OUTRAGEOUS! ALL Iraqi Females Ordered by ISIS to undergo Female Genital Mutilation!

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Since ISIS gained control of large chunks of land in Iraq we have witnessed reprehensible crimes against humanity take place. The most recently issued fatwa from ISIS has the following stipulation: All girls and women aged between 11 and 46 living in Mosul will undergo female genital mutilation The decree

The Holocaust Is Taking Place In Iraq, What Will The World Do?

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The Story The World Needs To Address: Iraqi Christians Earlier this week an announcement was made by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) recently renamed as the Islamic State. The announcement was directly aimed at the Christians of Mosul, providing three options: Option 1. Convert to Islam.

Shame on the USA for being a bad partner in Iraq!

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Shame on the USA Government! As many of you know Iraq is experiencing difficulties with groups of terrorists hell bent on forming the Islamic Caliphate. For the last few days I have seen my frustration levels increase, because of the actions or should I say lack of actions being

Heard About The #NO2ISIS Twitter Campaign?

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#NO2ISIS Many Iraqis and those who care about Iraq have launched a campaign to ensure their voices are heard regarding the recent advancements of Terrorist organization ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham. Many have come to realize that ISIS are using underhand tactics on Twitter in order

What is next for Baghdad Invest?

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It pains me to write this piece but I write it with optimism for the future of this blog. December 2009 I purchased www.baghdadinvest.com from Godaddy and started building my first website using their template builder called Website Tonight. Pitiful attempt, but fun none the least. October 2013 I

What does the ISIS want for Iraq?

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What does the ISIS want for Iraq? Before we get into what the ISIS wants for Iraq I think it is best to do a little background on where and what has happened up until this point. Right this moment, towns and cities across Iraq are falling from being

Running for your life from Mosul

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Hello to you all!! I wanted to check in from Sulaimaniya and tell you how things REALLY are right now in Iraq/Kurdistan. As you will likely know, Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq is now in the hands of the ISIS (terrorists)!! Thankfully Erbil is welcoming thus far

Ray Renfrow Is Just Like His Brother

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Hello to you all! I kind of feel bad for taking some time out of writing for you all, the last post was May 17th and with a man on the inside so to speak, we managed to get documents from inside TNT Tony’s forum which gave us the

TNT Tony Track Record

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TNT Tony Track Record We have all seen the failed predictions, the absolute certainty that today is the day yet turns out to be just like every other day. TNT Tony whose real name is¬†ANTHONY RENFROW has been in and around the “Iraqi Dinar Revaluation” game for a few

WHNT News – Iraqi Dinar Investigation Update

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WHNT News – Iraqi Dinar Investigation Update WHNT 19 have done a fair bit of digging this time and from the quick review I have just made, I think there is much leads to explore and look at. The report only confirms what the majority of us here already