people like them are born that way, but there are some really good drugs out there with side effects such as a constant erections and dry mouth syndrome. Think they would appreciate that?

    • Jerry I think he said March. I don’t think he gave a date in march. He just said March. I am still giving him to the end of March.

    • Thanks for all the names on this site I need to be aware of, I really can detect your closest to your old buddy Kenny. Does he know about your feel about him. You “boys” seem right for each other.

      BI hope you’re real proud of what you have created here, allowing idiots to post such garbage. Truthfully it’s real a shame.

  48. REALLY?, what the hell do you mean 40 f**king minutes for me to type this out????????!!!!!!!!! I have you to know it took me 1 hour and 17 minutes to type this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s because I’m setting at a table in my club having a Crown and Coke that you keep getting me FREE!!! I’m setting here with Kenny and 2 phycology majors, rodeo bronc rider, cross country truck driver, a local chriopractor, 2 surgeons, 1 regular MD and our congressman so with all the planning of how we PICK and CHOOSE our WOMEN!!! It takes time to talk, make plans and to PECK out these messages and keep you informed of the GOOD LIFE your missing that we NON DINAR HOLDING MEN are having!!! We’re all waiting on the GROWN, beautiful, long legged, bedroom eyes, slim snd trim, pearly white teeth, curves in all the right places, big busted, southern accented, Ralph Lauren colonge wearing WOMEN to come thru the door!!!! We have to get here early because these WOMEN go on the prowl looking for us GOOD LOOKING, Southern Gentlemen, Kind, Sweet and considerate MEN!!! They WANT us!!!!!!!!!!!! You and tony “boy” wouldn’t understand, it’s a TOTALLY different lifestyle!!!!

    • Hey Harry, I don’t quite understand are those the $100 Hookers or the $1000 Hookers you normally hire? Well, you probably don’t care b/c Kenny just keeps forking out for your drinks. I still think he might be getting you drunk so he can take advantage of you. LOL!!! You ever notice how he looks at you?

  49. @southernshaker

    all outside interest of our dinar has made it weaker due to overexposure and hype of rv lies
    our country is in the midst of change,some will like others will not.When outside greed
    tries to run your country there will only be resistance,that which you are seeing now,the plan is to hyper inflate so the ptb excuse can justify the redenomination of the zeros,similar to turkey,as
    i stated before we have been closely working with them to achieve this.Our country in 5 years
    be proud again but maybe at the cost of others outside dissapointed with there losses (hint).As i said before if can cash your money through these dealers before 15th march i would do so.


  50. @southernshaker

    all outside interest of our dinar has made it weaker due to overexposure and hype of rv lies
    our country is in the midst of change,some will like others will not.When outside greed
    tries to run your country there will only be resistance,that which you are seeing now,the plan is to hyper inflate so the ptb excuse can justify the redenomination of the zeros,similar to turkey,as
    i stated before we have been closely working with them to achieve this.Our country in 5 years
    be proud again but maybe at the cost of others outside dissapointed with there losses (hint).As i said before if can cash your money through these dealers before 15th march i would do so.

    • Zahlid, as an American I apologize that these scam artist were Americans like tony renfrow, okie, frank, omega, eagle1, dinarrecaps, treasury vault, millionday and so forth. We as American people do not believe in the way these people have brought grief to you and your country or other Americans with this scam. We are working hard to bring these scam gurus to justice at this time!! I figure if these scam artist were in Iraq they may find their heads on a chopping block or at the end of a rope when the Iraqi people discovered them!! I hope and pray things do improve in your country Zahlid. As your American brothers and sisters (human race) we pray for improvement in your country. I really wish the Iraqi Newspapers would print the way these hack / scam gurus has hurt your country from across the waters!! Hope to continue to keep hearing from you Zahlid. With warm Personal Reguards, Southern Shaker

    • Zahlid is there any truth to the new ISIS dinar?

      “The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria issued a new currency for the State of Anbar,” considering this step as “An evidence to refute the statements of some politicians over non-existence of this terrorist organization in Anbar.”

      Does it contain Osama’s picture like some say? Is Al Qaeda involved like Beck claims? Thanks I am just wondering about this.



