Senator John Boozman – Iraqi Dinar

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Senator John Boozman In a long line of succession, US Senator John Boozman has written to a reader of ours to answer questions about the Iraqi dinar. The information from Senator John Boozman is available in PDF format for you to review. John Boozman is the United States Senator from Arkansas

Iraqi Dinar and Ebay

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Iraqi Dinar and Ebay Over the last 4 or 5 months we have heard a lot of Dinar speculators using Ebay as their tool to buy and sell the Dinar by way of cutting out the broker charging the scandalous 20% commission. This blog post, is inspired from a

Iraqi Dinar Revaluation (VIDEO)

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Iraqi Dinar Revaluation A video sent to us earlier today by some of our followers in various cities throughout the world show some rather odd scenes that we had not expected to see. We are not entirely sure what is going on here with the Iraqi dinar revaluation and

Iraq Street View – Street Scenes before the War

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Iraq Street View Much of Iraq has been shown on the television over the last 10 years. Iraq tends to make the news for all the wrong reasons but we have a very special video we want to share with you, life in Iraq before the US invasion. Filmed

TNT Tony: What do we know?

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CONGRATULATIONS TNT TONY Over the years TNT Tony has come out with some rather pitiful excuses as to why the Iraqi Dinar had not successfully completed the task of revaluing affording those who hold dinars instant riches. In recent news, Flight MH370 the Malaysian Airlines jet set off on

Dinar Corp Warning

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Dinar Corp Warning Three days ago (March 10th 2014) I published links and information about the WHNT News 19 investigation into the Iraqi dinar investment scam. I made reference to the FACT that I was working on a story as quoted here: Very sorry for the delay in getting a post

WHNT News 19 Iraqi Dinar Investigation

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WHNT News 19 Iraqi Dinar Investigation VIDEO UPDATE: 12th March 2014 – News Investigation Below Hello to all of you!!! Very sorry for the delay in getting a post out for you, working extremely hard on a story about Dinar Corp at the moment and want to ensure it

Iraqi Dinar Twitter

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The Iraqi dinar has never really featured on the social networking giant that is Twitter until recently, within say the last month or so. We have always held a presence on Twitter which has seen us make just over 19,732 tweets over the last 4 to 5 years. During

Is it time to sell your Iraqi Dinar?

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Is it time to sell Iraqi Dinar? Have you reached that stage of when you start to consider if you should be selling your your Iraqi Dinars rather than buying? The reason I ask this question is because something very serious is about to happen regarding your investment in

BBC Investigates TNT Tony – #wearethepeople

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BBC TNT Tony Investigation Over the last week or so a number of us from the community have been in contact with the BBC to help them further their investigations into the malpractice surrounding the Dinar Investment… “#wearethepeople has been tweeted more than four million times in the past