    • I would like to add some of my own thoughts on this, if I may. I am keenly observing this and fear what will be next. The ISIS did issue a new Iraqi Dinar but this is not a scenario whereby it is internationally recognized nor recognised by the Iraqi government. Merely a group of terrorists who have taken it upon themselves to enforce their own rule of law. There are varying reports as to whether or not the Dinar issued by ISIS is in fact even true or as to the locals being accepting of it or not.

      Not a concern at the moment, I don’t think so anyway and I don’t think Iraq will be run by people in power who wish to have a dinar tender with Osama Bin Ladens face on it :-)

    • B.I,
      I tend to agree with you. I just thought I would get Zahlids thoughts. You got to admit it does make good head lines. These articles were emailed to me. I doubt this carries any weight.

    • I would like to hear Zahlids thoughts too. Ultimately we have to hope that the terrorists do not win as that would be back for millions of Iraqis who are forced into a way of life they do not wish for. The group of terrorists clearly have funding and a support network to keep them strong and this can be seen as a sign of how Iraq could end up. These ISIS fighters I have been observing closely and seeing some of the atrocities gives me no choice but to say they are scum! Things like stoning a person for being on Facebook, beheading 3 truck drivers for being Shi’ite Muslims…

      It surely highlights the beast Iraq is dealing with.

  51. HEY “REALLY?”, a guy just came in the club. He was setting alone crying like a baby??? I walked over and ask if I could help and he said I wouldn’t understand. As a matter of a fact he said NOBODY in their right mind would understand!! I kept on trying to persuade him to tell me the reason he was sobbing uncontrollably??? Finally he said, “Alright, I’ll tell you but first you have to promise not to laugh”. I said, ok buddy, I promise. He said, “I bought a 1,000,000 Dinars because there was this guru named tony with 3 letter agency contacts telling him (the crying guy) that VERY soon, Any day now they would RV for $36.86 for each Dinar and he just found out this guru was a convicted felon and was about to go back to prison for yet another scam called 14dailyplus and he did some research for the first time on his own and found out that the guru was full of shit and the whole Dinar thing was a SCAM”!!!! He said his old lady dumped him for a NON DINAR holding dude with lots of tattoos and a Harley!!!! I motioned for the barmaid to bring him a drink on the house and told him I understood. As he sipped his drink I told him I had heard of a lot of dumbasses holding these Dinars and that they called them sheeplins!! Then I told him of YOU “REALLY?”!!!!! I told him I couldn’t promise but there was a chance that you’d pay him 10% less than his DEALER purchase price because you were a sheeplin!! This would be a GREAT deal for the both of you!! You’d get MORE DINARS at a lesser price and our new buddy would be TOTALLY free of the DINAR SCAM!! Now I explained that his old lady proabaly wouldn’t come back but we had some GORGEOUS GROWN WOMEN coming in shortly and he could pick one up and start over!!!! He’s a different man now!!! He wants to know would you like his 1,000,000 Dinars to go with the ones you currently have a 10% lesser price than the DEALER will sell them to you???? If you can find it in your heart it should really help the guy out!! Let us know. If not we’ll help him sell them on EBAY. Just trying to help the both of you!!

    • Gosh, that one must have taken you 2 hours. I keep forgetting you have to look-up the big words in the dictionary. Took me longer to read your drivel then to type this reply.

      I’ve got a feeling you may catch on to what’s going on here, so I’ll probably not win you many more drinks but then you don’t seem to be a quick study so it may still take awhile.


  53. HEY REALLY?………………………………………………………………………BOO!!!

  54. RECRAPS has the regular post. About to RV. Different prices $11.00, $3.44, $3.86 an so forth. The regular “OH THANK YOU FOR THIS TRUTHFUL INTEL”!! However I’m noticing fewer and fewer comments. Almost like the gurus are posting and amswering with their own made up comments!! The guru Studley died a day or two ago according to the post on RECRAPS. From what I was reading he must have been a younger man.

  55. Did every body notice last night on tonys con call he let slip out that he worked WITH Sterling Currency. That was a big boo boo and he spent 5 min getting his self out of the mess after some people from the chat room complained to Pam. Starting to make some major mistakes aren’t we tony turd.

  56. @marcus@bi

    yes it is true with regards this currency but as bi stated it will never be recognised
    it is the work of extreme fundmentalists which still run rife within our country
    i spoke today with my seniors in iraq and i can assure you the stalling is about
    over by maliki ,the cbi is now ready with there plans and laws in place to proceed
    with the RD i was told today they are looking at 15th march for events to be made
    international,yes the date could be brought forward or moved but at this time
    i am being told to be in iraq for the beginning of march for 1 month as this will be a
    momentous occasion for my country to once again be accepted internationally.


    • I sincerely hope you are wrong Zahlid but if you are right millions of Americans will be demanding their money back from Iraq and if we have to we will hunt Iraq down for it

    • Trevor – “I sincerely hope you are wrong Zahlid but if you are right millions of Americans will be demanding their money back from Iraq and if we have to we will hunt Iraq down for it”

      Oh grow up Trevor. You’ve been sucked into a scam – not by Iraqi’s – but by Western “guru” scammers who’ve been telling lies about Iraq in order to spin a get-rich-quick scam – the smart thing to do is man up and get most of your money back now and move on (as so many others have done).

  57. Hey guys, things are really quite on FB and Twitter, time to put out Tony’s cell numbers or email. Anyone have them? I have posted his criminal stuff on FB and Twitter a few times a day and nobody is responding to it, just one person stating it’s not the same Tony yet when I asked her if she knew what he looked like or better yet if she had a cellphone contact, she said no.
    Then I thought about it, I doubt that any of his followers have his contact numbers or email….does anyone have them? That should be posted on all the social media sites so they can all call good ol’ Tony and ask what is going on.

  58. Ines, I’ve been giving out his number on twitter for 3 days 916 370 5954 and his trolls even threatened me about ”I didn’t know who I was messing with” lol. Don’t have an email and his phone goes to vm 2dys ago it said it wouldn’t put the call through Haven’t heard from him since Monday so he might be history because of his slip over saying he was working WITH Sterling. PEACE

  59. Gosh, you guys need to have your BBC buds investigate this guy, check around 7:30
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHisqkpPfNI must be another one of Kenny’s turds. LOL!!! Another one of those that doesn’t know jack or does he?

  60. Hey REALLY? and Okie’s Dad you dumb shits, that’s old youtubes!! Ha Ha Ha!!! The damned gold shit is an infomercial DUMBASSES!! Hey I thought you sheeplins RV’ed 3 years ago or was that 2 years ago no it was last year oh wait it was before Christmas or just before Thanksgiving, NO it was 3 weeks ago!! Opps I meant 2 weeks ago or was that this last Monday or Tuesday????? I tell you what, just set back til April 1, 2014 and the day will fit your dumb sheeplin asses!!! IT”S NOT HAPPENING BOY’S!!!! But nobody can fix STUPID!!!!!

    • Hey BOY… please take a picture of yourself & post it when you get the news and realize what a “dumba$$” you are. I asked Tony and he said “it won’t be long”. I’ll let you know after I get back from the bank, it’ll just be a short message to you.

      Here’s my suggestion to you, you need to sell or give away (b/c you’re so rich already) all your dee-nars since there will be no revaluation for you.

  61. Your are right about one thing REALLY?, I am well off!! Very comfortable you might say!! Now as far as myself having dinars, your dead wrong. We (employees) kept 250,000 just to hand Tony at his court!! The JOKE is on you IDIOTS!! There is no such thing as an Iraqi RV anywhere on or around the globe dipshit!! But there’s no need to argue over this. Let’s resume this conversation on April 1, 2014. That’s the PERFECT day to resume the conversation!! We will then resume the same conversation July 4, 2014 and again December 24, 2014 and again Janurary 1, 2015 and then I figure you shouls go lick your wounds!!!!!! Hey by the way jump over to http://www.mriqd.com and check out your boy tony’s record. Oh it’s true, it’s damned true!! Seems like many are waking up except for a few dumbasses!!

    • Recognize this from another topic?


      So are you saying you sold all the dinar you bought with $10,000 or burnt it? Because don’t forget some said you CAN’T sell it back to the currency dealers.

      Or maybe you socked it away just IN CASE. Or are you the 8M dinar guy Kenny likes to brag he brought back into the Light!!!

  62. To ALL BAGHDADINVEST brothers and sisters. We have old tony “boy” tore down. Hell he’s been kicked off 2 radio stations!!! Now the “boy” is on a dating site. What say we focus on okieoilman, bluwolf and dinarrecaps directly hot and heavy??!! Let’s go get these 3 next!! Let’s SMOKE them asses out now!!!!!!!!! Yipeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Yahoooooooooooooo!!!! Damned this is a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shaker Pecker been reading your comments (rants) for a while and must say you have a way with words. Today I finally got a mental picture of you. You ride a mini Harley with 3 wheels, have a beer gut, stink like a hog, and love fat women because you can. Hope my description depicts your true persona, if not my apologizes….. The Shadow

  63. Listening to Tony right now and getting a chuckle. Definitely entertaining that’s for sure. Anyone that’s in doubt of a GCR in the works right just hasn’t done their due diligence or doesn’t know where to look. There is over 10 yrs worth of research by this young lady with link, after link, after link showing what’s been evolving in the global financial arena. I’ve seen a few people post up what they think to be the best sources and websites for the Iraqi Dinar. This site by far is the best one out there as far as the whole picture explained. Don’t be skeeerd to take an extra look at the infrastructure bank, not only carbon tax and a few other taxes will fund this bank but something else will help it along. WINK WINK !!! Also, very interesting take on how Obama and the Dems are going to look very good come midterm elections. Hmmmm at this point you would have to say no way do Dems have a chance to win midterm elections ( AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ) but what if they had a certain windfall slip in the picture and BAM the economy all of a sudden is cookin.

    LOL ! Before you hate, take the time and check out the links so you know what you are talking about when you come back here

  64. Hey Shadow you didn’t even get close with your mental picture. Of course con artist like yourself don’t have but one brain cell so how mental could the picture be?? I do ride but I ride a STROKER bike with a S&S 110 cubic inch, open primaries and one hell of a custom paint job, with all kinds of Drag Specialities and Kustom Chrome’s goodies on it. No beer gut 6′ 5″, 255lbs, no fat women just FOXES and certainly don’t smell like a hog with the expensive cologne I can afford to wear, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! Of course I understand you try to compare everyone with your recraps and tnt brothers and sisters. Hey I must’ve struck a nerve by asking everybody to go after the next three of these scumbag con artist like you!! Ready or not here we come. As for okie’s dad your going to a blogspot to get your intel? of course you are that’s how you recraps and tony turds do it right!! If you think you upset me you’ve got another thought coming. I enjoy pissing you lying ass, low down, scamming bastards off. Your not sheeplins, your gurus. You made my day stupid by commenting back!! Now I KNOW I’m getting under your skin and that’s exactly what we want. If you were not recraps and tony turd tnt you’d be here to get the truth but you’re here to find what we know. Well dumbasses just keep coming back because you will soon know cause we look, we find it and we put it out there for the whole world to see how sorry your asses are. Your world is beginning to close in on you scammers. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! He He He He He Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Yipeeeeeeeeeeee Kyaaaaaaaaaaa Mother f–kers!!!!

    • Shaker Pecker you just affirmed how well I pegged you……. You do have enough to shake don’t you? Or do you squat? …… lol Get back on your 3 wheeler!

  65. Hey Shadow, good to see you back!!! Proves we’re getting under your skin!! Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa He He He Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Hey your buddy okie’s about to get a visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet old okie shits his nickers!!!!!!!!!!! If you knew what we knew!! But of course you don’t know what we know!! Your IQ is 2 points below a rock!!! Hurry Back Fu–er we enjoy pissing your con artist ass off!!!! Yippieeeeeeeeeeeeee Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Motherf—er!!!!!!

  66. Hey Shadow…………………………………………………..BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Why, Shaker Pecker you sound like someone just walked over your face. Poor soul maybe your just to high strung for the bashing games maybe you should try hop scotch. You must be the deadliest piss-ter-ler since Calamity Jane…. lol Don’t just stand there bleeding all over yourself . Bet you have no kind words as I ride away but it don’t matter I get the last words on you as I won’t be back for your response……. lol EVENTUS STULTORUM MAGISTER Now you get on that wheelie and ride, ride, ride THE SHADOW

  67. Hey Shadow you better quit trying to piss me off and get back over to recraps!!!!!!! okie said RV any minute now!!!!! Don’t let me make you miss the BIG RV!!!!!! Cash that shit in boy, get those millions!!!!!!!!! Besides you can’t piss Southern Shaker off!!! I’m having a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Damn Shadow, I didn’t know you were on here!!! Hell I’d got up earlier to argue with you!! Ok, I’m the prettiest one on those links!! I figured you’d be chasing tony’s youtube junk or dating service radio blast. Hey let me mix a drink before we get started today, I’ll be back in a few minutes. Get your boxing gloves on I’ve got some punches for today!! Just go jump on Kenny or somebody til I get back buddy, I’ll try to hurry!!

      February 8, 2014 at 2:44 am
      Hey Marcus, playing music tonight but I brought my laptop with me. I set at the table when we take our “Pause for the cause” and check the sites!! When my infomercial pecker stretcher pills come in I’m making me a sign and putting outside my front door that says, “Ladies form line here”!!!! Surely those INFOMERCIAL guys wouldn’t BS somebody like Tony and Okie just to sell something!! Gotta hit the stage see y’all in a bit!!

      Hey Shake it Shake it, how dem pecker pills workin out for ya ? LOL I saw your sign and it says ” COME GET SOME MESSY PEACHES AT OIL CAN HARRY’S ” pecker pills for free if you pack fudge !!! LOL These the long legged foxy girls you been bragging about ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIsPllsDoO4
      Yipeeeeeeee Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa …………………. Fudge Packers !!!!

  69. okie’s dad, you dumb ass!! I didn’t buy the pecker pills for me!! I bought them for TYRONE……….phony tony’s new celly in the Federal Prison when he goes down for his 20 years!!!! For scamming that $4,825,000.00 in the 14dailyplus scam. This way we know old phony tony’s not getting the short end of the deal!! I just knew when the postman delivered those pecker strecher pills to my house he’d drop a hint to the LADIES!!!! They’d think they were for me and say to themselves, “Damned we didn’t know it could get any better than Southern Shaker already had it but we gotta go see for ourselves”!!!!!!!! That’s the reason for the sign!! I was holding the pills til old phony tony got his new 3 LETTER AGENCY address!! Then mailing them to him!! Hey by the way okie’s dad, I had a real long and good conversation with the Burns Flat Oklahoma Assistant Police Chief, Sunny Segler!! Very nice officer!! I sent him all the sites so he could see who your son was!! He couldn’t believe what all he read on dinarrecaps and tntdinar!! He located lonnie c freels aka okieoilman but he lives outside the city limits but he gave all the info to Washita Sheriff’s Department. Now everybody in Washita County knows your “old” son is a lying, cheating, two bit, lazy, sorry ass, conniving, low life, scamming, con artist bastard, just like his daddy!!!! Damned how old are you?? If your okie’s old man your an old son of a bitch!! Oh by the way I’m sending the same info to Drew Edmondson, Mary Fallon and the OCIB!! There’s really no need to RESEND it to the FBI, UST, DHS, IRS, FTC, IC3 or the IRS cause they ALREADY have it!!!! Hey, I’m really sorry but I just can’t chit chat any more tonight……..these ladies said I need to get back to business!!

    • Shaker Pecker I must say you are no longer a challenge as your only talking to Okie’s Dad and me with your rants, which by the way if you take out them bad words you say nothing.
      You really are a sad case of a nothing, but you know that don’t you?
      I just deleted everything connected with Bad Bagdadinvest , email and etc! Your, all BS Talk and only 2 people talking to you here and both of us cleaning your plow. Get a life loser…….. The Shadow

  70. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does this mean your gonna go give some more of that FAKE intel you give all the time….guru????? Oh wait I forgot the bad word…………….You goofy son of a bit-h!!! Now There!! It’s soooooooooooooooo easy to spot the gurus when they change their handles!!!!! Takes all the fun out of it!!!

  71. Really, BURNED!!!!!!!! And enjoyed every minute of it too!!!!!

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